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Quanta Freedom Empowered Self Course Released!

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Written By   Melanie Tonia Evans

Hi Everyone!

The new Quanta Freedom Empowered Self Course is now available!

For those of you who have emerged after narcissistic abuse – this is really exciting, because what I have put together in this Course is the next stage in your personal empowerment.

Let’s just reiterate what it is to recover, and emerge out the other side from narcissistic abuse.

This means:

  • You are no longer in the hooks and obsession toward the narcissist
  • You have committed to your own personal healing and empowerment to clean up the reasons why you attracted and sustained narcissistic abuse
  • You have been able to maintain No Contact or Modified Contact
  • You are looking forward to and can feel the expansiveness and desire to create your own life.

Many of the New Life and Empowered Love and Life community have reached this level of freedom, and this is why I was so passionate about creating and helping to facilitate the next step – so that you CAN truly claim the gift of narcissistic abuse – which is SO MUCH more than merely surviving it.

This is about thriving and reaching the levels of personal joy, freedom and creation that you have always wanted to live.

I certainly DO NOT subscribe to the idea that recovery from narcissistic abuse has to be a long drawn out affair – and that your life will always be limited and diminished as a result of what happened to you.

This has certainly not been my experience, and it hasn’t been many other people’s either – and this was not to do with ‘luck’, it was due to a deep commitment to work on ourself, heal ourself and become the change we wanted to experience in our life.

This is why I created The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program and the associated Quanta Freedom Healings which work deeply on your Inner Identity – and this is why many people are at this stage of claiming the next level of joy, creation of life and living authentically through their True Self.

You can read about the results of some of the thousands of people who have broken free with NARP already here:

Now back to this exciting new stage – the Quanta Freedom Empowered Self Course.

What is great about this Course is that it has NOTHING to do with the narcissist – the yucky stuff is over!!


This Course (just like NARP) teaches you powerfully how to be your own healer, which is what true healing is all about.

You are a unique blend of ‘you’ – and the truth is your Inner Identify is yours, only you know (when you deeply become intimate with you) what your blocks are, what your limiting beliefs are, the reasons they got implanted there in the first place, and you are the only person who can decide to embrace these limiting beliefs with full self-ownership, shift these beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will work for you in life.

It’s important to understand that if we never get to the root cause of our less than beliefs, they remain firmly fixed in our life and they will keep playing out to the letter regardless of what we try to do to reason or think our way out of painful patterns.

Some people can beat ‘the system’ with logical processes but in my experience as a healer, as well as personally, and with thousands of other people – this is very rare and more often than not is the long and painful way around with very ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ results.

Usually the best possible results with cognitive information are simply the management of symptoms and certainly not true healing of the root cause of the pain.

Our inner belief systems were not created from ‘logical ‘ events, they were created from emotional events, and we need to meet and heal at this level of inner consciousness in order to have a true and direct healing impact.

This was what was so incredible about the 30 Days to Empowered Self – witnessing so many of you deeply claiming your inner selves, embracing without resistance your unconscious belief systems, bringing them to the light by making them conscious and dissolving the powerful hold that they once had over you.

What is really powerful and effective about the QF Empowered Self Course is that it is a deep journaling journey to find and claim your unhealed parts.

Additionally there is a Quanta Freedom Healing Module connected with each of the 10 journaling Modules which grants you the ability to directly target your Inner Identity to release and heal the limiting beliefs you will identify, and replace them with the authentic beliefs that will empower and serve you.

For those of you who have been using Quanta Freedom Healing in NARP, or with me as a personal client – you know how powerful it is, and how it can produce dramatic and life changing results in a very short time frame.

This Course will take you into an even deeper and more empowered journey of self – as you will expand on your knowledge of Quanta Freedom Healing, discover how to connect to it more deeply, and learn how to incorporate muscle testing with it.

This will greatly expand the application of Quanta Freedom Healing in every area of your life.

Now I am going to cover each module of the QF Empowered Self Course to give you a summary of what you can expect in the Course.


Module 1 – Becoming Love, Approval and Fullness to Myself

In this Module you will learn about Ultimate Realities as opposed to standard human realities, and how our belief systems have been set up to disconnect us from ourselves, rather than come home to ourself.

This Module sets you up to be in the flow of life – to know how to operate and create from Oneness and being ‘full’ within yourself.

This first Module takes you on a journey of Energetic Reality – to understand how the Laws of Life work – and how to create from this level – in order to achieve authentic results.

You will find your limiting beliefs in this Module which have kept you separated from ‘life’ as well as the beliefs that have kept you stuck in fearful thoughts, rather than be connected to your knowing and flow with life.

You will be astounded how much this makes sense in regard to why fear and pain has been running your life – and it will activate a deep knowing within you as to how to move towards your True Self state which is – ‘at one with life’.

This Module also deeply explains how our belief systems play out – and you will understand why you have repeat occurrences in your life which don’t served you – and how to start turning these patterns around.

During the 18 Exercises in this Module you will be able to identify many of the limiting beliefs which have kept you stuck in painful human perceptions – and you have the ability to release and transform these beliefs with the accompanying Quanta Freedom Healing.

The first Healing Module is all about removing resistance to being self-love, self-acceptance and inner ‘fullness’ so as to align you with this essential foundation to build authentic power on.

A conscious empowered life totally begin with self-love, and self-approval and this Module sets that up for you!

Which then leads us to the next step in Module 2…


Module 2 – Creating Trust and Belief in Myself

We looked at some of the content in this Module in the 30 Days to Empowered Self, regarding creating self-integrity and deservedness.

