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Breaking the Psychic Binds of the Narcissist

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Written By   Melanie Tonia Evans

Anyone who has been narcissistically abused knows what it feels like to be enmeshed with the narcissist. It feels crippling, all consuming, and, at the time of the extremes, as if there is no way to be released.

This enmeshment occurs physically and especially psychically.

The reason I say especially psychically is because, even if you end a relationship with a narcissist, and even when eventually you separate material possessions and have no physical or verbal contact, the connection that you cannot physically or logically define is much harder to break.

What I mean by being ‘psychically entangled’ with a narcissistic is this. You feel like the narcissist is crawling under your skin. It seems like the narcissist never left. Many people report the feeling as if the narcissist, and all the associated pain that goes with narcissistic abuse, is still running through their veins like a poisonous black ink.

That is certainly how it felt for me.

While this psychic enmeshment is going on, you feel like everywhere you look, and every location you are in, reminds you of the narcissist. Trying to get the narcissist out of your mind and your emotions is akin to needing an exorcism.

Many people report that even decades later this feeling is still with them. They feel that the narcissist has captured their soul, won’t return it, and they have no idea what it is to feel ‘normal’ again.

Chances are you may know how this felt, or are still feeling this horrible psychic entanglement.

You may think, “When will I be able to break free from these feelings, I feel like I’m literally possessed!” It is terribly frustrating when people in your life (who have no idea of the extent or dynamics of narcissistic abuse) can’t even begin to comprehend what you mean. They can’t understand why you don’t just get on with your life.

I know many of you will be nodding your head in agreement.

None of it seems to make sense. It’s not logical. After all this person has done to you, you would think that you could wipe them easily out of your thoughts and feelings – yet the infiltration of a narcissist into your soul feels like a disease that you just can’t shake.

One thing is for sure, and that is to live a normal, healthy and happy life ever again, these shackles have to be broken…

It is such a relief when they are, and you break free in order to create your real life. A life which bears no resemblance to narcissistic abuse.


The Visualisation to Break the Binds

There is a great deal of information on the internet regarding how to break the psychic ties of the narcissistic hold. Many of these sources are reputable, and truly I do believe that anything that is going to help you evict the narcissist out of your life and say “No More!” is beneficial.

There are meditations, CD’s and visualisations that can certainly assist with this process.

One of my favourite visualisations, that I used to do to help evict the narcissist out of my psychic space, was to imagine a white hand (the hand of divinity) picking him up and removing him from my space. I then imagined a huge white pair of scissors cutting all of the chords joining him and me, and then imagined huge protective circles of light and steel going around myself and my aura.

I then asked Arch Angel Micheal to wrap his wings around me and protect me.

This was at a time when I was feeling incredibly, broken, distressed, and feeling like I was being constantly psychically (as well as physically) threatened and attacked. The visualisations that I performed regularly certainly helped.

I do have to tell you though, that this was not the real or full solution..

This visualisation provided relief, because it bought me time to work on myself. It helped me mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but ultimately did not provide the real solution to creating myself and coming home to a completely different vibration from the narcissist and being able to claim my True Life.

This process treated the symptom, but did not produce the cure.

As with any process that treats symptoms, this one has to be repeated, and repeated. Whereas, if the true core problem is solved, there is no symptom to treat.


The Problem That Leads to Psychic Vandalisation

If we are not in our True Power then we are highly susceptible to being violated mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and especially psychically (the most subtle yet often crippling violation of all).

When we are a Source to ourselves and in our True Self function there is no violation, because our boundaries and Self is clear, defined and impervious, and we are no longer a match for abuse, people stealing our power, and other individuals infiltrating our being or physically destroying us….

When we become established as a True Self, there is no longer a need to protect ourselves, because we simply are not a match for the narcissist’s (or any abuser’s) energy.

