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The question, “Is this person a narcissist?” is one you may have asked yourself. Often, we ask this because we want to know, “Is there hope for a healthy relationship or not.”

How can you know? What are the signs? When is it time to give up on somebody?



In this episode, I discuss the different levels of narcissism, from healthy self-interest to severe narcissistic behavior. Understanding these levels can help you recognize if someone’s behavior is harmful and when it’s time to walk away.

You’ll learn about:

  • The true signs of narcissism
  • How to differentiate between healthy self-care and narcissism
  • Why boundaries are essential
  • The importance of self-awareness, accountability, and empathy

I’ll help you determine if someone is operating from their “Higher Self” (Unity Consciousness) or “Lower Self” (Separation Consciousness). This insight is crucial for deciding who to keep in your life.

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Now, let’s get started on today’s lesson.


The Word “Narcissist”

The word “narcissist” gets used a lot, sometimes too frequently. People use this word against others as soon as they don’t agree with them. Interestingly, narcissists often use this word to attack others.

The term “narcissist” can be subjective. Most people relate narcissism to self-absorption, but I believe there are different levels of so-called narcissism, including healthy self-interest.


A Healthy Focus on Self

There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first to be the healthiest you can be. This means caring for yourself, having boundaries, and saying “No” when appropriate. In a culture that often teaches self-sacrifice, especially to women, others may interpret this as selfishness. But when you honor what your soul tells you, your “No” is healthy. You then have energy for yourself and for those projects and individuals where your energy can count in the healthiest ways.

You also stop enabling others to be irresponsible and exploit you. It teaches them to grow up and be more capable humans.



Levels of Narcissism

Narcissism ranges from mild to severe. Severe narcissists can commit heinous acts like serial cheating, pathological lying, and even criminal behavior. Other narcissists may not be as disgraceful but can still devastate your soul and life.


Everyone Can Be Narcissistic

We all can act narcissistically. When triggered, we can regress, act out of character, and react from an unhealed part of ourselves. We can be childish, nasty, and unkind. This is human; it’s normal. The capacity to do this doesn’t make someone a narcissist. It’s what happens afterward that count. When these behaviors become continuous without change, that’s when narcissism becomes suspect.


Narcissism as Unconsciousness

I find it useful to view narcissism as unconsciousness. Is this person operating as a “Higher Self” or a “Lower Self?”

The higher self is Unity Consciousness: caring about oneself and others, being self-aware, and considering one’s impact on life. A narcissist operates in Separation Consciousness: not loving themselves, disconnected from others, and trying to secure what they want regardless of the cost to others.

Higher Consciousness connects to Oneness through a healthy self-foundation. Lower Consciousness connects only to self, adversely affecting every relationship from an inauthentic, disordered inner place.


Signs of Narcissism

The greatest signs of narcissism are a lack of self-awareness, authenticity, humility, and accountability. When healthy people act out of character, they own up, apologize, and make amends. They do self-analysis, inner work, and heal through their triggers, emerging as more compassionate, wiser and more stable.

Narcissism blames others and avoids self-reflection. Unconscious people don’t do inner work on their unhealed traumas, nor do they recognize anything within to address and upshift. Therefore, they don’t grow, and their relationships don’t improve. Their unconsciousness causes more narcissistic triggers, distrust, and fractures in relationships.


In Conclusion

Personally, I don’t drive myself crazy trying to determine if someone is a narcissist or even if, after doing inner healing work, they would become non-narcissistic.  I focus on whether they are conscious or unconscious. Do they self-reflect, take accountability, apologize, and care about others’ experiences?

I can’t convince them to do the work to get there. Are they there? They don’t have to be perfect people that doesn’t exist, but do they take personal responsibility?

These are the people I want on my team. What about you?

This awareness is also valuable for us. How conscious are we? Are we growing and healing beyond our own triggers?

I trust that this Thriver TV episode has helped you. These episodes reveal the empowered truth, setting you free to thrive, not just survive.

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Thank you, beautiful Thriver, for being here with me. It is my deepest wish that you now feel inspired and uplifted. That you feel hope.

And please remember to share this video with those you care about.

Until next time, keep smiling, keep healing, and keep thriving because there is nothing else to do.

Lots of love, Bye-bye.

Mel 🧡.

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