This next step is the build-on to the foundation of self-love, self-acceptance and creating ‘fullness’.

Trusting ourselves means that we have the ability to trust our creations, back ourselves, promote ourselves, and support ourselves emotionally and practically in order to expand into life with true confidence, joy and inspiration.

This is done by deeply identifying the areas where we have not been aligned with deservedness (which means regardless of what we ‘try to think’ our inner painful beliefs still take over) – and how if we don’t have a solid personal integrity with self, we don’t have the ability to trust and partner with other people or life, as a result of our own deficient self-partnering.

This is a fascinating journey when we discover where we are not partnering ourselves effectively – why this has been creating ‘less than ‘ results in our life – and how we can clean this up.

There are 7 specific exercises in this Module including muscle testing which will allow you to understand what your inner belief systems really are on the topics of deservedness and your personal integrity.

Once discovering your belief systems which are not aligned with supporting, believing and trusting yourself, you then have the ability to heal and transform those beliefs with the use of the accompanying Quanta Freedom Healing.

It is such an incredible burst of confidence, joy and expansion when you are aligned with integrity and trust for yourself!

Which then takes us to the next stage in Module 3…


Module 3 – Releasing My Co-dependent Tendencies

Once you have created an alignment with partnering yourself, the next stage is to release your co-dependent tendencies.

This turns life around from the compulsion to seek external power (which always renders us powerless and empty) to creating authentic power instead – which creates you as being in your true power (full, fulfilled and effective in life).

We looked at co-dependency in the 30 Days to Empowered Self, and this Module takes the journey to a much deeper level. There are 16 deep and powerful exercises in this Module to achieve this.

Within this Module you will clearly identify how you have been handing over your power in ways which have not benefitted you or others, and why you have been playing out these patterns.

By identifying ‘why’ you will start loosening up the beliefs that were keeping you stuck, and you will identify your specific areas to target with the Quanta Freedom Healing. The healing component is specifically designed to heal these areas and deliver you back to your True Self state on these topics.

By shifting these areas of your life at an Inner Identity level you will find out how ‘natural’ it is to drop the co-dependent tendencies, and stop unhealthy enmeshments which have left you depleted, in pain and even abused.

By making these powerful inner shifts you will discover how empowering and natural it is to work with life and others in win / win ways, whilst honouring your truth and deservedness.

Turning around the co-dependent patterns in your life will be an incredible revelation, freedom and joy to you – and you will be astounded at how much better your life gets as a result. You will wonder how you ever used to survive and operate the way you used to.

The Co-dependency Module is very exciting, and you will be amazed at the results!

Which then leads us to the next level in Module 4…


Module 4 – Aligning With My Declaration of Self

Now that you have been able to turn around co-dependent behaviours and get more into your truth and personal power, it is time to create ‘who you want to be and what you want to experience in life’..

This Module expands much further on the Declaration of Self which was part of the 30 Day Challenge. The journey goes deeply into the differences between ego and True Self, and how to dissolve ego patterns in order to become real, authentic and create effective results.

During this Module you will learn how your emotions are your true personal navigator and how to know when you are operating from an authentic self – or when you are attached to your ego.

By learning how to dissolve your ego, and self-master your emotions you will stop attaching to and creating more fear and pain, and move further and further into creating love, joy and truth.

There are 13 specific exercises in this particular Module to help you achieve this, as well as the accompanying Quanta Freedom Healing which will align you with all of your 10 chosen Declarations of Self.

The peace and solidness of becoming Who You Wish To Be is incredibly powerful!

Which then leads on to Module 5…


Module 5 – Valuing Myself and Allowing Others to Be Themselves

After establishing a firm sense of self, by embodying values and creating our own integrity from a powerful foundation and inner centre – it’s time to know how to connect healthily with others.

This is what interdependency is all about.

Within this Module you will undergo a deep journey of investigating the pain and the struggles you may have experienced in your personal relationships.

During this Module you will learn how to honour yourself, stay in your centre, connect lovingly, and feel like you are not being ‘taken over’ by others, whilst allowing them to be themselves.

Within this Module you will go deeply into unhealthy expectations, how they may be sabotaging you, and the reasons why you may not be communicating honesty and authentically with others in order to get your needs met.

There are 22 specific exercises to help you get this right!

The deep charges of pain and fear associated with your personal relationships can be cleared with the associated Quanta Freedom Healing so that you will be able to naturally flow with people, be authentic, encourage them to be authentic, and experience truly healthy and real relationships.

It is very exciting when we clean up the fears which have made it so hard to be genuinely and intimately connected with others.

You will love the results of this Module, and you will see positive changes occur very quickly in your relationships present and future!

Which leads us forward and on to Module 6…


Module 6 – Releasing the Fear of Laying Boundaries

Boundaries are everything – and this Module is the first of 3 full Modules in this Course which deal with boundaries!

That is how important the topic of boundaries is!

During this Module you will learn all about boundaries, what they are, why we need them and why you deserve to have them in your life, and what happens to your life when your boundaries are non-existent or ineffective.

You will also investigate and discover exactly how and where your boundaries have let you down – and recognise your associated fear and pain stopping you from creating and implementing healthy boundaries.

This is a deep inner journey of learning about the three states of interaction with life which can be chosen – self-absorption, martyrdom or self-responsibility – and how these relate to boundary-setting. By studying this you will identify in what ways you may be struggling to create healthy boundaries.

Within this Module you will also do an inventory on how your childhood programmed you a certain way in regard to boundaries.

