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Accelerate Your Evolution Into True Self And New NARP Upgrades!

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Written By   Melanie Tonia Evans


I am so excited …

Because this is one of those rare times that I get to talk about the very core of the healing work I do, and the number one reason why people within this Community experience unprecedented rapid Thriver healing breakthroughs which defy standard abuse recovery.

What I am talking about today is this:

Exciting upgrades to the Quanta Freedom Healing process, and specifically the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP).

And it lights me up like nothing else when I get the opportunity to bring to people even more powerful ways to heal from Narcissistic Abuse than I could previously offer.

The existing Quanta Freedom Healing processes, which so many people have come to enjoy and love, saved my life … absolutely …  and the new ones (that I am about to share!) grant me the most incredible ever-expanding life of joy I thought was possible.

This stuff is my greatest passion.

Creating an evolutionary life of breaking through our previous blocks, pain and disappointing life circumstances is what I ADORE sharing with others and seeing them experience as well.

So …. I am SO excited to tell you about these new upgrades!

I’ll start with the upgrades to Module 1.


The Evolution of Quanta Freedom Healing

The most evident one is that this new just released version of Module 1 is half the length of time of the original one.

And this is important because some people in this Community over the years have said to me – “I don’t have 2 hours each time to do a sitting with Module 1.”

At first I was not sure just HOW I would be able to shorten Module 1 and retain its effectiveness and now I am thrilled to say that I have “received” how to, as well as amplify its effectiveness!

Not only is Module 1 shorter, there are a ton of other benefits that I have been able to infuse into it now! All new Quanta Freedom Healing upgrades I have been personally enjoying.

I love that I get to live the Life I espouse – being personally committed to up-levelling myself with Quanta Freedom Healing as my absolute lifestyle.

For years now the inner work is my “go-to” at any and every time I feel any “less than” emotional, physical, spiritual or financial “fear”.

A long time ago I stopped trying to think my way out of emotional trauma and rather just do the shifts directly in my body.

My mantra being: Less thinking, more shifting.

As a result, I easily become the new state I seek, as well as expand into Life trajectories I never previously had access to – with grace and ease and WITHOUT the previous struggles.

What has also become a wonderful side-effect of living the Thriver Way (up-levelling beyond previous wounds into True Self energy) is that as I evolve myself, my channeled experiences which include Quanta Freedom Healing evolve as well.

I have been working with an upgraded process of Quanta Freedom Healing for a while, and the latest results have been mind-blowing personally.

What has come about is a beautiful expansion continuation and the breaking into even more new trajectories that deeply fulfill my soul, and I experience ever increasing unconditional joy, as well as a connection to my Higher Power and myself as a state of true love.

Life has become more simple, yet ironically more and more fulfilling and abundant.

Which is what happens when we get our subconscious aligned with our conscious and super conscious.

Everything starts to open up, be enriched and flow.

And I knew, when the time was right, that I would be sharing these Quanta Freedom Healing upgrades with this Community


That time is right now!

Module 1 Shortened Version upgrades are not just extra visualisations for this Module – they are ones that once your Being starts to process can be used with any and every Quanta Freedom Healing shift that you do with any NARP Module, or with any of my other Quanta Freedom Healing Courses and Programs.

Creating healing acceleration across the board.

Many of you in this Community (existing NARP Members) know what Module 1 is about – but for those of you who don’t – I would love to explain …


Module 1 – Releasing And Healing Immediate Narcissistic Trauma

Module 1 of NARP is incredibly important. In fact, I would go as far to say it is THE Module which saves lives the most.

So many people, when they come to the NARP Program, are in high level trauma and their ability to function is severely diminished.

Cortisol and adrenaline surging through our body causes fight and flee …  and in this state of high range beta brainwave (survival programs) we struggle to be solid, rational and effective and we tend to walk straight into the deadly grips of the narcissist who is trying to hurt and punish us.

Then the trauma is being compounded … usually continuously … meaning our eating and sleeping may be affected and we may struggle to take care of ourselves on a daily basis, let alone be able to function for our children or in our careers.

We can also be at severe risk of a breakdown, or an accident, or manifesting a serious illness as a result of the trauma, or doing something silly to hurt ourselves when triggered into the trauma of what the narcissist is doing.

In the Thriver Way we learn this following very powerful truth.

That our mind only ever has the ability to think within the range of the trauma trapped in our being (emotions / subconscious), and it is a hellish task to create new directions in our life by mere “thinking” when we haven’t addressed the trauma directly in our body FIRST.

In fact – when severe trauma is onboard – it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to THINK our way out of it.

Like a wound that can be burst and released of toxins and will then start to heal, we learn through the NARP journey (and significantly Module 1) that when we address the HUGE things directly in our body that are traumatising us right now, load up and release their Energy Imprint and replace that energy with Source Healing … we start to heal very quickly.

The high-level trauma drops, and all of a sudden we are able to think rationally without panic.

Then we are able to sleep, eat and function.

And we start to lose the terror of the unknown and what is going to happen next.

