Category: Shifts Happen Membership Series

How To Release the Shame of Your Past

  This is our first session in Series 7, Dissolving Shame, called “How To Release the Shame of Your Past.” Welcome to our new Shifts Happen Members. It’s lovely to have you live in our full workshop today. I know that you are looking forward to going free from shame, and of course, as always, […]

Decision Making: How To Make the Right Choice

Today’s lesson is one of activation. Being able to trust yourself and move forward into a superior move. What does this mean? It means making an empowered decision aligned with your true Source Force. This means a decision that isn’t about walking around the block metaphorically 50 times to try to cross the road. You […]

Decision Making: You Are A Powerful Creator

This is a BIG lesson today. It’s a REAL lesson about manifestation. In this session, the third of series six, Empowered Decisions, things get really juicy and exciting. We’ve laid the groundwork in session one of this series so that you can move into listening to your inner guidance and making fearless decisions as a […]

Aligning with Your Inner Power: Manifesting Your Own Security

In a world that often feels uncertain and unpredictable, many find themselves seeking security and stability from outside sources – people, places, and things that we become dependent on to provide direction and protection. However, what if I told you that true security comes from within? It’s true– you are ultimately responsible for your own […]

How To Know You Can Survive and Thrive On Your Own

In this second session of Series 6, Empowered Decisions, we explore how to feel empowered enough to make the right decisions in challenging times. In a world that often feels uncertain and unpredictable, many seek security and stability from outside sources – people, places, and things we depend on to provide direction and protection. However, […]

How To Make Fearless Decisions

This is our first session of Series Six—Empowered Decisions, where you will align with the ability to make fearless decisions. These are not reckless choices but rather inspired and guided ones. This session delved deep into the transformative power of making courageous choices aligned with your soul’s truth. Now more than ever, people are faced […]

Ascension & How To Step Into and Spread The Light

  Series 5 is about working through present ascension symptoms on Planet Earth. Feeling exhausted, having aches and pains, and crazy dreams … plus much more.  This time is an accentuated time of shifting frequency. It’s intense; many people are reporting heightened anxiety,  old memories resurfacing, feelings of shame and self-doubt, as well as all […]

Ascension & How To Assimilate Light Codes

  Today’s session is about allowing the Higher Self to step in, quiet the mind, grant peace and calm, and illuminate your path. In this transformation session, you can move beyond the “small” self who feels stuck in depression, non-action, and “same old” struggles into an activated Higher Self who feels better and does better […]

Ascension & Caring For Your Physical Body

  Last week, in Series 5, “Integrating Incoming Ascension Energies,” we worked on preparing for Light Codes, meaning emotionally and spiritually coming into alignment to let these Higher Frequencies in. Many of you reported that this was the most powerful Quantum Freedom Healing™ session you’ve ever had. We will now start working on the physical […]