You will find out within the 16 specific exercises in this Module what your blocks and fears have been in regard to setting boundaries, and you will be able to clear these fears when using the accompanying Quanta Freedom Healing.

Then as a result of knowing you deserve to have boundaries and being able to lose the confusion, fear and guilt of setting boundaries you will move on to Module 7…


Module 7 – Aligning With What I Will Accept In My Life

In this Module you get to define very clearly what you will no longer accept in your life. It is essential to know your limits and to really delve deeply into the fears and pain which caused you to allow abuse in your previous life experiences.

In this Module you will learn how to heal and tighten up, so you will never experience deal-breaking abuse again.

Within this Module you will also learn about beliefs of lack and limitations which have allowed you to experience abuse because of the fear there may be not be anything better, or that you don’t deserve any better.

The 16 exercises in this lesson backed with the Quanta Freedom Healing Module will allow you to truly take back your power – and eliminate powerlessness and abuse from your life.

Within the Quanta Freedom Healing component you will be able to release and transform every associated belief of lack, fear and pain in order to clean up every previous abuse situation you used to tolerate. This means there will no longer be any part of your Inner Identity matching or allowing this abuse to continue.

I truly can’t emphasise how powerful and important this Module is in your life – especially for those people who have been narcissistically abused, and never want to experience this EVER again!

Can you imagine how safe, and powerful you will feel in life when you have cleaned this up?

Truly you will know what I mean when you do!

Then we bring all of the boundary work together in Module 8…


Module 8 – Becoming an Effective Boundary Setter

Now that you have identified where your boundaries are deficient, why you haven’t been enforcing them and what you will never live through again – it is time to learn the five empowered steps of setting clear boundaries.

Within this Module you will learn these steps, and find out which parts of the steps you struggle to be aligned with, and with the help of the 12 exercises in this Module you will identify where your weaknesses lie.

With the use of the accompanying Quanta Freedom Healing you will be able to clean up each step of boundary setting that has any fear or resistance with it, so that you will be able to flow forward into setting boundaries powerfully and naturally.

Then you will be an effective boundary setter – clear, calm and solid!

As a result of these last three Modules – number 6 to 8 – truly you won’t know yourself!

Then we move forward into Module 9…


Module 9 – Releasing Self Sabotage

This Module is to do with a phenomenon that can occur when we start creating our True and Authentic self.

Most people know what the term-self sabotage means.

It means we try to be and create a new way of being – yet we simply can’t stick at it, and we keep defaulting back to old patterns.

Another aspect of self-sabotage may be when we have made it. We may have broken through and be ‘settled’ in this new relationship, wonderful career and maybe we have lost 10 kilos and have been fit and healthy for over a year, and then all of a sudden we seem to fall back into our old patterns, or even have  a ‘blow-out’ that destroys our new found success.

Self-sabotage quite simply is a disowned fearful and powerless inner part that we have ‘missed’ in our healing journey. This Module is about finding these parts and embracing and transforming them rather than allowing them to remain, causing us to sabotage ourselves.

Our old personality (which represents our repeat patterns of unhealed parts and our associated painful emotional insecurities) can re-emerge if we haven’t as yet embraced and accepted our disowned parts.

As a result of doing the 16 in-depth exercises in this Module you will find, support and integrate these unhealed parts so that they integrate with your True Self direction rather than continue to unconsciously sabotage you.

The accompanying Quanta Freedom Healing is a powerful way to check how integrated these parts are and then bring them home and into this integration energetically.

When you are an integrated self it is incredible how much less anxiety and resistance you carry, and how much easier your life flows!

It creates inner and outer freedom!

Now to the last lesson, Module 10…


Module 10 – Connecting to My Authentic Power

In this last Module, you will re-trace what you have learn in the Course, and tap into 13 specific questions to see what you have been able to shift and integrate and what you still may need to focus on.

The Quanta Freedom Healing with this Module is an energetic shifting tool to connect you more to your true Authentic Power by clearing the resistance that you have in the way of this goal.

This healing can also be used with the specific blocks you know you still need to release (as identified in Module 10), and with any resistance that comes up for you in regard to claiming your true Authentic Power whilst doing the healing.

Marianne Williamson once quoted that our biggest fear is claiming our True Power, and in many ways this is true – that there is a part of us which struggles with the worthiness of achieving it.

This healing Module will help you clear these blocks so that you can be aligned with truth, love, Oneness, and connection to all of life by being in your authentic power.

This is a powerful and amazing healing, and you will love the feeling of the results!


So that is the Course…. I am so excited about the results I know it will bring to your life, more powerfully and directly than you could have ever dreamed possible.

This Course is a life resource that you can continually go back to over and over again, and the healing Modules are always there to re-visit if you find a new challenge comes up for you – and you need to heal and empower yourself some more.

I really don’t know if there is any other healing program that can powerfully target your inner self, and teach you incredibly how to empower and partner yourself like this one does.

This resource is an incredibly affordable investment to create your dream life – and because I truly believe in this Course so much you have 60 days to trial it and if it is not what you believe it to be, you can keep the entire Course including all the healings and receive a full money back guarantee no questions asked.

So if you are past the narcissist and now you really want to claim your authentic power and unlock your True Self – now you can!

Click here to claim the gift of narcissistic abuse and start living the life of your dreams now!

If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Course please post them in the comments below and I will answer them directly.


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Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert. She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie's healing and teaching methods have liberated thousands of people from the effects of narcissistic abuse world-wide.