We even start to have an organic knowing that we can survive this, things will work out and we can move on.

We truly start feeling solid and whole within ourselves.

These changes are common when we work diligently with Module 1 in NARP (they are reported all day every day within this Community), and the reason for these shifts is because rather than fruitlessly try to change and control the things outside of us that have triggered us into high levels of trauma – we go DIRECTLY to the hurt inside and change THAT instead.

Then we discover that everything starts to change.

Namely … how we feel, what we think, how we show up and the results we start to generate.

And other incredible side-effects happen outside of us, such as: we find that support – reflecting our own now establishing self-partnering – starts to enter our life personally, professionally and even legally.

We gain in power and the narcissist starts to lose their grip on us.

Which is a far cry for the common devastating results of continuing to being throttled by a narcissist and / or your own traumatised obsessive thoughts and emotions – because you hadn’t yet attended to the trauma in your Being.

A huge relief happens when we start to become a solid source of love and approval within our Inner Being. No longer are we in the deep regret and anguish of what the narcissist is or isn’t doing, and we can detach and stop feeding energy to the narcissist.

Love and approval for ourselves grows and life starts to reflect back more love and approval.

The narcissist over time TRULY becomes irrelevant.

Module 1 is the essential foundation of the entire NARP 10 Module process to reach these goals – essential to heal and start Thriving.

It removes the high immediate trauma so that you can get to work on the core belief systems in your body to no longer be susceptible to abuse, or suffer any symptoms of it.

Many people think managing trauma is the healing of it.

It isn’t – any existing trauma in your body lives on and does not disappear UNLESS it is released and up-levelled.

Most people are attempting to manage trauma and trying to live their life despite it, which limits them and even derails and sabotages them regularly their entire life.

(That’s the effects of anxiety and depression.)

There is no need for any of this struggle, when trauma is released cellularly FOR GOOD out of your Inner Being.

Because when there are no wounds to manage – there is NO struggle – only life-force, inspiration and personal authenticity to start generating your True Life with.

Such is the power of Module 1 – the Module which addresses the immediate trauma in your body from narcissistic abuse, which is making your life unlivable, and brutally painful.

And now … the shortened version (and I am so excited about this) is even more powerful and effective than the original Module 1.


The New Shorter Version of NARP Module 1

Firstly, the obvious benefit is that you can process your shifts faster and get more healing work done, because the shortened version is half the length of the original.

Which is great for people who are time-poor. (Which is most of us!)

Another powerful benefit is that this Module 1 version has a component in it that offers you a wonderful solution IF you can’t access details about the trauma – such as the age, or what it is about.

This is SO helpful for people who struggle to trust their intuitive messages (or get them) and also for the people who, when in highly traumatic triggered charges, just can’t SEEM to connect to the information.

People occasionally state this, “I don’t know what my wounds are or how to locate them.”

This Module now allows you the option to connect to and be with the feeling in your body and shift the trauma energy regardless of what information you do or don’t receive – granting you JUST as powerful a shift – even if you cant or don’t.

This makes shift work even more simple to perform. Especially for people who think, I won’t be able to do this, or This won’t work for me.

And please know – even WITHOUT information – the shifts are just as effective.

Believe me – I have been living the results of shifts done this way – and the results are spectacular and incredibly simple!

(It’s just as cognitive human beings we tend to over-complicate everything!)

There are some other tweaks in the new Healing Module which work powerfully as a result of opening up your DNA and brain receptors into greater Source Expansion … the becoming of your True Self state in ways that expand you beyond previous personality and physical limitations (and previous Quanta Freedom Healing shifts).

One of these is a Quantum self-expansion protocol which allows any remaining False Self parts of the shift to be truly removed … in glorious, loving, evolutionary ways that catapult you into True Self state on whatever trauma or painful belief you are working at liberating.

When we “be” it – it will “come” (be-come) … and this is what this powerful True Self shift is all about.

The shortened Module 1 version not only provides you Quantum expansion training within this Module, but also allows you to process all your NARP (or other Program) shifts in the same way.

Granting you accelerated evolution ability.

Which is pretty exciting!

I am thrilled beyond measure to bring you healing at this level!

Please note: if you are a new NARP Member, it is still important to work with the original Module 1 for a time until you are used to it – because it has many descriptions and processes that allow you to learn and understand the Quanta Freedom Healing process.

After 1 or 2 or maybe 3 turns with this, you can certainly give the shortened version a try.

Regular NARPers you will be ready to go with the shortened version immediately.


Quanta Expansion into True Self Function

I would love to give you a taste NOW of one of the new Quanta Freedom Healing protocols (described above) that will accelerate your evolution into your True Self.

The most powerful way to heal anything is to replace FEAR with LOVE.

And I mean this in every sense.

FEAR is a trauma in our body that shuts us down, causes us to contract and trap inside us the very trauma that we are trying to get free from.

Then what happens is a double assault.

Not only is the trapped energy in our body (no matter what we try to do to avoid it) literally eating us alive … it also causes us to show up in life in ways that are likely to unconsciously generate more of this trauma in our life.