No one can infiltrate your energy unless you have ‘holes’ in your energetic, emotional, mental and practical boundaries, and no-one can infiltrate your energy unless there is still a part of you co-dependently holding that person responsible for your life.

Of course, cleaning this up requires effort, and healing, and most definitely tie cutting visualisation, verbal declarations of eviction, self-salt baths and any other process that helps grant you strength and support is appropriate, until you can work to and establish the real solution. Please note I write about many processes to disconnect your energy from the narcissist in my eBook Self Care When Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse.


The Goal to Reach For

The real goal is to be our True Self who ‘just is’, meaning being real and true to ourselves, not holding anyone else responsible for the creation of our life (they can only add to it if they are a match to our truth and values), strong with boundaries and living with joy in life without fear – knowing that if anything inappropriate comes up, we can trust ourselves, confront it, hold our truth and be the guardian and director of our own energy. And none of this is reliant on whether or not someone else does ‘get it’. What is vital is that we ‘get it’.

Once effectively recovering from co-dependency and creating healthy boundary function – this is the reality you begin to live.

Then there is no more fear of being infiltrated, messed with and psychically drained or manipulated. All of that becomes Not Your Reality! Your reality is: you are free to be you, rather than always having to be concerned about protecting yourself from others, which of course is an energetic statement of fear.

The truth of the matter is, we can create quick fix solutions such as visualisations and tie-cuttings, and verbal evictions (which will need to be repeated), but the underlying energetic truth is: If I fear it, and give it energy, I will continue to attract it.

The genuine solution is to become empowered and real, and then you will have no fear, and there will be no attraction, and no ties to break.

In my decades of spiritual awareness and connections with others, I have found that many of the people who have the greatest amount of infiltrations (real and imagined) in their life, are the people who do regular visualisations on psychic protection and tie-cutting.

In my opinion – these people have not established True Self empowerment and boundaries yet, and are still living in fear.

The beliefs and fears regarding not having boundary function (I can’t look after myself and navigate life safely) and believing that our Reality was dependent on others (co-dependency) led to the phenomena of narcissistic abuse.

Because of our lack of skills in these areas, our energy was able to be infiltrated, stolen and manipulated.

Once this is cleaned up, that is no longer possible because:

• You are a source to yourself, creating your own life authentically.
• You attract more of ‘who you are’ mindfully and consciously.
• What is Not Your Reality is no longer a vibrational match for you, and you have no need to try to change and fix anything or anyone to make it happen.
• You no longer have the fear of scarcity and stop trying to make unmakeable deals work. There is no longer a need to emotionally ‘hang on’ to what or who doesn’t work in your life, because of the fear of nothing better coming.
• You know life supports you, and that you can vibrationally, emotionally and practically support and look after yourself, and create more of that.
• You have no yearning for what a particular person is thinking about you, or what you meant to them (the narcissist). What is important is what you think and feel about yourself.
• You know that you are your own power source and that the narcissist is not, and never was responsible for you or being this source.


The Gift to Claim

When the illusions are broken and fall away, then you have changed and come home to your True Self Function. Now, you are no longer a match for psychic infiltration, enmeshment and takeover – and never will be again. There is no part of you being the other half of the magnet holding up the enmeshment. There is nothing for the narcissist to hook into or onto. Your energy and Self is energetically untouchable by anything that is not your Truth.

The great thing about all of this is: this is SO not just about the narcissist!

Can you imagine what it feels like to be free in every area of your Life?

Do you understand that the ‘taking on other people’s energy, to a point where it messes with your own’ has been accentuated to the point of critical mass with the narcissist – but it was really going on, in unhealthy levels in your life anyway?

Can you be honest and real enough with yourself to admit that?

Can you see that your need to Break The Binds With The Narcissist is now so necessary (because life is totally unbearable and agonising if you don’t), that all of what is happening is an incredible process bringing you home to your personal freedom and truth in every area of your life?


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Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert. She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie's healing and teaching methods have liberated thousands of people from the effects of narcissistic abuse world-wide.

