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What Type Of Narcissist Are You Dealing With?

  Welcome to Thriver TV. Today, I want to talk about what type of narcissist that you are dealing with. Is it an overt narcissist or a covert narcissist? Is it a somatic narcissist? Is it an altruistic narcissist? Or maybe this is a person who has minor narcissistic tendencies, and there is some hope […]

How to Heal Persecution Programmes

FREEDOM from persecution is one of my favorite topics … ever! Persecution is deeply interconnected with all things NASTY that hold us back as human beings. Many of us who have been narcissistically abused have suffered the devastating and crippling effects of persecution programs. Today I want to talk about how our past human history […]

How To Stand In Your Power And Win Against Toxic People And Situations

  Welcome, Dear Thrivers, to our live session today on how to win against a toxic person or situation. This will also be going up on YouTube as a Thriver TV episode. I’m planning to release a new Thriver TV episode every week. Before we get into it, I just want to say thank you […]

Thriver Talk With Kristy

This is one of the most inspirational Thriver Talks I’ve EVER had! (If you have suffered INTENSE abuse, I highly recommend reading and viewing.) This talk was so pivotal because many people in our wonderful community are still hurting a lot at the hands of a narcissist. And … I know because I was once […]

Thriver Talks Special : Thriver Talks With Lorraine

  Today, I’m sharing with you an incredibly important Thriver Talk with Lorraine. Lorraine is inspirational. She has been out of her narcissistic relationship for only 4 ½ months and is Thriving! She feels great, she looks great, and she is the happiest she can remember being. You may ask, are you sure she was […]

Thriver TV Special : Thriver Talk With Anita

I’m so delighted to introduce Anita, one of the bravest and strongest members of our Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. I have known Anita for a couple of years now, as a student of mine as well as a program member. It has been an absolute honor and joy to witness her journey through the incredible […]

Thriver TV Special – THRIVER Talk with Lindsay

  Like Lindsay, maybe you’re dealing with difficult circumstances that leave you feeling stuck or helpless, and you don’t know how to make it stop. Maybe you have felt the conflict between what you outwardly show and your innermost reality. The good news is that it is never too late to shift things. No matter […]

Thriver Talks Special: Healing Financial Prosperity After Abuse

Imagine finding true financial freedom after leaving behind a toxic relationship that left you traumatized, sick, and barely functioning. This is exactly what Kami, a Thriver Community member, experienced after working on her inner self with Quanta Freedom Healing™. Inspired by nature, Kami found her calling as an artist and now sells her stunning, intuitively […]