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39 Thoughts on Quanta Freedom Empowered Self Course Released!
    March 12, 2013

    Hi Melanie,
    Congratulations on the release of this fantastic course today! A wonderful new resource here.
    As you know I did the Course when it was just the Written modules and found it life changing and life affirming to the ultimate degree.
    It can only be more powerful with the Quanta modules as well!

    Congratulations also to the competition winners.!!
    It was exciting today to get the newsletter today.
    It has been just amazing the 30 day challenge and thank you so much to everyone who posted and shared their experiences.
    We are all teachers and students in Life School and I have learned so much from what everyone has shared here over the past 30 days as well as your own loving responses and insights to each post.
    Thank you everybody , it has been a time of wonderful community. And lots of fun!
    Thanks and love to you and everyone here.
    Val xxx

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    March 12, 2013

    Hi Val,

    thank you very much, and it is lovely to have your post!

    It is so nice to be able to grant some of the people who put so much effort into the 30 Day Challenge their free Course!

    Its been lovely to see many of the people who I have worked with in NARP previously order this Course today – and knowing they are moving forward to the next level of joy and freedom 🙂

    Is it really hot there in Tassie?

    We are sweltering here in Melbourne (hottest weather on record) even despite airconditioning…In my two story place it is only upstairs and barely relieving the office now!

    Mel xo

    March 13, 2013

    Hi Mel,
    It is much cooler here in Tassie thankfully! I love Autumn and embrace the beauty and peace of this time. This course looks amazing and I have a way to go with NARP first, but will look forward to this after I am ready to purchase. Is there a way to pay it off monthly? I found doing that with NARP easier for me.

    Hi to Val above! I am looking forward to meeting you dear lady, when we are ready, it will be a wonderful time for us.

    I am yet to read this article in full, but focusing my energy on healing. Still have a way to go and it has been a trying time for me, in my new place, but I am accepting the gifts and transforming them into something positive.

    Love to you both, Mel and Val.

    Jac, (Tassie, the place to be) <3 xxx

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 13, 2013

      Hi Jac,

      Yay we have just had our first cool day for ages – it is wonderful! So Tassie did not get the heat wave?

      I bet the landscape there is absolutely glorious this time of year…

      We are just starting to consider monthly payments that may be avaliable after the special offer discount.

      It will be lovely when you two connect – I wish I was in Tassie to be there as well 🙂

      Keep healing sweetie – and yes the gift absolutely does appear – always!

      Lots of love..

      Mel xo

      March 13, 2013

      Hi Jac,
      Love to you sweetheart, so lovely to find you here tonight! Yes time we met in person, already feel as though we have a close connection with our love of animals and shared experiences in Narcsville!
      Will Dawn reappear after going AWOL from here Jac?

        March 14, 2013

        Dear Val, Not sure where Dawn is, and I hope she is ok. Haven’t heard from her in a while. Yes our love of animals is shared and strong, plus the gifts we have received from ‘Narcville’ lol! are to be healed. We have great energy and enough love to be able to do kick the bad energy and them to ‘Planet Narc!’

        Excited about the new course, but more to do with NARP first. Something else to look forward to and I know it will be a great addition to NARP. Quanta freedom healing is so incredible and i can’t put into words how good it is. I just wish a couple of my family members and a friend who is living with a husband who has her running around like a mother would look after a child, could discover the gifts presented to her also. That is their journey though, but I wish her well.

        (((hug)))and love from your close neighbour! xxx

    March 13, 2013

    To add Mel, can I do the 30 day challenge now it has passed? I want to keep working with NARP first to clear everything possible related to him and then want to do the challenge or purchase the new course. What do you suggest? I have made huge progress, but can’t seem to digest too much. xx

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    March 13, 2013


    if you can do the new Course (when the time is right) it is much more detailed than the 30 Day challenge and has incredible healing shifts to clear resistance with it…

    That would be the more empowered way to go.

    Mel xo

      March 13, 2013

      Ok, thanks Mel, I will dive into the new course when I have cleared more relating to Narc abuse. I will do a personal one on one with you in time, as there are some things I just can’t find answers too and my nervous system needs some repair, which I need help with healing. NARP has literally saved my life, along with your guidance, love and support. I can’t do it on my own and need the support still. It has only been a year and a few months, but find the addiction to some aspects of narc abuse still finds me.

      Tassie has had a massive heatwave, especially up North West where I am, with over 30deg for 8 days running. The nights have been suffocating. It is now cooler, but still in the high 20’s. It really is spectacular here in Autumn. The wind is so strong today, if I sat on my magic carpet and opened the door, then I would be airlifted over to the other side of the world!

      I know you would be loving your new home and I am shifting toward finding a new home that is right for me very soon. This one has handed me some life changing gifts, and I am glad I have learnt to recognise them as gifts, or in main stream terms, they would be impossible to see as anything positive for change. Quanta freedom, truly is amazing!

      Thanks dear lady, and I will keep healing. xxx

      • Melanie Tonia Evans
        March 14, 2013

        Hi Jac,

        Also remember re ‘what you are stuck on’ maybe a simple tweak I can pick up on and direct you to – if you email me….Sometimes that is all it may not need a personal session with me – but of course I’d love to help if you do!

        Ok so you did get the heatwave – makes sense (why wouldn’t you lol!) was incredible here too how hot the nights were. I’m really close to the beach, and some nights there was barely even the slightest breeze!

        I bet you are enjoying the relief of the cooler nights too!

        I do love my new place…it is amazing, and the energy divine…I’m sorry your place hasn’t worked out as you expected, however as you know there truly is the gift in all of it…and that gift will appear.

        You are so welcome darling.