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21 Thoughts on Breaking the Psychic Binds of the Narcissist
    MaKennah Woods
    December 15, 2011

    There were times where I felt like I was going totally insane and that the things that were happening I was just imagining. I was in a state of anxiety constantly, living in fear always that I was going to do something wrong to cause a reaction of some sort, be it anger, rage, “the look”, a comment! I’ve noticed a pattern in the types of relationships I’ve had. Although my father wasn’t around for the most part of my life, I have been on the end of some pretty nasty behaviour from him and I have to wonder where that fits into my emotional state now?

    Sally Allen
    December 15, 2011

    Dear Melanie, Boy I am still suffering the effects. It is now nearly a year since I walked away and did try to apologise and make amends and get closure which will never happen I know – I had lost a job because of my involvement with this poison – the job I was in for 14 years was well paid but my boss was a bully. I ordered an x-ray on my left big toe which I was then told was a clinical breach which involved going through a tribunal and I had to resign – I secured another job and rightfully told the human resources department in advance that I had this record on my file and now the two managers I am working for are going for me again – they bullied the last person in post before me and she left a nervous wreck – I am doing my job totally well, have taken no time off and am punctual and have done other jobs which are not part of my remit and still this is all not good enough so I have decided in this very bleak market to go out there again and try and find something – I have been told that they dont think I fit what they are looking for and yet I have been told by all I actually work for that they find me fantastic so it is all rather baffling and totally illogical – I just want the universe to give me a break – I have a husband who is frial, recovering alcoholic and 23 years old than me and he is in a negative depressed state all the time and I have a son god bless him who is doing a plumbing course and has a part time job for extra money starting today and I just want things to turn – I find your advice always so useful and I religiously listen to your radio shows and read your blogs – How do I deal with these new bullies – My gut feel is they will always be gunning for me so will never trust or respect them – so moving on seems to be the option but of course I have the tribunal on my record – England is not exactly the place to be looking for a job at the moment and the bullying culture is growing and growing as people fear for their jobs and will do anything and will eat shit to hold onto their jobs. A friend of mine told me the other day that she felt that I was unemployable for simply having stood up for myself – she doesnt work nor does she have to – her husband earns a fortune and she spends every day doing whatever she wants to do and has a maid to do the housework so I dont think she can understand the space I am in – she says I have to get out of victim mode !!! Help !!!

    December 15, 2011

    Breaking the psychic connection is indeed the most difficult part of healing! For me, nothing really gave me peace until I discovered Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

    Many of us survivors never learned how to manage our energies and emotions, and these methods work. They are so powerful that they are used to cure phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder. The cures are permanent and fast.

    There is plenty of free info on the internet to help get you started. For me personally, the methods of Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Field Therapy, are the most effective, but EFT methods (derived from Callahan’s therapies) also work well.

    Please, please consider these proven techniques as a way to nearly instant relief. Good luck and good healing to us all!

    December 16, 2011

    Mine was a total religious fanatic and could quote a scripture to get away with anything and make you feel that if you didn’t do what he wanted you were evil and not right with God. It took a long time for me to get rid of the false guilt. I still get blamed for what my kids do when they are in their twenties. I just kept telling myself I am not like this over and over and finally unbrainwashed myself. Now, I built a website, designed something I am getting Patented and am writing a book! DON’T let them rob you anymore, it’s your time girls!

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    December 16, 2011

    Hi EJ, yes I totally agree that working on the emotional body is the powerful solution. I am also an EFT trained practitioner, and I found great results with EFT as well, to truly shift at the cellular level of the ‘infiltration’. I have found since that Q F Healing actually goes deeper, and releases more than EFT does, and this is why I now use this process instead, and have done for some time. Because I find it clears the time line all the way back, as well as creates the connection to True Self liberation as well, it connects the emotional body back to re-membering the knowing of our True state, in order to break free from the painful connections / illusions.I find this creates more empowered ‘just is’ relief, as well as ‘This other stuff is just no longer my reality’ at a deep knowing level.

