FREEDOM from persecution is one of my favorite topics … ever!

Persecution is deeply interconnected with all things NASTY that hold us back as human beings.

Many of us who have been narcissistically abused have suffered the devastating and crippling effects of persecution programs.

Today I want to talk about how our past human history has contributed to CRIPPLING persecution programs, why they are not just because of terror but also SHAME, and how to go free from persecution programs durably … FOREVER.

I know that many of you are excited about delving into this topic and receiving the powerful Quantum Freedom Healing™ shifts after this information session. These shifts will help you rise up and out of your persecution traumas, BE yourself, and generate your best life fearlessly.

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The Past Life Traumas of Persecution Programmes

The terror of persecution runs very, very deep in the human zeitgeist. It’s been deeply entrenched through our past lives in the brutality of human history. It’s one of the collective consciousness’s most powerful survival program traumas. It’s been about control and has been used by self-appointed humans to implement a reign of superiority over the majority that they wish to keep inferior.

Of course, rules are needed and even require governance – but that is not what we are talking about regarding persecution programs – which have been a terrible scourge of third-density reality on planet Earth. This is separation consciousness. It goes like this: “For me to be right and have my way, I have to make everybody else who is in opposition to this wrong.”

Think about the C.R.A.P. fears we often discuss regarding laying boundaries. These are the fears of being criticized, rejected, abandoned, or punished for speaking up and trying to assert your own rights.

Persecution programs have occurred because people have been shunned, cast out, terrorized, or even annihilated for trying to assert their truth. For many people in past lives, this was simply because they tried to express the authenticity of their soul, their God-source creation truth, for the highest good of self, others, and all of humanity.

This was demonized.

In the dark ages on planet Earth, if you dared to try to align with your authentic truth, you would need to be prepared to martyr yourself or stand and fight to the point of violence to try to remain alive. It was that extreme. Many religions dictated this.

As we know, through the witch crusades, many people, significantly women in the millions, were put to death because they dared to believe something different from the prescribed narrative.

After medieval times, rather than be murdered, you could have been institutionalized or imprisoned. Of course, you were denounced, shunned, and ridiculed. There is a deep shame involved with being oneself because if we try to be oneself, it is because of this.

Many people have decided that it’s a lot easier to go along rather than stand true. Plus, loved ones may turn on you – as so many of us have experienced over the last few years. If you rock the boat, it may bring scrutiny to them.

Thankfully, this is nowhere near as dire as what it was in past lives where family members and even loved ones would actually turn you into authorities, sending you to your death, to try to save your own life.

Betrayal is a huge trauma connected with persecution programs.

Those of us who have been narcissistically abused and are known as the proverbial black sheep of the family – the one that is serious about breaking the generational trauma patterns – have definitely been through this.



How We Have Been Shut Down

Is it any wonder that we have the terror of persecution wedged inside of us? We’ve struggled to speak up. We’ve been terrified of the repercussions if we do.

People who don’t have our best interests at heart play on this. It’s how they have had power over us, keeping us trapped in our small, shameful selves, feeling defective and the odd one out, like we don’t belong and we don’t fit in.

They have had us, not just having other people turn against us but having us turn against ourselves and acquiesce to the tyranny.  Or when standing up against it, doing so in such a highly triggered way, we hand a narcissist more bullets to shoot us with.


The Shift Up and Out of Persecution Programs

Think about quantum truth: so within, so without. As quantum warriors, you know we have been souls in repeat wishing to become enlightened and empowered to be free of our traumas so that we no longer live in that small, controlled, and terrifying place.

Those of us who have been narcissistically abused have learned the vital truth that you can’t acquiesce to tyranny and play it safe to start living a life free of it.

Also, when the persecutions, smear programs, and attacks come, we need to rise above them and stop feeding fuel to the fire, such as being intensely triggered and trying to prove our innocence.

Easier said than done, absolutely, and I’ve been there as well, and this was one of the most vital ascension lessons that I learned as a result of quantum recovery from narcissistic abuse. It’s not important what others think of me; it’s important what I feel about and think of myself. My conscious relationship with my soul and source in that Holy Trinity is where my true life unfolds, not what others think or try to do against me.