        Mel xo

          March 14, 2013

          I get a bit confused with the gifts, whether they are gifts or not, or just attraction to some more bad energy or ‘beings’ that are not like us. Even with not charging on anything negative, it still presents itself. My little place was peaceful, healing and it had good energy around it, until the new neighbours moved in, who have now taken over the entire area, with the noise horrific and now there is no privacy. Even with my new tolerance levels, better understanding of not letting the outside world destroy my inner peace, and up holding my boundaries, I have trouble switching it off.

          Glad you are happy in your home and that makes me smile, feeling good for you as you deserve a beautiful life. Being near the beach is divine and something about the healing of the ocean. I once lived near the beach and ‘relunctently’ left my place there to live with my first narc! Had to though to find the gift! right? 🙂 Is that your sink in lovely couch and fluffy cushions on your last video? gorgeous! Love to you,kitty and all those dear to you x

          I will email you for some direction. It will be from a new email, so I hope you receive it ok. xx Jac

          • Melanie Tonia Evans
            March 15, 2013

            Hi Jac,

            I have you email so I will be on to it shortly! I can definetely see what you can work on – so there is absolutely hope!

            It is lovely here, beautiful very peaceful spot – perfect! Beach walks are divine each morning. Yes that is my upstairs filming area…downstairs is even comfier and a lovely outlook. My Mum bless her heart talked me into the fluffy ‘strandy’ cushions and I love them!

            Big love to you too, and we’ll get you sorted soon!

            Mel xo

    Rozanne Skriker
    March 13, 2013

    I am truly so very excited about this course. I am at a stage of my healing where I have accessed a very deep fear and limiting belief. The fight is now only about me, myself and I. I am literally in a space where I get to stand in my light and and shine for me. The remaining fears I have started way before my Narc experience and I see how those fears kept him in my energy field and therefore there is no turning back for me. I bravely want to move through further . This morning I feel like another deep prayer has been answered just like when I came across Melanie at a very low point in July last year. This time I am an another very crucial point where I am manifesting a new home, a new business, total financial freedom after being solely dependent on the Narc for 14 yrs and being a healing energy for my son to move into. Therse all fill big for me and I plan to do whatever I can today to have the means to give this gift to myself. I see no other way to be able to s

    Rozanne Skriker
    March 13, 2013

    I pressed enter too soon. I see no other way to successfully reach these amazing goals I have. I know now that they are possible and I have been offered more incredible tools. I am deeply grateful for this.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 14, 2013

      Hi Rozanne,

      that is lovely that you are looking forward to the ‘next stage’ of working with these new QF Healings.

      It is perfect timing in your life with all of these new changes…absolutely! It will help so much 🙂

      Mel xo

    Deanna Bender
    March 13, 2013

    I am so excited to begin this new program. I have been doing the NARP and following your FB page and radio shows since last June when I searched the internet in desperation to learn more about narcism and how to deal with the incredible pain I was going through. Since then I have been able to sustain no contact and really feel free from the obsession and addiction. My divorce is final and I am ready to begin a complete and genuine life. I’ve been searching for more direction, as I know instinctively that there is so much more that I need to do to heal myself so that I can live my life in confidence and freedom from false beliefs that I have accumulated over my life-time. This new program is an answer to prayer. Lately I have felt like I’ve needed to go deeper, but was not sure how to go about that. I now feel that I can begin another crucial step in my growing process as a healthy, content and complete person. I started module one today and this is exactly what I have been waiting for! Thank you Melanie, once again for opening this doorway for us all.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 14, 2013

      Hi Deanna,

      It has been wonderful to see your progress in the NARC Group since last June and the dedication you have shown on working on your inner self with NARP, and how far you have come from where you were.

      I am so glad the timing is great for you – because YAY!! now it is all about moving forward and creating joyously and powerfully, and you are in the perfect position (after doing the essential abuse recovery work) to do this.

      That is exciting!

      You are so welcome Deanna!

      Mel xo

    March 13, 2013

    Hi Everyone,
    Lovely inspired energy here with the new course
    And people goal setting and visualizing..
    Rozanne and Deanna, so beautiful to hear that great energy happening!
    Yes it has been super hot here in Tasmania, as Jac said, just as in your city Mel.
    Millie, my little Pomeranian, is exhausted from it!
    Jac, you will love the new course.
    It’s fun and truly inspiring once you get started.
    You have worked so hard at Narp ; and Narp is more like hard work because of the distress we are usually in at that time.
    Mel I am now a certified Angel Tarot Card Reader!
    Yay! Have started my Advanced Course , also with Doreen and Radleigh.
    During the course, Doreen set up a Certified Angel Card Reader page for participants to share and practice together. It is fantastic resource , great addition to the course.
    Wondering if people might enjoy having a similar page for the Self Empowerment Course..?
    Just as you set up the Narc Recovery Group page which has a life of its own and is a great support ….
    Love to you Melanie, Jac and everyone here beginning an exciting new journey. Xxxx

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 14, 2013

      Hi Val,

      It is very true that NARP is a slog – a necessary one, and one where we had to dig deep to heal…but of course the results are SO worth it..

      And that effort and ‘getting out of jail’ (pain / fear/ obsession / hooks / abuse) grants the freedom to take on the next stage…

      This next level, is nowhere near so much about recovering from the pain, it is about the fascination of WHY we are stuck, how to release that and then create and flow forward joyously!!

      Val that is so marvellous – I am SO thrilled for you – I know this was a deeply desired goal for you – how beautiful!