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    December 16, 2011

    Hi Sally, I do feel for you…and yes you are right ‘closure’ was never going to be possible.

    It is really important Sally, as hard as it may be, to ask yourself “Why is this my pattern?”, and really claim that it is your pattern. Because if you don’t come to this place, then truly you are, and will continue to be a victim to outside circumstances, and the ‘bullying’ will continue, regardless of what vocation you secure.

    If I can share with you (it may help) one of my patterns that used to play out continuously and insidiously before I healed myself on this topic.

    It was “persecution”. I used to continually attract persecution, my mother and father had always continually persecuted me – and in fact persecution was a fear / a dread that I had carried within me for some time. When it happened I would go into total anxiety, try to fix it, try to prove myself credible and panic about the fallout that would occur.

    Persecution used to occur professionally and personally on a regular basis. When I learnt boundaries, and did healing on myself, I became solid within, and I knew absolutely “What other people think about me is none of my business, and it is up to me to know my integrity and who I am.”

    Right on cue persecution came again (The Universe checking me out on this topic). It was the same as usual, but this time I was DIFFERENT. I stood my ground, had no fear, and said “You’re entitled to your opinion. That’s fine because I know who I am”, I had no charge on it, no fear,and just got about my day and my life per normal.

    Nothing happened, this person tried to discredit me, no-one believed them, and all of their efforts fell flat. In the past these events had always spiralled out of control, with large amounts of damage and me looking like the crazy ‘wrong’ one.

    I promise you that since this day – I have NEVER again suffered persecution – it just doesn’t come, because I healed what I needed to within me.And not only did the persecution events stop, my family experience changed, my love relationship experience changed, and I discovered and received a ‘world’ of love and acceptance, as if someone had flicked a switch.

    The reasons were because I had come home to loving and accepting myself fully, without needing approval and validation from others. Therefore I started attracting ‘more of me’. Whilt I was in persecution stuff, I was attracting more of the persecution and condemnation that I was being to myself…because for the greater part of my life, I did not accept myself, I did not love myself, and I believed I was defective and wrong (deep inside me …emotionally)…People were only showing me what I felt about MYSELF!

    I am writing you this, so that you can ‘come home’ on this. Really and truly consider sorting this out at the place that you can, which is within you (we can’t change the ‘outer’ and other people, we can only change our own vibration / alignment)….and then your outer experience can change..When we can accept ‘what is really going on’..and discover exactly what that is, and then commit to healing it, then we have the power to change ourselves, and then we change our entire life.

    I hope this helps you Sally!

      JESS M
      January 26, 2016

      Thanks Melanie,
      A brilliant reply.
      I cannot begin to describe my deep Relief when you mentioned “Persecition”.
      This life has been huge fears & pain; of what I called “Persecution Complex .
      There seemed No Solution to this Anywhere but to Wish for the End. Did loads in Mid One one this…ancient & continual stream of oersecution events.
      Now I move onto really getting to Self Partner and begin clearing my resistance to Self Partner. Im going to really work deep into Mod 2 also and not rush off too soon.
      This Mod 2 is Massive for me as someone with People pleaser syndromr. Thank you So much for all your amazing LIFE SAVING NARP help.
      With much love Jess M xx?

    December 16, 2011

    I am in thé process of making thé agoniizing décision of discontinuions all contact With a man who may very well be a narcissist. It went from extreme seduction, claims of love and commitment as early as week 2, to now silent treatment. I opened myself completely so hungry for the possibility of love. I feel broken. I do know that I have holes in my energetic field that make me susceptible to these kinds of relationships. How does one strengthen their energetic field? Thank you melanie for this forum and for the incredible support your website offers.

