Welcome, Dear Thrivers, to our live session today on how to win against a toxic person or situation.

This will also be going up on YouTube as a Thriver TV episode. I’m planning to release a new Thriver TV episode every week.

Before we get into it, I just want to say thank you so much for connecting to my work. And I hope you’re as excited as I am about Thriver TV making a comeback and returning to getting these very important messages out to those who can benefit from knowing that real healing starts from the inside out.


To start, I want to touch on what our definition of “Thriver” is in our community…

A Thriver is a person who is in the process of finding ways to grow, flourish, and find fulfillment after adversity. A Thriver learns how to love and accept themselves – no matter where they are on their journey, or how terrible the past has been, or how earth-shattering the present moment still is. This creates alignment with their inner Source Force to start activating healing, supporting and accelerating their recovery from trauma, with the grand potential to reset their entire life to well-being,

Being a Thriver doesn’t mean that you’re fully healed or that your life is flourishing yet. It means you are choosing to lean in, upshift, go free, and grow no matter what your external world looks like. As Thrivers, we believe our current triggers and circumstances (no matter how painful) are the signal, springboard, and gateway to the breakthroughs and life we deeply desire. We self-partner with our inner connection, thus activating the Quantum Field of health, abundance, and plenty.

Thrivers play by different rules than the contemporary world and receive vastly different and faster positive results – by shifting emotional frequency – letting go of what doesn’t serve us, and making space for what does.

If you’re here watching this, it’s not by mistake. It’s likely there’s a part of you that believes your life was never meant to be like this, and you’re seeking steps to transcend yourself for real from toxic people and patterns. If that’s true for you, you are already oriented toward becoming a Thriver, and this community is here to support you.

In today’s live event, I want to discuss energetically with you how to deal with people and situations that are not pleasing to you. For harder topics such as court, custody, and stalking, please know I have created specific publications about these, and you can Google my name to access them.

However, Today’s lesson is important, even if it IS the hard stuff you’re battling because we’re going to be covering the only three choices you have when dealing with a toxic person or situation. No matter how helpless you feel, we will investigate why the power and the choice are yours and how you can win every single time, without exception, if you can align with the truths and actions I will share with you today. I’m also going to provide real-life examples to help you absorb this teaching.

Please know that I will answer your comments and your questions after this live session. Thank you, I love receiving them. I’m also very grateful for you sharing this information with your friendship circles and communities to help them know that there is a way to transcend toxic people and situations.

And I trust that the information I share with you today can profoundly affect your life.

Many of you know that my work is a true recovery and is Thriving from the inside out. What I love about these times, as challenging as they are, is that more and more people are awakening to deeper truths, knowing that there must be more to their lives than trying to just survive. They are seeking a shift into more organic power sensing, and there must be more to it than what we’ve been led to believe.

Thank you for sharing and helping to get the word out there. Never is it more important to take back our power than when we’re faced with toxic people and situations.


Your Three Choices When Combating Toxicity

Let’s go through the three options you always have regarding toxic people and situations.

1)  Do nothing new.

In other words, treat it as you always have, which may involve trying to speak up and getting nowhere or going along to get along, and yet nothing is changing there either. Matters are getting worse and not better. This is a call, an awakening to change something about ourselves to respond differently and get a different result.

Then there is …

2) Leave toxic people and situations behind.

Many people will advise you to do this, but there is a grave possibility that your future still contains the same pattern because you haven’t yet gone through your graduation, your ascension, to be able to change your moment of now and who you are to change relationships and situations in the future.

Maybe you have experienced this, discovering that you meet the same people in a different flesh suit and you’re going through the same situations again, such as another toxic boss or relationship with somebody who pathologically lies or friendship circles who disregard you and aren’t healthy for you to be around and the list goes on.

Simply telling yourself, “This is toxic, you’re toxic, I’m leaving,” is not the soul graduation that is really being offered here as your growth opportunity. I’ll explain exactly what this is with examples in a minute.

3) Show up in a way that’s completely different from how you used to respond.

The goal here is to be anchored into empowerment, integrity, authenticity, and an invitation for not just that person or situation to rise but the entire field, the outer universe that is being directed by your inner universe. This enables you to start setting up people and situations for yourself, vibrating at a higher frequency.



