I am so thrilled to be sharing this interview with Mira Kelley, the author of the Hay House published book Beyond Past Lives – what parallel realities can teach us about relationships, healing and transformation.

Those of you who know my work, and have experienced my healing system Quanta Freedom Healing, know I am a big advocate of past life work as a way of creating healing that just can’t be accessed from a surface contemporary level.

In this interview Mira talks about the initial experience which led her to her first past life experience, and how some years later that “key” led her to create the spontaneous healing of her chronic medical condition.

As a result Mira let go of life as she knew it – a secure career – to connect with her soul’s purpose of helping others unlock their own powerful soul healing.

In this interview we also discuss the unlimited ways people can experience past life regression, and how the experience is always about helping the individual unlock the aspects of their life that they are presently struggling with.

Mira also shares some stand out examples of how this can occur.

We also discuss the fascinating concept of parallel lives, and how at the Quantum Level time is operating simultaneously.

Mira also explains how her connection with Wayne Dyer occurred, and how he got behind the sharing of her message, as well as her instrumental part in bringing Anita Morrijani’s near death experience Dying To Be Me to the world.

You can find more details about Mira and her book Beyond Past Lives at www.mirakelley.com, and Mira has a free gift – a wonderful meditation that you can download directly from her website.

Please share any comments or questions in the comments section below – I respond to all of them.


P.S I’m so sorry if you had difficulty listening to the radio show – we had a problem with the connection and are working on making sure this does not happen in the future.


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7 thoughts on “Beyond Past Lives With Best Selling Author Mira Kelley

  1. Hi Mel and Mira

    This is my first post on an article on this blog since 3 July 2014 when I went no contact with my soon to be ex Narc husband.

    Thank you for this informative show. I had to stretch my ears a bit to hear what you were saying Melanie however I still enjoyed the show.

    Past lives, parallel lives and future lives is something that just resonates so well with me. I remember walking to work one day, when the realization of how this happens, came to me; it happened in seconds, like a ‘download’ and I just understood it.

    I will try to explain it briefly.

    I believe that my Consciousness/Higher Self is a small extension of Source, having a physical experience in my physical body which by the way, is also made of the same stuff that Source and my Consciousness/Higher Self is made of; it just takes on a more solid physical form. So beyond death, my physical body becomes part of wherever it was put to rest (which is a ‘reincarnation’ on its own) while my Consciousness/Higher Self that developed a bit more during the challenges and lessons of my physical experience, gets taken back up into Source and then once it is ready, gets put back into another embryonic body that will be born in the circumstances that my Consciousness needs, to continue it’s growth through challenges and lessons; sometimes these are the same lessons that I did not get right in a previous life or lives.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Peace Love and Light

    1. Hi Quinton,

      I am glad that you still enjoyed the show!

      I really do believe cellularly we do have a knowing that there is so much more to us that just the surface flesh and blood understanding …

      There is much more multi-dimension to our existence.

      I absolutely and totally agree with your theory Quinton, and have believed the same for a long time.

      Our life really is about evolution … and coming “home” to our true essence.

      Thank you for your wonderful post.

      Mel xo

    2. Hi,

      May I say I agree so much with you? This is almost exactly how I see reincarnation as
      well 🙂

      So glad there are people who also believe in those thing,

      All the best,

  2. Thank you Melanie soooo much for introducing me to Mira Kelley! I experienced truth bumps & energy vibrating up & down my body throughout this call.
    So grateful to have given up my old beliefs for truth!!! Feeling truth in my body as it wakes up out of the coma of numbing out is priceless.
    Bless you Melanie!


    1. Hi Iris,

      you are so welcome, and I am so pleased you enjoyed the interview.

      It is so liberating to let go of “belief” that was imposed … to allow ourselves the liberation of seeking and feeling a greater truth.

      That is freedom …

      I so agree, as we awaken from the inside, and then expand, the joy is indescribable.

      Mel xo

  3. I kept mentioning past lives in relation to my ex narc. When I went to the meditation retreat that he talked me into going to, and then changed his number and forgot about me, I had a past life memory of us. It sort of explained why he might be so angry with me. Then I went to the retreat a year later and I had another past life recollection (previous to the first recollection) which could explain why I had hurt him in the other memory. It’s getting the lesson that seems to be stumping us up. Looking at someone ripping me open as a good thing, its really hard. When someone is such a bastard, taking the gift. I guess that’s why they call it work.

    1. Hi Martha,

      I have found time and time again, that the past life cellular reasons that emerge as to “why” make incredible sense.

      And once we detoxify ourselves from the traumatic energy, we experience forward movement, release and healing.

      Yes, it is the work … realizing the truth and rising about victimization. That’s where true transcendence takes place.

      Mel xo

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