      Hmmm I will have to think about that – it may be possible in the new narc support forum – because there will be a great deal of focus on creation, positivity and really claiming spectacular lives, so it may be possible!

      Lots of love to you too Val 🙂

      Mel xo

        March 14, 2013

        Thank you Mel!
        It was you who led me to the Angel Tarot remember?
        someone invited you to speak at a Ted event Mel;
        Just wondering what that is?
        Hope you have a cooler evening for sleep as we do.
        Little Millie needs to catch up on her beauty sleep!
        Like all redheads, she is not partial to heat waves!
        Val xxx

        • Melanie Tonia Evans
          March 15, 2013

          Hi Val,

          yes I do remember, and I am so pleased you have followed your heart…

          The nights have been cooler, which is lovely – the 20’s is a nice change from high 30’s every day!

          I myself are discovering more about TED…you can google to see!

          I bet Milly is releived!

          Mel xo

      March 14, 2013

      Dear Val, I am very interested in having my cards read, it would be an enlightening and wonderful experience 🙂

      I am keeping on this new journey and clearing the obstacles along the way. Sometimes I trip over them and fall flat on my face, but realise hey! that is another gift, so find out what it is about and continue the journey.

      Sleep well Val. Love to you and your fur family. xx

    March 13, 2013

    Dear Mel
    Had there been a waiting list for the new course, I would have been on it! I purchased it right away and started last night (European time). While NARP has saved my life (truly, literally!!!!!), this course will make it flourish. Now that I have reached a good level inner peace, the work within the new course seems a bit easier too, all the trauma gone, only me left to work with. I am so excited. I will post on my experiences down the road. Thanks so much again. And Mel, we need you to speak at a TEDx event soon. Your knowledge and understanding are too important not to be known to the world. Christine, Switzerland

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 14, 2013

      Hi Christine,

      I saw that you were one of the first to order the new Course – and I wasn’t suprised!

      I know how after your narc abuse experience you grabbed with both hands ‘I know I need to work on myself’ and dedicated to that with everything you had!

      Hence why your life has done such an incredible 180degree turn that has been breathtaking…totally equal to your efforts for yourself.

      It is SO wonderful with trauma healed (gone) to get on to the really delicious stuff!

      I am really open to TED for sure! Would love to.

      Bless 🙂

      Mel xo

        Christine, Switzerland
        March 19, 2013

        I finished the module today. In the beginning, it was a bit overwhelming, so many exercises……..I was tempted to take the shortcut, it does not work. So I did the exercises step by step and followed the detailed instructions of the healing session. It all falls into place, it has its inner coherent logic, I just let myself flow with Melanie’s voice. The effect was powerful. I ended up with a 9 out of 10. I have the same body sensations as in NARP, heaviness in the beginning, some nervous tension in my stomach area and finally, profound relief and lightness. Melanie, this course is a masterpiece. I will progress slowly and thoroughly through the modules now. It is so worth it. Thanks so much for creating it. As a Swiss person, I do not get enthusiastic easily, we are a pragmatic tribe, but with regards to QFH I am!

    March 14, 2013

    Good evening Mel, I had a nice walk this afternoon and did some QF clearing while on my lovely walk, which I sometimes do. It is good to be able to work with the energy around me (the good energy) and it helps with clearing. Found some of my answers I needed.

    I believe every issue can be turned around, once we let go of the pain and discomfort associated with it. I have learnt time and time again that the more we focus on a problem, the more we feel a negative energy associated with it, the more it presents itself and seems to get bigger. By realising and knowing we have no control over the outside world, the easier it is to let go and focus on a solution. There have been too many gifts showing up all at once for me but I will work on them one at a time.

    I feel this course would go hand in hand with NARP, creating a good balance between the two courses.

    Much love and hugs, from cool Tassie xx

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 15, 2013

      Hi Jac,

      I love that you do QFH whilst walking – I do too on my beach walks!It is so lovely to shift whilst with nature.

      Totally I agree absolutely that we have the power within us to create change – incredibly. And absolutely it is about releasing the pain of ‘what is’ and transforming into a higher and better vibration.

      We become the change we seek internally – and then the change manifests in our outer world…as a total reflecting back of ‘us’.

      It is a beautiful system and very real.

      What is so nice about this next step is we really get to clean up ‘US’ after breaking free from narc abuse and take it to a whole new experience of conscious co-creation (between us and life), as this is where the magic truly is.

      Mel xo

        March 15, 2013

        Interesting Mel I have not looked at ‘Self-sabotage’ and I think somehow I am doing just that, sub-consciously. I will look forward to receiving your email on some direction 🙂

        When walking I clear a lot as I am open and ‘awake’ enough to let the good energy fill my cells. When I am doing NARP at night just before sleep, I tend to get uncomfortable from being in the one position too long and often just fall asleep. To do QF on a walk, I have my iPhone in my hand and my safe zone is a force field around me (like a bubble) so the bad energy escapes through the top of the bubble and the sunlight and light comes down through the outer layer. The ‘aura’ or force field acts like a barrier to repel out the bad energy and if something comes along, or I pass someone who I feel a negative charge on, I say to myself ‘I am safe in this space, and the outside has no power over me or my feelings’. It works and I feel at ease more when passing a situation that makes me uncomfortable. It is not quite working in my backyard as the space in invaded by others, so I do have trouble being out there and comfortable.

