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What, In The World, Will You Do Without Obsessing?

In our final day of our 5-day challenge, I want you to know that it has been such a pleasure connecting with you in this way. I am in awe of your growth, how so many of you have had incredible breakthroughs with the Speedy Shifts and witnessing what this has meant in your life. […]

Healing The Addictions Making You Obsess

  Today, we talk about addictions. How they make you obsess, and how they separate you from your Highest and Best Life. How do addictions sneak up and grab you? How does your mind trick you into reaching for an addiction in times of stress? How can you short-circuit this vicious cycle and come home […]

Who Are You Without Your Obsessive Mind?

Have you ever experienced this: You obsess about a problem and do everything you can to solve it, but as much as you think about it and explore all the options, nothing changes? You may feel as though thinking about your problems is the only way to find the answers and heal your life. But […]

How Do Trauma Signature Patterns Imprison Your Mind?

  Are you feeling like your life is stuck in a rut? Do you find yourself obsessing over relationships, situations, and the past? It’s time to break free from the imprisonment of your mind and take back your power. Dissolving trauma signatures that imprison your mind is one of the most powerful tools for finding […]

Where Do Obsessive Thoughts REALLY Come From?

Are you overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts you simply can’t let go of? You’ve tried therapy, numbing out, and more – but the thoughts just won’t go away. If this is the case, I’m here to help. Throughout this 5-Day Challenge, I will share the step-by-step recipe to end obsessive thoughts – forever. Today, I’ll walk […]