And … rather than healing ourselves from the trauma, we keep regurgitating it without ever shifting it out (know as peptide addiction – the obsessive thoughts and painful feelings stuck in repeat that don’t go away) and we continue to have experiences that represent more of it.

That is WHAT trying to survive our existing inner wounds do, they continue to bring us more evidence of the wounds that are living entities inside of us.

So … to start turning all of this around, how about we do a little exercise together?

Here it is …



I want you to get out a journal and a pen, because that will help you focus with the process.

Now, I want you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and imagine opening up your body – this helps you to connect to your Inner Being.

Then lovingly and without judgment, be really brave and tune into a part of yourself that you would rather NOT acknowledge.

There may be MANY topics which come up for you – but for now choose one – a BIG one that you wish to transform.

What are these painful feelings about?

Is it the panic of being hooked on someone who is hurting you – who you feel you can’t let go of, and you HATE that you can’t?

Is it guilt regarding how your life has turned out – or what the effects on others has been?

It it feelings of being unlovable?

Is it self hatred … or maybe intensely disliking a part of your physical appearance … or even a personality trait that you can’t seem to get rid of?

Or maybe it is resentment towards someone else who is hurting you?

Maybe it is feelings of despair, sorrow, heartbreak or regret …

Maybe it is a fear that you have lost too much to rebuild your life.

Whatever it is trust yourself … allow yourself to connect to this part of you.

Just really trust what it is … your emotional self will grant you “what it is about” if you surrender into your feelings with love and self-honesty, and go towards this wound instead of disowning it.

This is vital – because we can’t HEAL what we are not being REAL about, or what we are not prepared to FEEL.

Write the details of this part of yourself in your journal.



Now … I want you to connect into your body and feel WHERE this trauma is situated.

It could be in your solar plexus, in your chest, your back or anywhere at all … or maybe you feel this heaviness, fear or even dread in multiple places in your body.

Maybe it feels so big it is under your skin everywhere inside you.

Write down in your journal where you feel these painful feelings.



The next step is this … I want you to now imagine that in the Quantum Field there exists EVERY version of yourself in relation to this “topic”.

For example, there is a version for you who is deeply mired in the trauma of the issue.

And … there is also a version of you in the Quantum Field who is ALREADY completely cleared and healed from this state and enjoying the exact opposite feelings and results.

And … there is also every version of you in-between,

I want you to imagine your Highest and Best Version in regard to the issue you have focused on.

And then I want you to imagine your current version – the self who is totally entrenched in the agony of the trauma.

Write down descriptions and feelings of these two selves – really go for this …



Now … I want you to imagine integrating these two Selves, merge them together, and imagine doing this within the body area where the trauma was …

And then imagine this integrated self become “all of you”.

Just trust how to do this – there is NO actual right or wrong!

Once you have done that, breathe into the integration, and have your body open while doing so.

Take note of what that integration feels like and imagine what it would look like in your mind’s eye.

Write about this in your journal.



This next step is to imagine yourself as this Integrated Being (fusion of Highest and Best Self and Trauma Self) walking forward into a huge Ball of Light.

This Ball of Light is Source Energy; it is Love, God and Life Force … the only TRUE energy that exists … the stuff of Creation Itself.

This is a Pure Light where no darkness can be.

Walk into the Light and I want you to see the part of you which was steeped in trauma, steps out into the Light.

And what happens next is this:  this part which is NOT your True Self, the part which is trauma and looks like dark shadows, completely dissolves back to God, Source and Love.

It all gets absorbed back and disappears into Pure Love for recycling.

Then you feel the expansion of your True Self glowing as a result of losing these parts of False Self on this topic.

Feel the emotional release as a result of doing this.

Take note that you don’t feel like you are losing a part of yourself – but rather you are experiencing a GAIN and an EXPANSION of Self.

Write about your experience in your journal.



Now I want you to focus on that part of you who is left – the True Self part.

It is glowing.

And then you notice that the Glow of yourself is the same as the Glow in the Entire Field of Life and Creation which you have entered, and you feel and know that you and this Glow are in fact One.

Then when you look at your physical presence in the Glow you see that your outline doesn’t exist – and that you in fact are an ever-expansive ball of Glowing Light.

Where you start and stop is Infinite – you are in fact All Of It.

Now … breathe with your body open and just BE this Glow … without thought … just be it.

Enjoy the feeling for quite a few long, deep, open breathes.

Then record your experience in your journal.


If you did connect you will have had a profound Quantum experience.

“Quantum” meaning well beyond the realms of what is possible at a mere cognitive level – in ways that will manifest beyond mere cognitive capacity.

What has just happened is profound on the Quantum Level within your subconscious.  As a result of releasing back to Love these parts of you that were caught up in the trauma of surviving your wounds, them pure Life-force (that was previous tied up in surviving the trauma) gets released; its gets activated.

In fact, our purest and most powerful Gold ALWAYS gets mined from our wounds.