An Example of Winning In a Toxic Situation

Let’s say that you are in a job where you feel exploited, your ideas are treated as irrelevant, and you are dissatisfied. You know this is wrong for your soul. It’s just not the truth for you.

So, you could take option one, where you continue being angry and frustrated. You might talk to colleagues and friends and your spouse about it and how victimized and wronged you feel.

Your low-frequency victimhood and staying enmeshed emotionally in the issues means the problems intensify. You are focusing on and vibrating at and into increasing the issues. Of course, it’s easy to blame it on the outside, but this is the denying of the incredibly powerful creator that you are to change you and then change your reality on this topic.

The second option involves identifying that you’re being exploited, that you’re not happy, and that this doesn’t suit you, so you resign and prepare to leave.

You may think this is an act of evolved deservedness and alignment with your truth, but you’ve missed a very important piece. You’re not addressing the programming that has allowed, attracted, and co-generated you to be in such a position in the first place.

Please know that none of this is about blaming you. This is about acknowledging Quantum Law, so within, so without. Wherever I vibrate in my inner world, including unhealed trauma from my past, I’m going to attract and choose and be chosen by the equivalent in my outer world.

I call these situations A.I.D.s, which stands for the acronym Angels in Disguise, posing as terrible people and situations. The problem in your life is not the person or the situation; it is the inner program that’s providing you with the signal, through adversity right now, to heal and change. This painful program already existed and is playing out presently on repeat.

This is the program of your past lives, your forebears, who have passed on their DNA to you, your childhood, and your adult experiences of “I’m not appreciated, I’m not seen, I’m not heard, I’m treated as irrelevant” (or something like that). Maybe this pattern is specific to the workplace, or maybe it appears in some or many areas of your life.

Therefore, if you pack up and leave, the egoic brain may say, “You stood up yourself, and this never has to happen again!” Yet the quantum self knows that if we haven’t reprogrammed these inner programs, they continue to play out like heat-seeking missiles, even if we leave. The reason is that your frequency on the topic is still “People don’t appreciate, hear, or see me.”

You may try to avoid a job like this again, yet inner subconscious programs run over 90 percent of our lives as adults, no matter what we try to think about and control outside of ourselves.

Now, let’s consider how you can change this situation, the pattern you have previously experienced and are going through now, and your entire future timeline. The change comes from speaking up and anchoring into your authentic truth, stating and standing for it without being attached to other people “getting it.” This is about YOU getting it.

Now, of course, as humans, this can be very scary to do before working on our inner self because the fear is we’re going to suffer even greater assaults. What on earth are we going to do if people don’t agree with us and don’t come to the party? What may happen if people literally punish us? You will say, “I could lose my job tomorrow if I speak up.” You may think, Surely, I should try to play it safe and not make waves.

This is a normal response yet a lower-vibrational way of thinking. It is how we give power away instead of taking it back. Our Higher Self knows that if we are aligned in our deservedness, truth, and authenticity, express it calmly with an open heart, and stand in it, we get to create it.

So, at work, you speak up and state that you will no longer say “yes” to other people piling their work on you. You now want to share your ideas. You desire to be acknowledged and appreciated for the work you do, and you would love to contribute to meaningful work to grow as an individual and help this firm grow as a business.

You create a meeting with a boss, as high up the ranks as possible. And you are fearless in regard to what anyone else thinks.

You have no control over how this is received.  If you’re given word salad or excuses or false promises that just don’t land in your body, you have your answer. If the response is unclear, then clarify what is being said to you.

Or maybe your new alignment with your True Self sparks an incredible upshift in your life, where you are recognized and elevated because of this spiritual graduation that you just activated. You’ve just opened an energetic door you never would have previously.

Yet you didn’t take this stand to achieve that. You made it to start becoming the manifester, from the inside out, of your True Self and True Life.

Now, you’re free to start creating this soul truth either within this firm or in alignment with something far superior. You’re in a completely new universe than the one you were in before you took this stand.

This formula totally applies to everything.


An Example of Winning Against a Toxic Individual

Now, let’s go through this situation with a toxic person, an actual person in your life whom you are having grave difficulty with.