  • Melanie Tonia Evans
    December 16, 2011

    Hi Elisabeth,

    that is great that you’re realising the need to disconnect and claim and honour you. It is great also that you have realised that you opened yourself hungry for love, without knowing how to take your time, and truly do the due diligence to ascertain whether or not a potential partner is healthy for you. Elisabeth how you do this is work on healing yourself, work on the processes to overcome poor boundary function, co-dependency and learn how to create and know your True Self. Then there is no hooks or attachments to what does not serve you, and no need to try to get what we don’t feel inside from others, who can and will only ever represent what we feel inside (good or bad). In order to do this does mean working on you and committing to healing this…My greatest suggestions that I offer in regard to doing this is the Empowered eCourses, Q F Healing sessions or the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. All of my resources are about taking that journey.

    December 19, 2011

    Hi everyone, I thank you all, for making me realise that I am not alone and that I am a real person, in a real unhealthy union. I have been through the silent treatment, the denial of love, touch, money for food and fuel,so you are stuck ,isolated and alone!! I just found out about the secret life with other women,secret bank accounts,and feel so shamed and used. I gave with so much love and trust, now I feel betrayed. But I am so enlightened now that I must leave, It is not me it’s him, He has a weakness for women, deceit and lying behaviour. I don’t fit in to this different world, and now I can stop trying to please the “bottomless pit of want” it cannot be filled by me or anyone. So now It’s all about me!! Let the new begin, just bring it on. Love and light to all Therese, the awesome!!!

    December 21, 2011

    I look at your emails from time to time. i am in a narcissitic realtionship that is so severe! i have to send him my location, i have to say what i am doing at all times. I have to answer every text message, every phone call.. everything. or else! I am stuck in a deep dark hole and i dont know how to get out! I am only 18 years old and this is going on the 2nd year of our realtionship. i know i need to get out but i cant i have feelings for him and its a sick addiction that needs to leave! i hate this! i dont know how my life will ever get better

    December 23, 2011

    Hello Melanie..

    Firsly i would like to thank you for such a wonderful work. I really would like to get your input in how to over all these.
    Everything has came back for the last couple of days.. all my early years in life with parents that used to fight.. a big family of 10 kids where love and money were a scare commodity.. so i grew up loveless and poor.. i used to be a child that used to cry most of the christmas at home.. and felt depressed often.. even as early as 12 years old.. then i got bullied when i was a teenager.. married a nc.. and lasted there for more than 10 years.. just to find love with another nc .. in which relationship i used found lower levels of degradation.. now looking into back.. i just realized i took the humilation and stayed in the spot.. with not questionning.. maybe.. cause my mother stayed like that with my parents and other people abusing her..physically and mentally.. i feel anguised as.. i see myself.. and knew.. why i was running after people.. i have kids on my own.. i want to start loving them.. the way it should be.. so they will never go through the hell of humilation.. please.. send me you feedback to my email address..

    Thanks many thanks in advance.. and God bless you..

    shabana mir
    February 11, 2012

    Hi Melanie just read your article and some of the posts.Its strange how we can all carry so much hurt, for so many years without looking at root causes.I myself have been searching for answers for as long as I can remember.My upbringing played rather a large part in my adult life.However I always refused to put sole blame on that factor, for the problems i was facing.I realise now its because I could never identify what was holding me back.Never had no guidance,no tools to deal with the issues I was having and to some degree still having.I now realise the answers are within me,always have been.Change has to come from me not an external source.Thank you for your work,God bless.

    August 7, 2012

    After being in a relationship with a monster who abruptly exited my life, when the time was right, another one presented itself though not quite as obvious. This time I was smart enough and strong enough to walk away but the connection was so powerful that almost two years later I’m still dealing with the invisible entanglements that occurred. It’s strange, there was never a “relationship” yet the connection was stronger than any I’ve ever experienced in my life. Thanks to blogs such as this, I know I’m not crazy and have hope and strength to continue moving towards wholeness. .