Now energy has become available for you to create and break into new territory that IS a match for your True Self.

Can you imagine what happens when we lose the dense painful energy that has been wedged inside our Inner Being affecting us drastically by limiting us emotionally and literally in so many ways?

What happens is this – we get released into our True Self, and our inner life and emotions start to get well, heal and expand in record time.

Then our outer life follows suit, and the people and situations which are no longer a match for non-existent trauma cannot exist in our Energy Field – they have to gravitate elsewhere.

And like a parting of the seas … toxic people disappear and good ones and experiences come directly to us in droves.

What you just experienced in this exercise is a watered down version of what happens in the shortened version of Module 1.

What happens in this Module is the expansion into Source coupled with release of trauma and re-programming at multiple levels within your DNA (including your Inner Child and Ancestral Self).

By the time of this expansion shift, you are cleaning up only the remaining fragments (usually just a ghost) of what is left of False Self because the expansion has been taking place (through additional new protocols) all the way through the shifts – making it even more advanced and powerful within the deep layers of your DNA.

The feeling afterwards is limitlessness and pure ecstasy (True Self state) and when you feel it at this level, the change has happened for REAL.

Because there is no space for anything else to exist.

Such is the Life I have tapped into living!

Now I want to talk to you about OTHER advancements to the NARP Program!


New Version of ‘How To Get The Most Out Of Your Healings’ Module

Since I created the Tips Module a lot has happened!

Including expansion and greater understanding of the most vital tips that people need.

The Tips Module is now much easier to understand, and focuses on specific tips whch will make all the difference in your NARP journey.

Ranging from … what to do in the actual Module work to help your body process DNA rewiring, to how you can clear blocks with Module work, to self-care practices and so much else!

Even though you have full support with any questions in the NARP Forum, it is so much easier to set yourself up with these techniques, and solutions right from the get-go.

Often it can be the little tweaks that make all the difference and you will find the new Tips Module really helpful in that respect – and it is recommended that all NARP Members now and existing take the time to listen to it, because you will pick up some really great stuff!


How to Access These Upgrades

How can you get linked into these new powerful and exciting upgrades?

The new NARP upgrades can be accessed by all NARP Members in the NARP membership area under Modules.

The MTE team will also be sending out an email with the new additions to all NARP Members.

If you have any process questions is regard to the new upgrades please ask your question in the NARP Forum under Modules.

And … for those who wish to become a new NARP Member, it’s very simple to do so, all you need to do is go here.

By doing so you will immediately receive the full NARP Program, which incudes all you need to create a Thriver Recovery from narcissistic abuse in ways that you did not know were possible until now, as well as receive access to our incredible NARP Forum (if you become a Gold Member) and these exciting new upgrades!

I hope you have enjoyed this article announcement and expansion exercise – and I would love you to post below how it went for you … and what you feel about the new upgrades!!


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Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert. She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie's healing and teaching methods have liberated thousands of people from the effects of narcissistic abuse world-wide.

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34 Thoughts on Accelerate Your Evolution Into True Self And New NARP Upgrades!
    Karen Field
    July 29, 2016

    Melanie, this is really odd, because what you describe, about meeting the ‘you’ who has evolved beyond the issue, is exactly what happened for me during the webinar. My blockage was apparently ancient, about feeling how life is pointless and worthless because we are all just gun-fodder for the elite (this is also the first time that anything had come up about the issue I was doing the webinar for – not being able to apply the ‘what we resist persists’ to my political life, and deep blockages to even wanting to). It was all about dying in battle. Then when I went to get the ‘Little Me’ who was on the ground, he stood up, and was dressed in a world war 1 British uniform, but he was a glowing, smiling, beautiful harmonious man, who spoke to me and said that THIS is what it is all about, that nothing else matters, that death is a doorway and everything is about love- that love is what changes the world and what changes us individually. But not just the words, also the feeling he was radiating. His death, although he had died in agony and anger and resentment had transformed him. I took the blockage out of me and gave it to the angels (because he didn’t have it any more to give up). We then hugged and merged, and the angels were rotating around us. I didn’t feel like I could share it in the webinar group, because it sounded so ‘out there’. It was such a profound experience for me.

      Don F
      July 29, 2016

      Hi Karen,

      Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing this “Now” experience. Apparently, “Now” is all there is!

      Kind Regards

      Don F

      July 30, 2016

      Beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you experienced such a deep shift!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 30, 2016

      Hi Karen,

      there are incredible experiences that we can have when we get into our “vault of all knowledge” – the subconscious to release trauma.

      That is a fantastic up-level!

      And the changes are incredible when we release ancient trauma from our DNA – we go free.

      Thank you for your share!

      Mel xo

    Don F
    July 29, 2016

    Dear Melanie,

    Thank you so very much. I knew if there was a better way, you would find it and give it to us immediately. I have been a Narp Gold member now for about 9 or 10 months. I am advanced far beyond the anger and pain I lived in a year ago. I now live in a land of Love and happiness. This healing is indeed a Lifestyle. I so admire your integrity and love you share so willingly.

