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Accelerate Your Evolution Into True Self And New NARP Upgrades!

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  I am so excited … Because this is one of those rare times that I get to talk about the very core of the healing work I do, and the number one reason why people within this Community experience unprecedented rapid Thriver healing breakthroughs which defy standard abuse recovery. What I am talking about today is this: Exciting upgrades to the Quanta Freedom Healing process, and specifically the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP). And it lights me up like nothing else when I get the opportunity to bring to people even more powerful ways to heal from Narcissistic Abuse than I could previously offer. The existing ... read more →

The Once Broken And Homeless Man Who Brought The Thriver Model To Life – Part 3

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  A few days ago I launched a very special series called The Once Broken and Homeless Man Who Brought The Thriver Model To Life. Within this series we are tackling, in my humble opinion, the most vital 5 Core Human Beliefs that plague mankind. These beliefs are fundamental, and working with them is not glib! Because they ARE the difference between separation and unity and fear and love. These Beliefs are devastating. They keep us out in the cold, fearing that we are defective, unlovable and that life doesn’t support us ... and ... They keep us separated from our Highest and Truest Self. In order to ... read more →

The Once Broken And Homeless Man Who Brought The Thriver Model To Life – Part 2

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  There is a very sad truth about the human race. It's this .... Despite all the beauty, abundance, love, joy and connection that is there for us to experience, there is something very sinister lurking beneath the surface. Something that we can't see, yet which impacts EVERY area of our life. And it is so deeply lodged within our being and our psyche that it plagues every single human being and humanity as a collective. What am I talking about? The Core Beliefs which keep us separated from our True Life-force; making us afraid, unhappy, unsatisfied, and stuck in painful life situations. These beliefs are so powerful, they have a force of their own. Convincing us of ... read more →

The Once Broken And Homeless Man Who Brought The Thriver Model To Life – Part 1

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
I LOVE granting you information that I KNOW can help you beyond measure … This is one of those exciting times … which can take the Thriver Model to an even greater level of radiance and effectiveness. Helping you to anchor into and live fundamental Thriver Emotional Truths … the ESSENTIAL commodities that can and do make every area of your Life work. The incredible benefits of Thriving after narcissistic abuse are this … More inner peace, a deeper more abiding love and acceptance of yourself, better relationships with other people … … and the expanding confidence to express your Truest Self and create your Highest aspirations, purpose ... read more →

How To Restore Your Trust Again After Narcissistic Abuse

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  I asked the Community this week, what people would like me to write about in this week’s upcoming blog article. The most common request people asked about was, “How can I trust again?” … It’s a great topic, and I’m really going to enjoy talking about that with you. So here goes …. One of the cruel ironies of life is this ... protecting ourselves and being distrustful is counter productive in regard to granting us healthy and trustworthy experiences. Not trusting Life and others doesn’t feel good in our body and doesn’t make for healthy, happy, loving connections either. Intuitively we all know we need ... read more →

Freedom After Cerebral And Somatic Narcissistic Abuse – Thriver Story #31 Aminath

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
    Today I’m so happy to be bringing you a story of someone who is Thriving in their new narcissistic abuse free life. If you are new to the Community I share a Thriver Story every few week’s on the blog to inspire you, and show you that there is a way to not only survive … but Thrive after narcissistic abuse. And to share the wisdom and aha moments that each Thriver in this community can provide from their own unique experiences. This week’s Thriver Show is one about a lady who is a very important part of the Thriver Community. In fact ... read more →

Are You Addicted To Self-Help?

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  A dear friend of mine Marie, an active contributor in this Community, wrote to me a couple of weeks ago regarding one of my latest ThriverTv episodes. Even though her message started off as humorous … it really got me thinking. This is what she wrote: “OMG Mel - How ice cream doesn't go on top of poop!!! Thank you for this video on self-partnering. Amazing that we can become addicted to new, but really the same, external focus, even though it falls under a new category called "self-care". We easily slide into this trap by seeking comfort outside of self with all these ... read more →

How To Break Free From Terror And Gain Peace In Your Life

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  It can be very difficult to get our head around the level of healing that we can create for ourselves now … One where suffering no longer needs to be the only option. My definition of suffering is this: we are trying to survive despite our trauma, despite our history and despite our losses. When we are locked onto that trajectory, life and living can feel like an enormous challenge – everyday tasks such as going to work, making appointments, meeting with people or planning out your day can send you into anxiety. And when something goes wrong, or you are faced with a challenge, you ... read more →

Does The Thriver Model Place The Blame On The Victim?

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  Is the Thriver Model of taking 100% personal radical responsibility one of “victim blaming?” Occasionally people tell us it is … And there are times when I have received some very angry messages from people who are infuriated by the idea that we have to take any responsibility for the abuse we suffered. I felt that it was time to write an article about this, and deeply look into it, and also to invite a discussion here after this is written. My dear friend, Simone Waddell, and myself had a fascinating discussion about this in Japan. Exactly about this topic … regarding people who feel it is ... read more →

Overcoming Abuse When It’s All You’ve Ever Known – Thriver Show #31

Written by Melanie Tonia Evans
  This week’s Empowered Love Radio Show is an interview with Sylvia, a regular and wonderful contributor to this Community. For some time I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Sylvia’s posts, because they are so full of wisdom, insight and enlightenment. So much so that often I thought ,“She expressed that even better than what I could have written!” As a result, some time ago, I got in contact with Sylvia thanking her for being such an inspiration to the Community and commending her on her incredible humility and self-actualisation - namely the ability to take such powerful personal responsibility in order to recognise that ... read more →