    October 20, 2012

    You are so right about taking on other peoples emotions….. explains why I have been such an easy target and how I got so tangled emotionally with my ex. We have been broken up for a year and he’s still in my head. I’m just so glad that I don’t feel physically sick anymore from it. All my life I have been sensitive or in tune to other peoples emotions and I eat them (kind of like soaking them up) or they effect my own emotions no matter how I’m feeling at the time… its strange to explain but I think that its something that I might need to work on so that I don’t do this…..

    April 1, 2013

    Its quite simple the conclusions i have made from this article,” I am whole, i will attract and sustain wholesomeness. If i am broken from “inside-not loving and giving to myself” i will attract and sustain brokenness.

    We attract and sustain things on the “outside” that we are feeling on the “inside”. What is “inside” manifests on “outside”. Thank you Melanie for leading the way home..

    thanks Rachel

    March 31, 2015

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    nicole sutherland
    October 12, 2017

    I am currently in the process of divorcing a narcissist. Our relationship started when I was going through a divorce from my children’s father. From the moment I met him, it was sudden promises of showing me he could give me love and treat me better than my children’s father and I was so beautiful and smart. After we met, I started noticing how he was glued to his phone all the time and adding a ton of women on his social media. A month into dating him, when I asked about the different women he was adding and why he was so attached to his phone, boom immediately blew up on me calling me over jealous and controlling and completely cut me off after all of this love bombing.
    Then after a few weeks of no contact with him, I was receiving phone calls from another woman. He immediately contacted me and stated he loved me and stated I hurt him and forced him into the arms of another woman. Low and behold he had been on another phone plan with this woman and was in a relationship with her. He told me she was a comfort to him because I hurt him by calling him out on the women he was adding and she was just a friend who was helping him out with a phone. I fell for the b.s and ended up adding him to a phone plan with me and from then on this women tried telling me he was a user and abuser and said good luck.
    Throughout our relationship it was always up and down, I say or do something he gets mad and goes on dating sites or talks to other women and declared he was hurt and was punishing me. When we decided to move him in with me, it got worse.
    Tried cutting me off from my family and friends, grew increasingly jealous of my friendships and hated my friends telling me they thought he was controlling and abusive. He would always hide his phone and push me down or hit me if I tried to see who he was calling or texting. Name calling, and even tried to choke me and say if I ever left him he would kill me. Finally I had enough and threw him out. He snapped and chocked me, punched me and slapped me in the face for not helping him move his things out and then after wards he still proceeded to try to sweet talk me and say he did everything out of love.
    What lead us to getting married was, in June of 2016 I kicked him out of my apartment for blowing up on me in front of my children because I got them take out food and was going to cook us something at home. Well a few weeks after I made him leave, he was at his moms and started saying how sorry he was and had his family calling me to take him back. I made the fatal mistake of marrying him. He snapped and changed, he would force himself on me, calling me his property.
    I waited almost a year for him to file for the divorce, he even tried to put a false restraining order on me because I refused to pay for his phone bill. I had it thrown out of court with a good attorney.

    I finally had enough and filed for a divorce this year May 2017. Well after having no contact, he suddenly started saying he would fight this and drag it out and I was stupid enough to start buying into lies and love bombing over the summer to work our marriage out. Come to find out he had been living with another women since March of 2017 and when I found out, I messaged the other woman and cut him off. He became angry and would not stop blowing my phone up calling me names and making threats. Well I did end up putting the divorce on hold, and he went on my birthday in August and had his new supply pay for a divorce attorney. So now I am in a battle to get jurisdiction in my state to have my divorce finalized. He also did max out my credit card bills and never helped financially and blamed me for everything falling apart.
    I did not realize what narcissism was until a friend pointed out I was trauma bonded by him and needed to seek the right support to understand this and heal. So now I am battling a divorce and just want this done with.
    I am trying to heal with church and prayers. I have found that I still felt a very dark connection to him, sensing if he is going to do something bad involving me and bam a day later I get a phone call or something in the mail about court. I was told by my pastor to throw out everything that he bought for me or belonged to him. I was told his belongings could hold negative energy and affect me in my healing. I have been trying to cut psychic attachment to him.