    Thanks again

    Don F aka Clear88

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 30, 2016

      Hi Don,

      you are very welcome!

      I am so thrilled you have advanced beyond so much pain Don.

      It certainly does become Lifestyle when we realise how hard it used to be to try to “thank” our way out of trauma, rather than just shift it up and out!

      Bless you Don!

      Thank you for your lovely comments 🙂

      Mel xo

    July 29, 2016

    Thank you Mel! Personally, in the beginning, I found the 2 hours absolutely necessary. I’ve now been doing your program for about 12 months. I was exactly as you described yourself. In full swing of complex PTSD, adrenal fatigue, constant infections, confused, paranoid and suffering terrible chronic insomnia and constant terrifying nightmares. I would put module one on repeat and journal through it once or twice and then sleep with it playing over. I did his for a few weeks and had huge and immediate results. After leaving the Narc I was solo parenting my then 12 month old babe, without any support of family or friends who had been seduced by the narc. I had lost my life savings (and incurred debt) and was living on a government pension that fortunately but barely covered the most basic expenses. I was in temporary precarious accommodation and had moved four times since my child’s birth. Without Quanta Freedom Healing through the NARP program I can absolutely say I would not be here today. Whilst I still have much more inner work to do, I’m now wide awake and able to deal with the ongoing attempts of the narc through the court system now AND I have full faith that everything is unfolding for my and my child’s highest good. I have a great home, have made new friends, I feel the support of life each and everyday in profound ways. My life is becoming more amazing each day and I’m really looking forward to the coming months and experiencing the changes that follow intense inner work. Like you said, this is a lifestyle, and I’m never looking back. Much love and gratitude to you Mel and to anyone thinking about trying out the program, please don’t hesitate for one second longer. I’m off now to test out the new version of module one while my beautiful 2 year old boy sleeps soundly and safely xoxoxo

      July 30, 2016

      Beautiful! Thrilled to see you’ve progressed the way you did :)! Good job! I’m looking forward to reaching to that level of expansion, joy and warmth in the near future!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 30, 2016

      Hi Devon,

      I am so glad you enjoyed the original version … and I know you will love the Upgrade version also!

      That is wonderful you have had so much success with the NARP Program, and I concur how life-saving QFH can be … thank goodness that you grasped it with both hands when times were so tough and did the healings to change your life from the inside out.

      I am so so happy for you and your beautiful little boy!

      Keep being the inspiration you are dear one!

      Mel xo


    July 30, 2016

    WOW Melanie.
    I haven’t listened to the new Module 1 yet but I would like to give big kudos to your support team and the flawless delivery of this new module. It just “showed up” in the bookmark page from my original purchase ….chronologically even! Just as easy to access, it appears in the forum under NARP modules. Flawless!

    Thank you for yet another gift to all of us and congratulations on another giant step in your passion towards helping to heal humanity. I am all about breaking the generational wounds. I hope and pray I have accomplished that for my four fabulous boys….so on their behalf I thank you again.
    Much love to you and all of your team….. along with giant high fives all around,
    Cathy Magee
    (Cassie Dey in forum)

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 30, 2016

      Hi Cassie,

      thank you so much! I am totally grateful for how much my wonderful son Zac, the website team and the ever amazing Clarie and Harry worked so hard on this project!!

      MTE has got the most amazing team!

      I love sharing Cassie … you are right this is my passion to help heal humanity and I am very grateful for your words and love.

      I ADORE that you too are passionate about creating a better world for our children and their children … and that you are also doing your bit by changing the only person we ever have the power to – ourselves!

      Thank you gorgeous lady again!!

      Mel xo

    July 30, 2016

    Sounds great. Took note of it all. Can’t wait to try it. I’m very grateful for these added “boosts” and the shortened version. I feel relieved!

    Many thanks for sharing and all that you do!

    Mette Mulbjerg
    July 30, 2016

    This (again!!) landed at the exact right time!! I know that the shorter version will help me to get the release work “done” more regularly. I cannot tell you enough how much “meeting” you has impacted my life. In this short time (2 months since facebook workshop and after that starting modules and still at mod 1 releasing all the fear and pain before moving on) my life an perspective has changed dramatically. I have had HUGE struggles with breaking through the iron wall that was created around my emotions because of ALL the trauma trapped inside – but I have moved so far!! Have had a huge breakthrough this past week (with priceless support from Moderator Clarie – she is an Angel without doubt!! …as all others on this journey too!!) I am not healed yet, but I am already moving into a place, that I had given up hope of ever reaching again – soooooo thank you from the deepest coure of my heart!! Love from Mette

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 30, 2016

      Hi Mette,

      I am so pleased this was great timing for you!

      I am thrilled that your life has changed dramatically in such a short amount of time as a result of working with NARP.

      You are so totally welcome Mette – it is my pleasure!

      Bless dear lady!!