        Lovely and warm today, in the mid 20’s, just right to go and try my new gym I am joining today. It is lovely and not too big, with beautiful layout that has very nice energy. It will be a new space I can go to and enjoy, relax and feel the workouts cleansing and strengthening my body. Yoga to finish is nice also.

        xx 😀

          March 15, 2013

          Just thought of a good way to look at a protective barrier, which could be something like the ‘protective invisible shield’ used around the ‘star ships’ from the Star Trek movie, to protect the bad energy and predators from entering the ship or vessel. I remember in one of your QF sessions, you mention about imagining yourself as a Vessel, that has a protective shield around it.

          hahaha! I am a star trek fan (although not obsessed) and as Spock says, ‘your human emotions are not logical’ how spot on is he! x

    March 15, 2013

    Well, this program could not have come at a better time. As usual, Melanie, your timing was perfect.

    I started working on NARP last October and combined with a few personal sessions with Melanie, I finally broke free over a month ago. I had a lot of heavy heavy energy I had to shift. I had been in survival mode my whole life, not just with my ex narc. I felt lighter in my body when it was all released, it felt like I lost 50 pounds, my body actually felt different. Things in my life started to open up and opportunities I have always wanted started coming my way.

    One of the opportunities I had was to move to a new city, which I did two weeks ago. The other morning I woke up and knew I had to figure out my job situation. I had a few great job offers, but for some reason I couldn’t commit or be motivated to start working again (I lost my previous job because of my ex narc relationship). I woke up and said to myself, “do I self-sabotage?”

    During the 30 day challenge I started working with muscle testing so I used this method to see if in fact I do self-sabotage, and sure enough it was a definite TRUTH. I realized that now that I am free from my ex-narc, I still have work to do on myself in regards to my own behavior that has negatively impacted all areas of my life.

    The day I realized I self-sabotage, Melanie released her new empowered self love program (perfect timing as I said before)and I started working on it right away. To my delightful surprise, there was a WHOLE SECTION dedicated to just self-sabotage! I was almost giddy to get going. I knew how much NARP changed my life, and that was really just in regards to my ex-narc, so I knew that a program that just solely focused on me will take my life to a place I never had imagined possible.

    I could write a whole book about all the amazing ‘coincidental’ opportunities that have come my way since working with Melanie and her programs, but the one I will share that has me the most proud is going to law school to become a lawyer. A dream I have had since I was a teenager but never thought I was good enough, smart enough or had the financial resources to go until now (I am in my 30’s)

    Melanie, I have said this to you before, and will say it again, there are no words good enough to describe just how grateful I am. You not only saved my life, you changed my life.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 15, 2013

      Hi GA,

      So often I mention how I love synchroniscity – and how it also works so well for the people in the community as well…

      Yay – I love that you are now opening up to and BECOMING your dreams! GA you deserve ever bit of this joy with life in every way…

      I am so pleased you are doing this next Course 🙂

      And I am so pleased that NARP and the healings have helped you so much!

      Mel 🙂

    March 15, 2013

    Hi Mel,
    I’m really excited about your new program although I know in my heart that I’m really not ready for it as yet. I am always going back and redoing your NARP program and there is so much still coming up and I really have so much work to do as my first Narc was my father who is almost a carbon copy of my present one.

    I have also started doing the 11/11 inner belief shift that I found in your past blogs. Using the affirmation of ‘I unconditionally love and respect myself’ The stuff I’m writing is honestly so surprising. 2 and a half years ago I stopped wearing makeup to work. No biggie. But the reason I stopped was because I was being tormented from the bathroom door of wanting to look good for my ‘other boyfriend’ or I was trying to land someone new and what was I trying to prove. He also rewrote my own history by telling me that I’d never worn it before. I’ve always worn it to work and putting on a bit of makeup was my way of putting my best foot forward when meeting and greeting the public, industry professionals and new clients. Day 5 of 11/11 and I am wearing my makeup to work again. It may not seem like much but I have really reconnected with the respect of my work position that involves reception work.

    Talk about baby steps, but I honestly am working very hard about reconnecting with myself and honouring who I am.

    Something else happened 2 weeks ago which I don’t know how to interpret. After a week away with the narc, in which he was on his very best behaviour with my daughter and husband we arrived home. Now one of his favorite pasttimes is to come into the bedroom, while I am asleep and start yelling abuse. I wake up gasping with incredible adreneline surges in my body and I always then try to calm myself and ignore his behaviour. But the day after we got home, I was exhausted and nodded off to sleep Sunday afternoon. I was asleep for 45 minutes when he came in and started bellowing at me from the side of the bed, called me freak in screaming tones and slammed the door on the way out. Adrenal surge into every part of my body. Thumping heart. But I got up and persued him. He was outside standing in his usual haunty way. I called him evil and that after 7 days of his best behaviour his mask had finally come off. I was so angry. He turned and walked toward me to disregard me like normal, trying to just push past me and I grabbed the front of his shirt and forced him back. He tried to close the sliding door to separate us and I put my leg in it and I swear I never felt a thing. I could have lifted a car. I am only 58kg. I roared at him that I am not prey in my house anymore. How dare he. How dare he.

    I got a stupid text apology the next day from him. ‘Sorry for being cranky’. But I didn’t wear that either. I told him again that I was no longer his prey and to nod off to sleep in my own home on a rainy Sunday afternoon is totally acceptable. His abuse is not.’ I think I scared him. I know I scared myself. But I felt the internal switch with the adreneline surge, which normally goes to flee, in this instance went to fight.

    I am hoping that this was a catalist for me to just not put up with the abuse anymore. I’m just not sure how I should interpret this. He did not exist to me for the following 7 days. The biggest problem is that he just wont leave and I know it will fall to me when I unhook the final hook.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      March 15, 2013

      Hi Madonna,

      it i so wonderful that you are dedicated to you and doing the inner work.