    Sue in Texas
    February 14, 2019

    I wanted to thank Melanie Tonia Evans for this blog post, and to post my story here, in case there are others struggling with what I am going through. So that you know that you are not alone.

    Melanie is one of the main people who brought to my attention terms like: psychic enmeshment, soul takeover, psychic bondage, and psychic narcissistic abuse. (Thank you.)

    An unavailable man and I fell in love over 2 years ago. I’ll never do that again, it has been the most harrowing experience of my life, and I may literally die because of the health consequences. Though it is an astonishing catalyst for healing and learning.

    I thought the energy exchange between this man and me was so extreme because we were “twin flames,” but I later came to believe that it is because he is high on the “narcissist” scale, and I am high on the “empath” scale. I have since read online that that match-up causes an extreme energy exchange. I am very psychic and also a medium (people I’ve known, who have died, have visited me after death), though I do not have skills around my abilities, but I am learning.

    From the beginning of this relationship, I could hear this man like a 24-hour radio in my head, singing songs about our connection — love songs, heartbreak songs, cheating-on-me songs, him-wanting-to-commit-suicide songs (the latter one most recently). I understand now this was psychic enmeshment.

    After about the first year of our connection, I also could suddenly hear this man speaking to me telepathically, 24/7. I am recovering from chronic illness, and he wanted me to be more effective at getting well, so we could have MORE of an affair (while he is married and also having affairs with others). So he tells me 5-60 times per hour, telepathically, how incompetent and incapable I am, and how he is going to guide and control each thing I do, so that HE can get me well again.

    This past year of constant telepathic input (through the night, too — when I wake up) has been the most tormented year of my life.

    I tried to handle it until Sept. 10, when I broke off all contact. The telepathic inputs continued just as much as ever.

    I realized Jan. 27 that this relationship could never work, and have remained 100% certain of that, since then. The telepathic inputs are continuing just as much as ever.

    I have been studying Abraham Hicks since October, and working to raise my vibration, so that he can no longer stay psychically attached to me.

    And I have just found the NARP program and am waiting to hear back from the admin. to start it. To clear the childhood traumas that are allowing him to psychically attach to me in this way.

    I mostly wanted others experiencing things like this to know that you are not alone. It has taken me months and years of searching to come across any people with common experience, and any answers. Feel free to add your story here. I will bookmark this page and come back to it. And I’ll post on here again, if I am able to resolve this, with NARP, Abraham, or elsewise. Thank you for reading.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 14, 2019

      Hi Sue in Texas,

      I am so pleased my material has been able to help.

      Sue I totally applaud you in the honesty and recognition you have had in this TF experience of yours.

      Sadly, many people can hang onto the belief for years and miss the self-healing opportunity that is really in offer.

      Re beginning the NARP Program, it is immediately downloadable and that’s okay if you need some help with it!

      Have you contacted so that one of my lovely team can assist?

      I hope you will love how NARP locates and releases and reprogram trauma deeply at our core.

      Sending you love and many continued blessings.

      Mel 🙏💕❤️

        Sue in TX
        February 15, 2019

        Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and for your kind reply.
        That was a really hard turn — to go from thinking “twin flame” and “the one,” — to seeing how many things were not working, and how much turmoil I was living with. I can see why that is a hard turn for others to take, too.
        I am starting your program today. I have not been able to get relief with EFT (I’ve tried a few times in the last decade), though I did not have community or mentor support. So I’m hoping that I will become effective with your techniques, and 10 modules, and I’m glad there is online support to help me be effective.
        Your kindness today touched my heart and brought some healing tears and energetic release. Thank you!

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