      Mel xo

    July 30, 2016

    Hi, Mel,

    thank you for taking time to record a shortened version of module, I really appreciate it. I am one of these who can’t get information about traumas. My question is this, if we couldn’t get any information during long modules, does it mean that the old modules couldn’t work and heal us?

    Much love xo

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 30, 2016

      Hi Anada,

      I am so pleased this will cater to you so much!

      Once you get used to the “way” to do this (with the new Mod 1) – you can apply EXACTLY the same principle to the other Modules as well.

      I made sure it was imprinted and created that way!

      Mel xo

    July 30, 2016

    Dear Melanie,

    Thank you for this post and this practice experience. I have questions:

    Does this mean that you have found an effective way to skip the step of loading up the body with pain (since the pain of the inner wounds is already there)?

    Or does this mean that you have left out of this practice the step of loading up the body with pain but have included it in the modules?

    Or did I miss a third alternative?

    If you include this step in the modules, what is the necessity of loading up the body with pain when there is already plenty of existing pain unique to a specific individual in experiencing inner wounds?

    You say inner woundedness cannot be healed. I do not recall reading this in your work before. What exactly is upleveling, and what is the reason inner wounds cannot be healed but must be upleveled?

    Thank you.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 31, 2016

      Hi Nancy,

      No it is never about not loading up the pain – we always (and still) do that.

      Because we can’t heal what we are not prepared to feel (self-partner) with.

      What I am talking about is the “information” regarding WHAT the pain about … is not necessary …

      Rather the “energy” of it is …

      Have you worked with NARP at all?

      Have you been in one of my free Webinar Groups Nancy … I would really suggest that to gain a better understanding (as well as an actual personal experience) ..

      Also reading about Quanta Freedom Healing will help grant you an understanding.

      I have not said anything about “inner woundedness cannot be healed” … I state the exact opposite.

      Mel xo

    July 30, 2016

    Love the new module Melanie !

    July 30, 2016

    Hi Melanie,

    I also want to say THANK you for sharing these updates with us, I am now several months on my NARP journey to becoming a Thriver, I used the new short Module 1 version for the first time yesterday and I liked it and also experienced a shift like never before.

    To all the people who are not yet NARPers, I want to encourage you to give this a try.
    I remember exactly how down and depressed I had been before I got into NARP and how I had some doubts about the effectivity and all, but that tiny bit of hope inside of me kept whispering to me in this gently nagging voice until I gave in and entered one of Melanie’s Webinars, that finally fully convinced me and so I purchased NARP.
    And yes, as Melanie says, this IS *work* and you only get as much help and personal growth out of it as you are willing to dedicate your time to it. But, people, the ‘payoff’ is so worth it, when you experience the relief of your first shifts AND see results in real life you will know what I am talking about.
    I truly had been in a very dark place and as I said, had almost given up hope that I would ever get out of it again. I still have lots of work to do and my healing will take more time, but I feel such GRATITUDE for the help that NARP has been for me so far.
    Before I had started work with this program, I had been so anxious, thinking I would never get out of that deep dark hole full of negative emotions and gigantic fears.
    If others are like me, it might be especially difficult for people right at the beginning, when you are doing your first babysteps with NARP and I guess that can happen because when you are trying to change direction in your life there often is a phase of opposition from inside of you because you might fear new stuff, there are still doubts which is natural I guess, and you might simply be feeling insecure when it comes to giving up old habits of thought and feeling in trying to turn things around, it was like this for me- but I stubbornly kept going on and eventually it DID get better. This is why I want to tell you, please people, do not give up then, especially when it feels difficult, confusing or overwhelming at the beginning, please be patient, GO on an on with it, and try to trust, Melanie knows what she is doing and as much as you are listening to her voice in the Modules in a relaxed trusting way and just let yourself go into and along with it, the easier the whole thing becomes, do Module one over and over again and maybe you also feel like using the goal setting Module from early on just for cementing your wish and hope and belief in that you will survive this difficult time of your life and WILL see AND reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
    The two healing and relaxing meditations that you will also get with your NARP membership are also absolutely wonderful IMO. A big thank you to Melanie for them!

    Just wanted to pass this on to people who are in great pain at the moment, reading this, there IS hope for you, too. Even if you can hardly imagine you will ever get better, do give this a thorough try! Persevere, keep doing the modules (!participate!, not just listenting to them), and if you can’t do one or more each day, try not to have too many or lengthy gaps between your Module work especially at the beginning, and then you will most probably experience what I did, that if you are open and allowing, Quanta Freedom Healing will be the wind beneath your wings, starting to carry you out of misery.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 31, 2016

      Hi Hope,

      you are so welcome!

      That is GREAT that you have experienced SUCH a powerful shift with the mod 1 upgraded version!

      Thank you for helping inspire others to know there IS a way to heal from this.

      I am so happy for you that your life is getting better and better – you deserve this lovely lady … we all do.

      Bless you Hope, and thank you for your lovely supportive post to others.

