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Non-Accountability: Destroyer Of Relationships

Non-accountability devastates relationships, and narcissists use this toxic defence mechanism to abuse you. Accountability is essential for relationships to function. A happy, functional relationship is impossible without it. But narcissists suffer from toxic shame and have fragile self-esteem. They fear being wrong and will do whatever it takes to avoid scrutiny from others, including gaslighting, […]

Emotional Invalidation In Relationships: How To End The Cycle

  Today I want to talk about invalidation and how it destroys relationships. This applies to intimate relationships and also is damaging for family members, friendships and in business associations. Invalidation is one of the key weapons narcissistic people use to maintain significance and superiority over others.   What Is Invalidation? Invalidation is dismissing someone […]

Flying Monkeys – The Minions Narcissists Use To Do Their Bidding

Abuse by proxy (using other people to abuse us) is a such a common tactic of narcissists that most people in our community will know the term ‘Flying Monkeys’ – a phrase from the Wizard of Oz used to describe the narcissist’s minions. I know first-hand the horror of not only having to deal with […]

The Narcissist’s New Supply: Do They Have Something You Don’t?

Today’s article is about one of the most painful things that can ever happen at the hands of a narcissist. Being replaced by new supply. As if that isn’t bad enough – what if she or he is young and attractive? Or accomplished and wealthy? Maybe all of the above? In other words, the new […]

Missing The Good Times With The Narcissist?

One of the things that makes it so incredibly difficult to move on from the narcissist is the haunting memories of the good times – because no one can show you a good time like a narcissist! This could be especially surprising if you were the one to end the relationship. Rationally, you know that […]

Taking Back Power In Chaotic Times

As you know there are many challenges for us homo sapiens right now. Times are chaotic and uncertain. I believe we are going through a powerful time of ‘baptism by fire’. Things always look darkest before dawn breaks and I know we are going to emerge in the Light… but how can we look after [...]

These Apocalyptic Narcissistic Times – Are You Traumatised By Them?

How crazy are things right now in the world? Cray-cray – TOTALLY crazy! Events, situations, people… everything is turned upside down and inside out. I really wanted to speak to this in today’s Thriver TV, and what I’m sharing is soooooo relevant to our wonderful Community, because it relates directly to narcissism – personally and […]

Gaslighting – How Dangerous Is It?

You have probably heard the term ‘gaslighting’, and know it is a confusing and manipulative form of abuse. In today’s Thriver TV episode, I want to go deeply into just how damaging it is. Gaslighting is so much more than someone trying to be ‘right’ and make you ‘wrong’. Or even having a skewed reality […]

The Mysterious Power Of Narcissists

How do narcissists pull it off? You may meet one, and every morsel of your being recoils. Yet later, you feel drawn to and even attracted to this person. Have you heard the story of the Alabama corrections officer who fell in love with a narcissistic inmate and helped plan his escape? Maybe you know […]