In a world that often feels uncertain and unpredictable, many find themselves seeking security and stability from outside sources – people, places, and things that we become dependent on to provide direction and protection. However, what if I told you that true security comes from within? It’s true– you are ultimately responsible for your own security, well-being and happiness and you have infinite access to this by tapping into your inner strength and connection with Source.

Our recent Shifts Happen workshop, titled “You Are Your Security,” delved deep into this concept, exploring how to unlock the power within you and unleash your true potential. In this blog post, we’ll recap some of the key insights from the workshop and offer practical tips for manifesting your own security.


Realizing Your Co-Generative Force with Source

At the heart of manifesting your own security is realizing your co-generative force with Source. This means recognizing the power, capacity, and ability within you to learn, grow, and follow the call of your soul. By aligning yourself with Source energy, you can tap into a limitless wellspring of strength and resilience.


Healing into the Embodiment of Security

One crucial aspect of manifesting your own security is healing into the embodiment of security itself. As the workshop emphasized, you can’t truly become your own security if you’re seeking external validation or relying on others for your sense of safety. True security comes from within, and it requires inner healing and self-awareness.


Transcending the Victim Mindset

Another important step on the journey to manifesting your own security is transcending the victim mindset. This means letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck in a cycle of fear and powerlessness. Instead, embrace your limitless potential and recognize that you are the creator of your own reality.


Making Positive Choices from a Place of Expansion

Manifesting your own security also involves making positive choices from a place of expansion, openness, and gratitude. Rather than operating from a place of fear or scarcity, choose to focus on abundance and possibility. Trust in the universe and know that you are supported in your journey.


Aligning with Your True Nature of Abundance

Ultimately, manifesting your own security is about aligning with your true nature of abundance and expansion. You are a powerful, limitless being, capable of creating the life of your dreams. By connecting with Source energy and embracing your inner power, you can manifest security, prosperity, and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Manifesting your own security is not about seeking external validation or relying on others for your sense of safety. It’s about tapping into your inner strength, connecting with Source energy, and embracing your true potential. By healing into the embodiment of security, transcending the victim mindset, and making positive choices from a place of expansion, you can manifest the life of abundance and fulfillment you deserve.

Are you ready to unlock your inner power and manifest your own security? Watch the “You Are Your Security” workshop clip HERE and start following the call of your soul.

Remember, true power is sourced through you. 

Much love,


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