      Mel xo

    Kim Hudson
    July 30, 2016

    Hi Melanie,

    I’ve just moved – finally – after 5 years with a man who was – I’ll never be sure what his ‘label’ is. 2 years ago, I started googling his behavior to try to figure out what was going on. That led me, after many bashing videos of narcs, to understand that I’m a codependent.. and finally to your work. I’m a healer, so I couldn’t believe this was happening to me & more that there was nothing I could do to heal it all, myself, him, us. I became honest with myself, looking at my part in it – which was huge I see now. Thought all through my life, I was such a great partner, friend, etc.. and became enraged when in return I’d get disrespect & spent half my life explaining it so it, they would all just stop. No wonder I’m exhausted. I finally ‘get it’… I see how every aspect of my life has been pretty much codependent. I’m living alone now, and working alone. I’m beyond exhausted and trying to figure out a way to rebuild without loosing my business, etc.. I have a lot of healthy & beautiful physical & spiritual practices, but I’m starting at square one in a way bc I’m taking radical responsibility & final setting limits with everyone I hadn’t previously, so that is also exhausting, as is their response – and me holding the boundary…
    Still, I feel ‘free-er’ than I ever have and hopeful I can continue to heal & up-level this pattern in my cellular memory. But I realize I do not know how. I tried counseling & although it helped, talking story has only a small place in this. I stopped bc I’m just too tired to go there, talk about it all, etc. I’ve listened to all of your videos (as well as many others) that were very helpful to me in pointing that I am my place of empowerment. How does one go about navigating what you offer & trust that as I work through that, it will help change my unconscious beliefs that have created these relationships. I vacillate between great sadness for my ex narc & anger, and lately with no contact am finally finding genuine peace & compassion. On July 4th, he was working off a bit of money he owed me & started with the cruel & stupid comments (that I honestly can’t believe I ever reacted to). So on our Independence day on my calendar, I wrote “FREEDOM” bc I told him to get out & I went no contact – I’ve never tried that before bc I thought I was strong enough to remain neutral, or could help him see that wasn’t the real him (and to this day I don’t think it is, as I see his wounded-ness). BUT, I finally got backbone & realize how utterly ridiculous it all was. We’re both 50-ish and I no longer want to have anything to do with how I acted, and certainly any behavior that is like how he acted! I also see it in previous bosses, & my codependence in many of my relationships. So if my life is going to change, its gotta start with me, right here & this summer. Thank you for your work & for sharing this system with us, Kim

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 31, 2016

      Hi Kim,

      it truly is astounding how many healers have had entanglements with N’s … and I truly believe it is only by having extreme experiences with darkness that we can fully up-level and claim and be “light-force”.

      There really is no mistake in all of it.

      It is wonderful that you have brought the power back to you – realising YOU need to heal.

      Kim, as someone who held metaphysical classes myself I realised I had no idea to heal either – that was until I discovered (birthed through) the energetic healing modality Quanta Freedom Healing which is now the NARP Program.

      Without that – I would not be free, in fact I would not even be here.

      Kim, on a practical level… there are full money back guarantees and no risk (You can ask for a refund and STILL get to keep the Program!) – I also have free Webinar Groups where you get to experience this healing process directly even before you purchase it (if you wish) .. and then there is still NO obligation to – plus you get a full 2.5 weeks of free intense workshopping with me …

      And of course you can research all the testimonies from people world-wide … go through all my Forums and see what people consistently write etc …

      From an emotional perspective … the bottom line is when we are broken and have had enough we will TRY what we think COULD help us.

      I know, back in the day before I found the way to heal, I would have crawled across a paddock of broken glass if I though the solution was there at the end of the paddock.

      Because I wanted OUT of the pain so much, and I KNEW I could not survive it if I didn’t find the solution.

      There is a way now – thousands of people have used NARP successfully.

      What have you go to lose?

      Nothing … except the original wounds lovely lady which have been keeping you trapped in this.

      It’s your time to heal – enough is enough.

      I hope you join us in the NARP Community.

      Mel xo

    July 31, 2016

    Hi Melanie,

    Thank you so much for the revised Module 1. I too was finding it difficult to carve out two hours. I would begin at night when my kids were settled, but found myself falling asleep all the time. I was grateful knowing that the words were still going in, but am glad to have a module to work with more frequently and in a theta state.

    You and your support team are world class! I hope one day to give back to you and your team for all the life saving work you do with this program.


    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      July 31, 2016

      Hi Valerry,


      I am so pleased this will be helpful for you!

      Hun, that is so lovely – and please know how you give back is by continually becoming the next Highest Expanded version of Yourself and sharing YOU with the world.

      That is your greatest contribution to me, MTE, you and everything and everyone .. anything is else is a bonus!

      Mel xo

    Deborah Bennett
    August 1, 2016


    What just happened to me using the new module one version is almost beyond words. Well, really it IS beyond words, but I will write them all the same.

    It is so profound it’s a bit difficult to adjust to, but extraordinary and wonderful.

    I was feeling sad and tired today, and I started journaling, and at first I thought I was experiencing some “emotional hangover” from the job I just left yesterday with an abusive demeaning co-worker who was dumping all of his insecurities on me.