Yet, like so many of us, before shifting, that empowered concept didn’t hold within the horrors, traumas, and triggers of all of our past life accumulations, which have made up the inner essence of who we are right here right now.

You may literally feel like you’re going to die, that you’re going to be cast out, that you’re going to be attacked, you’ll be annihilated, and it will not be possible for you to continue on without other people knowing the truth that you are a good person.

I used to feel all of these, too, until I shifted beyond these traumas with Quanta Freedom Healing. These terrors nearly destroyed me. I totally get it!

You may feel that you depend on a person or people in your family, structures, organizations, or even your government and their rules regarding what you must comply with. But what does your inner self have to say about that?

What does the God-source creation spark within you tell you about freedom, truth, well-being, wholeness, and unity consciousness? You know what feels right, and you know what feels wrong.

In this fast-track ascension that we’re undergoing right now, with these multiple X-class flares, the strongest electromagnetic pulses that the world has ever experienced in the fastest succession ever recorded, there is a purpose to this.

These light codes contain information —literal wisdom. You are starting to re-member the God essence that you are, which is activating your DNA to go from dense carbon to crystalline. We are in a profound time of awakening, ascending, and taking our power back.

The power of who you are—so within, so without—when you shift yourself out of fear and old programs into fearless authenticity and Be THAT, anything that is not in alignment with this—that is in the dark—can not stand against you.

The dark ages are over now, and the true power of our Source Force is now fully here and increasing daily. The days of narcissistic abuse are coming to an end, and certainly, in this great awakening, there is now an avalanche of Source Force individuals fearlessly saying, “Enough.” I no longer hand power away to the insanity anymore!

This is vital for all of us star seeds, knowing that we came for this time to liberate ourselves from deep persecution programs and hold space, inspire, and ignite others to do the same.

I trust you know now that every time you do QFH shifts on yourself, you are connected to the entire field and helping raise the vibration for humanity.

Our authentic self is standing up in the truth and freedom of our God-source self, knowing that in Unity consciousness, we have access to the entire field, and all things are possible if we just BE  authentic, regardless of what the outside is or isn’t doing.

We are no longer in the disconnect where we feel the Source has abandoned and forsaken us. Now, we are in the supporting light codes that not only is Source partnering us and backing our authenticity, but we are Source authenticity.

Where there is the light, there is no darkness.

Our greatest transition now is out of the small self, the mind self that obsessively analyzes and tries to play it safe, trying to figure out what everybody else is or isn’t doing and trying to figure out all the terrible things that could happen to us in the future if we make the wrong move.

We are letting go of that, standing in our authentic selves, following our inner heart vibrational truth, and just being ourselves. This is the most powerful creative force moving you from the small self to the large self.

So many people are going through this right now. It’s happening in their families, it’s happening in their peer groups, and all of those situations are getting worse and worse and worse. As a dear friend said to me the other day, their behavior is getting worse, and my inability to just shut up and go along with it is getting thinner.

I just cannot condone this anymore.

We’re moving out of persecution programs. We’re taking back our place on the throne. We’re turning so-called constructed, narcissistic rules into the rule of God-sourced creation, of oneness and unity consciousness and expansiveness and health and truth and illumination for all.

There is so much light here now that supports you. It is your time to get up from the floor, get out of hiding, stand up, and be you unapologetically, in full force.

Feel it.

What are they going to do? What can they do? They can do nothing unless you hide and shrink in the shadows.

There’s nothing they can do unless you are triggered into the terrible trauma of persecution programs.

Now, it’s different. We’re not in those times anymore. We’ve moved from the brutality of separation consciousness to unity consciousness’s flow, ease, and manifestation.

You’re not alone anymore. You and Source are one. You are a Source.

Now, I trust you are inspired and eager to get on with the specific 2 rounds of QFH that we will do to lift the old programs up and out and replace them with the Higher Self programs to make this transition from the terror of persecution to freedom from persecution programs.

For those who are watching this information session on YoTube, to gain access to this workshop, recording, and healings, you can become a Shifts Happen Member at

I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.

So, keep healing, keep smiling, and keep Thriving because there’s nothing else to do.

Lots of love. I’ll see you soon. Bye-bye.


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