      This is so beuatiful that you are adirning you again – FOR YOU! Lovely that you are honouring you, because the truth is (that we all need to realise) unless we cherish , respect, unconditionally accept and appreciate ourself this cannot and will never be reflected back from ‘the outside’.

      Definteley this behaviour is unacceptable, and I am sure as you keep working through and going deeply into the reasons ‘why haven’t I shut the door completely’ you will find the pieces of you that are keeping the crack open. Once those are cleaned up you won’t.

      Hugs and keep going…

      Mel xo

    March 18, 2013

    On Creating the Life I want. I have a trust fund. I am not wealthy but it pays all my rent and expenses. I studied 9 years in college to develop a career and personal wealth. I started my career and after a year it was clear I was manifesting the type of abuse that happened in my family. My father the narcissist. My mother the co narcissist. My mother all during my childhood would use me to further her social interests. She treated us kids like strangers to use and abuse. Meanwhile her coworkers like family to be treated as royalty. When people would ask how I was she would pretend concern in a veil of “trying to help” and brag about me simultaneously to help herself and look better than me. Needless to say both parents made allot of money and did well socially. My brother killed himself. I moved 1000’s miles away. Women at my last place of employment pulled the same meneuvers. The clients that I was seeing knew all kinds of things about me that I would find out by verbal discourse. The clients would say things that let me “know” other therapist were bashing me in a guise of love and concern in order to compete. I have got to return to work it has been months but I am afraid to return because although using NARP I know I have a sign still on my back that says “use me for your own competitive needs”. I know I must be a source to myself and over twenty years have lived very far from my narc parents/dv narc ex and mean children that were alienated from me. This NC with family I feel leaves me wide open for attack by coworkers and people I try to make friends with. NC is not easy as I have zero family and when people pick up on that therein lies trouble. I want to manifest personal wealth. I don’t want to just survive on this trust. I worked with other therapist at my last place of employment that knew me from elsewhere and knew I had trust money. That information got around to everyone and my coworkers hated me for that. I have decided my next place of employment I will have to not try and make friends and keep my life very private in order to survive. Another form of NC. My line of work is very competitive and I am just panic stricken about getting back in and working. I have taken the time to educate myself and make something of my life but it still remains survival. Very disconcerting. Despite all the books and avenues I have tried to use for healing.

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    March 19, 2013

    Hi RLM,

    it is really important for all of us to understand – ‘there is no outside’, and what I mean by this is that every area of our life that we feel angst and pain and fear – because we do have the inner shift tool (QFH), we can go to the fear / pain and angst and shift it within ourself.

    That is where the only true change does happen.

    So therefore all of these blocks and fears that you are describing (which are very ‘normal’ and in fact anyone who has had your history would feel like this and experience life like this)- can be shifted within you – by taking them to a healing module and transforming that inner story within your subconscious (Inner Identity) which is continuing to play out emotionally and literally in your life.

    Then everything on ‘the outside’ will change for you.

    When we do have the ability to create inner transformational work, we don’t have to keep struggling, and trying to ‘beat’ the fear and the pain cognitively – which for our biggest fears and pain is very hard to do, and requires enormous willpower to ‘win’.

    All you need to do is target excatly these fears with the goal setting MP3 in NARP and you will experience the relief, the release and see the enormous changes in your life.

    I hope this helps.

    Mel xo

    March 19, 2013

    I can only do the NARP in bits and pieces because it gets too painful. The memories. But I have been doing enough NARP that I uncovered the mother load of pain. Today I don’t know what happened but all the sudden I could no longer avoid it. HUGE pain. I understand it is not OUT There. The healing is from within. I simply was not able to really get at the depth of pain in the excercises. Tommorow morning I will start the NARP again. Adult kids that are mean and abusive to me. A dead brother from suicide. Narcissitic totally unavailable parents long before NC. It hurts terribly bad. I am thanking you for giving me permission to feel my pain. I have over accomplished all my life to compensate. At this point at 44 yrs old I no longer have the tremendous energy and will to fight what I have been manifesting on the outside. It is sink or swim for me at this point. NARP could not have happened for me at a better nor more neccasary time. This stuff HURTS and I have to heal it. Underneath that pain is rage and fear.

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    March 19, 2013

    Hi RLM,

    Pain is only excruciating when we are avoiding it…and not willing to feel it…and unfortunately by doing so it does not disappear! In fact it hits harder. When you start working with NARP yes it is hard and heavy – the feeling of the pain at the start and big – but by doing it – there is a way through – it does get transformed and gets less and less and less…hence why true healing occurs…

    Absolutely you have to feel it, and the relief then will come, as it shifts with the process. So sit in, drop into it and take the tissue box and you will be well on the way to getting better…the key is to not self-avoid.

    Mel xo

    April 7, 2013

    I have been reading stuff on your site. It has made an incredible differnece in my life, just the insight into narcissism alone. I am just getting started. I am at the place where i have identified the difference between the narc and me and why i have suffered so much for so long. I feel separated from the pain mostly which is HUGE. Any thoughts to keep this solid and propel forward. I’m scared. thank you.

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    April 7, 2013

    Hi Catherine,

    I am so pleased my material has been able to help you this much so far.

    To really move forward, heal deeply on the inside and release and transform the patterns which have made you a match for narc abuse usually means doing the deep inner work.

    This is what NARP (The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Progam) provides, and as such it is my highest and most complete recommendation.

    Mel xo

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