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6 Steps to Achieve Your Soul Tribe and Soulmate

This week I have something different and extra for you! As well as a Thriver Article, I wanted to share a compilation of all six of my recent YouTube ‘Journey To Love’ videos. It’s a great chance to catch up on any that you missed. The Thriver Article is a companion piece to the video, […]

The Difference Between Toxic and Healthy Relationships

I’d love to wish you and your family a Happy Thriver Easter, and hope that this is a lovely time for you to connect to the important relationships in your life! Today’s topic is very important because there is great confusion around what IS a healthy relationship. Many of us never knew! Also, it can [...]

Narcissistic Abuse and Attachment Styles

Have you heard about different attachment styles? Having a secure attachment style makes it easier to choose and maintain stable and healthy relationships, so in this latest Thriver TV episode I want to talk about why we can be trapped in anxious or avoidant attachment styles – unless we turn within to heal. I also […]

How To Manifest Conscious Love

Today’s article is especially important, because relationships are under great strain at the moment. I’ve been writing about this is one way or another for the last couple of weeks. I now want to have a deeper conversation with you about trauma, energy levels, how dense energy trapped in our Inner Being plays havoc on [...]

The Difference Between Empaths & Co-dependents

It’s an oft-repeated myth that being an empath automatically means you attract narcissists or are vulnerable to abuse. This can leave survivors of abuse feeling powerless, because they have no desire to change if it means losing their sensitivity to the emotions of others and their empathy. So in this week’s Thriver TV episode I […]

Do You Feel Unloved At Holiday Time?

Holiday season can be the most painful time of year for people – because traditionally it is exactly when we are supposed to be connected, loving and loved with family, friends and hopefully an intimate other. I remember in my past feeling so empty, worthless and discarded that I didn’t want to live. All I [...]

6 Steps To Manifesting Safe & Healthy Love After Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic love is so painful. And when you escape narcissistic love there can still be great trepidation about trying to be in a love relationship again. I understand … so much. I was there too. I know many of you, like me, have done the inner work and then started to Thrive and flourish on [...]

How To Manifest The One – Finding Love After Narcissistic Abuse

I know after being narcissistically abused you may feel shocked, broken and literally terrified in regard to falling in love again. Who could blame you? Is there anything worse than having your heart and Soul devastated by someone after trying everything possible to love them? No there isn’t. However … I want to ask you […]

Do You Believe Real Love Can’t Happen For You?

Today I want to have a chat with you about LOVE. I want you to know that you CAN go from relationship disaster to incredible success after your narcissistic abuse experience. I also want you to know that even after the devastation, you CAN open your heart and love again. This is a very BIG [...]