Many of you have had the narcissist shatter your dreams.

Maybe it was a romantic partner who promised a beautiful future—filled with love, marriage, children, a beautiful home, and a lifetime of cherished memories. Yet, “happily ever after” turned into a shocking horror story of trauma and anguish.

Perhaps a parent or family member claimed to be supportive and loyal yet hid behind a “blood is thicker than water” facade that didn’t match their actions.

Or, it could have been a “best” friend who was supposed to offer unconditional support and comfort but vanished when the attention wasn’t on them.

Narcissists are notorious for promising to fulfill your dreams and reneging on their promises. They often leave you without cause or care, plunging you into sadness and despair from being deceived.

You may wonder how on earth you can recover from this!

I’ve felt like this, too! I also had my dreams shattered. I, too, struggled to remain standing and to put one foot in front of the other.

Yet, while I and so many others have experienced the brutal aftermath of having our dreams shattered by a narcissist, there are ways to overcome the horrific soul impact and real-life losses and activate healing so you can move forward with your life.

This morning, in this empowering session, I want to focus on the heart of the following questions and help you find a path to true healing:

  • How do you reconcile the dream of who the narcissist pretended to be with who they really are?
  • How do you recover from the loss of the life you thought you were going to have with this person?
  • How do you move beyond feeling lied to, betrayed, and devastated?

 We will also discuss …

  • How to understand deception.
  • How to heal your soul by going Quantum, which raises your frequency and moves you beyond victimization, and …
  • How to start rebuilding your dreams.

Plus, you will learn about real-life stories and practical steps to start your healing journey.

As always, I’d love you to share this video Live or in the replay because so many people are hungry for answers as to how to heal for real from abusive, toxic, and disappointing relationships. Many people have had enough of the pain of delayed or failed recoveries. Maybe you relate.

My work is about providing empowering information and Quantum processes to change you deeply on the inside, detoxify you from abusers, become impervious to them, and start living your best Thriver life.

If you seek to survive and thrive, based on what you have been through, please write “Thrive On” in the chat or comment section.

Let’s now dive into this topic …

I want to help you understand that there are two ways to process the narcissist shattering your dreams. One is the normal human way, where we feel like we’ve been lied to, betrayed, and ripped off.

Of course, you feel devastated and intensely victimized. This is the normal programmed human way to feel. In no way do I ever want to minimize this because it is so painful.

Yet, when we turn this around in Quantum Way, we access deeper truths and shifts concerning who we really are and the life we want to live—which doesn’t have to be shattered dreams.

Today, I trust my information will give you a vibrational frequency shift. To receive this, all you need to do is open your body, breathe, and relax. Do not process it mentally; just allow this information to flow through you.

Let’s now get started by deeply validating you.


You Were Deceived

Absolutely, you were lied to. The deep trauma of “You said you loved me; we shared these goals together, and you wanted this more than anything! You gave me your commitment!” is so hard to overcome.

Yet, this was either a downright lie, or this person suddenly dropped their allegiance, love, and dreams with you when things weren’t going their way.

A narcissist is a fair-weather friend whose words mean nothing. There is no “sticking it out or together” in troubled times. Even fair-weather, non-narcissistic friends exhibit less egotistical and cruel behavior.   

Worse still, you discover that when the partnership or relationship falls apart, they remove your dreams from the table and start going for anything important to you.

As a love or business partner, it is your money, security, property, and maybe even the children. As a family member, it may be other people close to you and your finances. As a friend, it could be your circle of people and activities.

You realize now that the level of entitlement is completely self-absorbed; it never was about “us” or their care and kindness for “you.”

It’s a shock to the core of your soul. To add insult to injury, maybe you’ve lost years or decades in this lie. Perhaps you completely subjugated yourself for these shared dreams with the narcissist.

Toxic people love dangling a carrot. You thought, “If I hang in long enough, prove myself enough, and jump through enough hoops, I’ll receive the dreams I was promised in the beginning.”

I love it when I see people waking up to this before their near demise, doing Quantum Healing before the ship bursts into flames and sinks with all of their dreams on it.

Yet … of course, there are many people, like myself, who lost absolutely everything that we thought was going to be our dreams as well as ourselves. Maybe this has been your experience too.

Naturally, believing you can’t produce your dreams again is usual. But I’ve personally lived and seen thousands of people’s Thriver recoveries over the last nearly twenty years – where they achieved bigger and better than they had ever had, even before losing everything.

You have done such a great job getting this far and surviving, and you can take it to the next step. You can recover and Thrive by absorbing and following what I’m about to share with you.  

But before I do, let’s deeply examine what doesn’t work regarding recovering from this.



Trying To Process This Logically

You want to process this deep soul shock logically, but that doesn’t get you to the heart of the cause or your true power to turn this around. Rather, it keeps you enmeshed in the identity of “You stole my dreams, my life force, and my future.”

Sadly, this is exactly what you’re encouraged to do. Most people don’t know how to process trauma at a deeper Quantum level. Quantum means we get to the truth and can recreate ourselves anew from the inside out.

We are programmed to believe that mourning is necessary, an essential process of grief, and it takes time. In Quantum reality, there is no such thing as time; there is only the state of WHO you are BEING right now.

When you Go Quantum, you know the brain follows the body. Therefore, trying to think your way out of deep soul shock means you can only think within the bandwidth of the trauma.

This is true for real-life applications. It’s very simple to understand. When you feel triggered and traumatized, your thinking is “stinking thinking.” You can’t access thinking to change yourself or your life. It’s no different from trying to put together modular furniture and being frustrated; it doesn’t work.

It’s Wrong Town!