Many people are going through this right now on planet Earth, so many relationships are being shaken up, all to show us what is authentic to us and what is not authentic to us and also where we’re not being authentic to ourselves.

Let’s talk about the common topic in this community, which is narcissistic people. Narcissistic people are people who can pathologically lie. They demean and name-call, they don’t want to be accountable, and these are definitely people with whom you need to have boundaries.

So, let’s look at our first possibility: keep doing whatever you have always done, hoping for a different result. Concerning a toxic person, this may be about your lecturing, your prescribing, you telling them how to behave like a decent human being,

You’re getting upset, triggered, in despair, raging, pleading, or maybe you just completely detach and ignore and hope that they will stop mistreating you. Whatever the case, the treatment is getting worse. This is your inner Soul, your Source Force, turning up the volume and screaming at you, “This is not your soul truth, this is not your authentic self.”

Let’s get very clear that nothing is coming from the outside to save you from this, even if this person were to become deceased or even if somebody came and took them off your hands. You are left with the trauma of your soul being assaulted and broken, whether it happened for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime, and the removal of this person, or the leaving them, is not the removal of the trauma.

This has been a pattern, and in honest self-reflection, you know this is not the first time you have felt invalidated or betrayed in the way you are experiencing now. This is a trauma frequency that was set up even before this person came into your life and set off a trigger that already existed.

So, option number one is not a good one. Then we have option number two, where you up and leave, but you haven’t spoken up, stood in your authentic truth, laid boundaries, or aligned with the real empowered creation of your life yet, which is to heal yourself, go free from the past pattern, and generate a new one.

The following may be a reason why you don’t speak up – because you think, “What is the point?”

Here is a vital realization: a toxic person will never agree with your authentic power because it means that they can’t manipulate and exploit you for their own selfish gains. Meaning sucking you dry for attention, resources, and literal energetic life force or projecting their pain onto you and creating you as the scapegoat to try to elevate themselves.

You are not standing in your authentic truth to have them approve of it – you are doing so for YOU to approve of it and unlock your Source Force to turn the Universal wheels of creation in your favor. Of course, a narcissistic person has no place in this healthy, true version of you! You don’t want them to agree and join in!

The only winning option, number three, is to state and mean, “This is who I am, this is my values, this is what I will agree with, and this is what I won’t, and this is my line in the sand.” Then do NOT bite the bait thrown down. You are silent in the face of word salad, getting hooked into the three-ring circus of diversions, blame-shifting, tit-for-tat, and all the childish defense mechanisms that the narcissist uses, including flat-out devaluing and discarding.

Rather, you know, “I’m not connected to anything else in my life anymore, other than my stated authentic truth.”

Can you feel or imagine how powerful this is?

Of course, this is NOT a simple path to take, which is why our Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program community has resources, support, and healing shift coaching to help you get through this.

This is the only true path to your evolution, freedom, and ascending beyond handing your power away to not just abusers but the entire mechanics of the True Law of Attraction, which will always state, “Whatever you accept is what you will get.” and “If your dependency is on other people and situations that are assaulting your soul, then Life and others will continue to treat you at the level that you treat yourself.”

Please know that “winning” against toxic situations and people is never about changing others; it is always about changing you and seeing how your life completely changes.

The greatest win for you is your freedom to move forward into your authenticity. This means you are aligned with your deservedness and will discover the incredible cogs of Creation happening so fast now in manifestation.

“Be” it, and then it “comes”.

That’s what be-come means.

When they up-shift, everything follows.

The miracle is about your healing, rising, and living it. If the situation or person doesn’t step up vibrationally for you, the superior replacement is already manifesting and on its way.

That’s what winning really is. It’s the only way to truly win!

You overcame your old self and became the True Self who can and will call in and experience healthy environments and people.

I trust that today has helped you dissect this lesson and inspired you to realize that you aren’t dependent on what other people or situations deliver you; you’re actually dependent on your alignment in authenticity to create with your Source Force.

I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.

So, keep healing, keep smiling, and keep Thriving because there’s nothing else to do.

Lots of love. I’ll see you soon. Bye-bye.


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