    But it’s seldom about what we think it’s about, and soon I realized it was about my own insecurities about my new internship doing what I absolutely love, and the fact that I’m quite possibly the oldest or maybe one of two oldest people to ever be interning in this field at my age, twice that of other interns, and about my extreme self-consciousness about my physical age, because of which physical age I know I almost didn’t get the job, though in every other way I was everything someone would be looking for in an intern.

    But I told them please keep me in mind in case anyone drops out, and — very cosmically — someone did and I got the job.

    Then, journaling some more I realized about my insecurities that it’s really just another situation I’ve “put” myself into to feel insecure and worried about being rejected and unwanted and unloved and criticized, which through shift #1 again brought forth the 2 year old me, sobbing and just wanting my mommy to love me.

    Which has before led me to a shift #2 and a previous life where I was mistakenly buried alive when they did not know I was still alive. Going through this again, and not knowing how to move beyond it, I asked Source how to heal this, not knowing if or how I ever could.

    When I got to the part about opening yourself up and getting out the junk and the rubbish, I was inspired to dig myself out. That was going too slowly, so I asked the angels to help me, and we undug me, and at first the door wouldn’t open, but then that spirit-self escaped, and took the most delightful long deep breaths of someone who was unburied and breathing fresh air again.

    And this is where the new module one made all the difference (having earlier this day visualized the terrified, insecure me versus the already healed, confident, secure, comfortable-about-myself-and-my-age me).

    In the glowing white light where my outline disappeared, this wonderfully strong, solid, grounded, very loved and emotionally secure, raven-haired, ruby lipped me from I think at least a century or so ago, integrated with the blonde haired, blue-eyed insecure me that was formerly an obvious magnate for someone with narcissistic personality disorder, and others who were vicious and demeaning and abusive.

    And after the shift, when I looked out the window, I cried a little because I was seeing things through different eyes.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      August 2, 2016

      Hi Deborah,

      I am so happy for you that you had such a profound experience with the new Module 1!

      I adore that you are seeing things ‘through different eyes”.

      We TOTALLY know that we have had a consciousness shift when that happens!!

      Mel xo

    Deborah Bennett
    August 2, 2016

    I would like to join Melanie in highly recommending that even long-time NARPers listen to the new version of “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Healings Module” and the new Module 1.

    Even though I’ve been free for quite some time now from the Narcissist along with the associated anger and the trauma, I’m using the Goal Setting Module and now also the new Module 1 (which caused a Quantum healing for me yesterday) to work on other areas of my life where I feel fear, pain, trauma or even any everyday negative emotions which inevitably have a link to deep inner emotional wounds that need to be cleared. Quanta Freedom Healing really does become a wonderful ongoing Lifestyle.

    There was vital new information in the tips recording that really helped me a lot and comforted me as I work through current issues in my life, especially yesterday uncovering “the same two inner traumas” I thought I’d cleared previously. It was so helpful in the new tips mp3 that Melanie talked about exactly this situation and how when an issue comes up again we’re clearing the trauma from a different aspect of our being.

    Thank you so much Melanie for creating through your own ongoing healing journey and then bringing to us the powerful new information and tools.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      August 2, 2016


      awww I am so pleased the new Tips Module has helped you so much – it was absolutely my intention to “nail” the deepest guidance required to deeply shift and transform ourselves.


      I am so pleased this is working!!

      Mel xo

    August 8, 2016

    Hi Melanie
    Thanks a lot for the shorter version. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you do for all the people who are in pain. I did the shorter version couple of days ago. I felt it as powerful as the original longer version .Actually I felt the shifts are even better with the new shorter version. Hoping to do the shifts regularly.God bless you.Take care

    March 2, 2017


    I have a couple questions in regards to NARP, this is the next step for me, but would appreciate clarification on a couple things. I hope this is the right place to ask them…

    I don’t have a Facebook account, I’ve always said I am ‘anti Facebook’, even though my kids keep trying to convince me otherwise. However, I’m guessing that is where the NARP Community forum is? If so then I will ask my daughters more about FB and find out if I can set one up for just this reason only and not worry about people trying to contact me or see that I have a FB account, etc.
    I know, sounds ridiculous to most people nowadays! At least I’m not like my mother who couldn’t even turn on the VCR!

    Also, my boyfriend has his computer at work so will be using mine when he’s home (we work out of town at different locations). I’m thinking that I will download the program onto a thumb drive so I can hide it when he’s home. What confused me a little was when I clicked to purchase the NARP, it asked if the shipping address is the same as the mailing address…nothing will be mailed to my home right?

    Pretty sure I know the answers to these questions already, I’m just trying to be careful as I can’t have the narc finding any of this. Yep, a little fearful about it.

    Thank you so much for everything!

    March 2, 2017

    Sorry, nvmd my previous post, I just saw where to email questions to.
    Oh my, it will be nice to have my brain functioning again after all this trauma.

    Thank you!

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