Unfortunately, unless somebody has shown you how to do this differently, you, like my previous self, could spend weeks, months, years, or decades trying to seek the answers, the research, the thinking, the talking, the learning that’s going to get you out of the absolute soul-shattering trauma of “My dreams are shattered and finished.” The more you try to cognitively get out of the pain, the more deeply you embed yourself IN it as a victim.

Absolutely, you’ve been victimized. But you WANT to get OUT of victimization into your happy, healthy, expanded, thriving life where you can create your dreams!


The Truth Sets Your Free and On Your Path to Healing

Let’s now do a deep dive into how this experience of losing your dreams to somebody happened for a reason. Reasons are powerful because they can change the formula of our lives and get different outcomes—but only if the reason is inside of us.

The Quantum Law of “so within so without” of the vibrational Universe allows the innerstanding, “For something to be in my experience, there must be a matching frequency within me.”

This doesn’t mean that you lied to people and shattered their dreams; it means that an internal part of you does not believe you can anchor into and manifest your dreams.

Let me unpack this for you by sharing something about myself …

I’ve always been intelligent, capable, and hard-working, but until Thriver Quantum Healing, I couldn’t connect to a feeling of joyful dreams without attaching a man to them. I didn’t realize this was my “normal”. It was what my mother and her predecessors had always done.

Unfortunately, that made me a target for a narcissist. Somebody could come into my life, love bomb me, identify exactly what was missing (my capacity to be self-generative, self-joyful, and fulfilled), offer the promise of these things on a silver plate, and have me completely fall for “the dream.” Which I did.

Even in the glory of “receiving my dreams” in the honeymoon period, I was still stuck in my old codependent, feeling alone and empty of the inside program that went like this “I have to earn love and acceptance, I have to work my butt off, prove myself, take on so much responsibility and heavy-lifting for the US!”

(So useful for a narcissist to siphon me out!)

Where was “me” … She was dissolving away, shockingly, but was she actually even really THERE to start with?

As I started healing out of the “normal,” I realized that previously, I had no idea how to enjoy happiness, bliss, time out, and enjoyment for MYSELF. I didn’t know how to travel, look at sunsets, or enjoy anything without another.

Like my previous self, many capable women have believed my dreams are not possible or are meaningless unless somebody else provides or shares them.

Men can also suffer from this, feeling completely lonely in anything great unless there is another with them.

The real devastation of not having our dreams provided for us is that we haven’t yet known we are the miracle connected to our Source Force (Higher Self and The Field), which is able to generate and receive our dreams.

We didn’t have a whole sense of self.

It didn’t turn out well. Quantum law, so within, so without, doesn’t mean we get what we want; we get Who We Are Being. If we feel like our dreams have been stripped away, we have not had a true relationship with our own Source Force, and this is the wake-up call to heal.

Others were never going to give us our dreams; they could only deliver evidence of our lack of power inside.


The Turn Around of Lost Dreams to Lived Dreams

Healing was desperately needed. I’d lost everything—my property, my dream man, the life I thought I was living, the trips, the dinners, the business I was building with him—including what I had worked for my entire life before meeting him.

For a long time, I burnt in victimization.

I came home to the truth and healing of this – I had been living a dependent, powerless life trying to gain my dreams through outside sources rather than in partnership with Source and my Higher Self. 

So, of course, I had a false person giving me false dreams because I wasn’t authentically manifesting dreams for myself.

When I started doing the shifts of Module Two in the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program™, which is called “Becoming a Source To Myself,” I was on my way to the beautiful mission of becoming whole without another.

This started a complete turnaround. I was 40 years of age.

Now, as a result of my healing and expansion, my capacity to be on this planet generating healthily is far beyond anything I was ever capable of before the narcissist. Those of you who know me know I came back from a lot. I had had a complete psychotic and adrenal breakdown that I was told I would never be able to heal from.

I promise you, that’s why I went for a new frequency. I didn’t go for the stuff. I didn’t go for trying to get the money or property back or any of the material things I lost. I didn’t go for a new partner to replace my dreams. I went to get myself back …

To fix my direct relationship with Source.

I traveled the world alone and created Airbnb properties myself. I did things I never believed I would be capable of and things I never wanted to do on my own.

And … I LOVED it!

I took myself out to dinner and started enjoying sunrises and sunsets, eating beautiful food, getting bliss from nature, and all the things that made me feel like I was filled with the Light of Source.

Those dreams became mine, and I experienced them bigger and better than I ever had, even without anybody. Then, I added people to my dreams, those vibrating at an authentic frequency.

I love that so many of the people who have faithfully followed my work and done their own healing work with the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program have achieved the same.

I have seen people in their 70s, after four narcissistic relationships, turn their lives around by making it their mission to let go of symbiotic dependencies for their dreams and heal to BE their own healthy frequency of joy and gratitude. Their new lives quickly started bearing no resemblance to their previous ones. Source answered their new higher frequency abundantly.

Health reversals, great settlements, new partners, world travel, hobbies, and the ability to reunite with children from previous alienations.

I trust that this Thriver TV episode has helped you. Today, I have been talking to your soul—that deep, wise part inside you that remembers the truth and knows that what you’ve been through does not have to be a life sentence. It can, in fact, be the greatest springboard to your True Self and True Life.

These episodes aren’t just about surviving but about Thriving and how what has happened can be the greatest springboard to your True Self and True Life.

You can also take your inner healing to a deeper level with a supportive community of Thrivers who are on the same path of healing and empowerment.

Alright, beautiful Thrivers. Thank you for being here with me this morning. It is my deepest wish that you feel inspired and uplifted, that you feel hope.

Until next time, keep smiling, keep healing, and keep Thriving because there is nothing else to do.

Lots of love, Bye-bye.

Mel 🧡

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