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Evolutionary Trends For 2017 And Why It’s Time!

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Written By   Melanie Tonia Evans


What a year 2016 has been and I don’t think any of us can believe how fast it has gone.

Doesn’t it just feel like a few short months ago it was last year’s Christmas?

Each year is slipping away faster and faster.

This brings me to the first of two points that I would love to investigate with you in this article.


The other topic I wish to discuss with you is a theme that I have seen come up over and over again – with women I know, women in personal healings and also consistently throughout the Community.

It’s actually related deeply to “time” as well.

And I can’t wait to share this information with you … because …

In relation to “time” not just is time going faster – it is also time.

Time for big intentions, big changes and big breakthroughs.

Maybe you feel like you are running out of time within your everyday experience.

Maybe you feel like you are running out of time in relation to where you think you should “be” by now.

This I believe …

No longer do we have the luxury of staying the same – being mired in pain, fear and darkness.

It truly is getting too uncomfortable and painful to be there!

So many people are experiencing this shaking of internal chains; the knowing that things are meant to be different and a sense that they can be …

But how?

Within this week’s article you many find some answers to some of these mysteries.


Time Speeding Up

I have a theory about the experience of time accelerating, which many people open to Quantum Realities also believe – that we are in a “quickening”.

Meaning that time as we experience it is continually speeding up.

Many people seem to think we feel like this because we are getting older.

Yet, even children now believe that time goes fast (try asking one and you will see) …whereas, when we were children time dragged on seemingly forever… we always felt that it took an eternity to get to next Christmas, our birthday or something we looked forward to.

Even a couple of decades ago we felt as young adults that the days dragged when we were at work. We couldn’t wait for the day to end!

Does anyone have this experience now, even when they are doing something they don’t like?

Maybe they do … yet we don’t seem to hear about it.

Certainly all of us have had the experience of “time standing still” when we were in a highly focused emotional event … such as watching things unfold in an accident we were about to have, or when we gazed into another’s eyes for the first time thinking I am in love with you.

Is “time” a fixed thing or does the quality of our consciousness have something to do with how time is experienced?

Why would time speed up?

And if it is, what does this mean?

How is it even possible?

At a scientific level there is emerging information to support that indeed time is speeding up – such as the change in Schumann Resonance.

I particularly like this information that I stumbled across in a random article (that I agree with) written by P. Leon

Firstly, one must understand that time is relative. Traditionally, we think of time as being a constant in the universe, but it’s not. Einstein proved that. His calculations showed that the closer an object comes to the speed of light, the slower time passes. Scientists have done experiments that prove Einstein’s theory to be correct.

So, if Einstein’s theory is correct, then the opposite must be true; if our speed decreases, time will speed up! Researcher Greg Braden says that that is exactly what is happening. The rotation of the Earth is slowing down, and time is speeding up. Evidence for his assertions comes from the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance is, in layman’s terms, the heartbeat of the Earth. In scientific terms, it is the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) of the Earth’s magnetic field. In the 1950’s when the Schumann Resonance was discovered, it was recorded to be an average of 7.8 Hertz. Now, according to Swedish and Russian researchers, says Braden, it is an average of 12 Hertz. That means that the normal 24-hour day feels like a 16-hour day. In essence, we’ve lost one third of our normal daytime.

Interestingly, the Bible predicted this would happen. It reads, “And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.” (Revelations 8:12).

However, if time is speeding up, how come the clocks aren’t speeding up? Why don’t the clocks on Earth indicate a 16 hour day? That’s a great question! I have the same question, and I don’t have a scientific answer for you. My best guess would be that the speed of the electrical pulses on Earth is somehow tied to speed of the rotation of the Earth. This would explain why a two-hour movie, still takes two hours to play by our clocks. But, how can the speed of the rotation of the Earth affect anything on Earth (other than time)? Well, we know for a fact that the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening at a parabolic rate. And since magnetism and electricity are so closely related, wouldn’t this have an effect on the electricity of the planet?”


The Soul Evolution of the Quickening

I have my own theories as well in regard to the quickening.

I believe that the veils between spirituality and science is now much thinner, thanks to our Quantum scientists who connect to the understanding of a Higher Consciousness (a Higher Power).

And Quantum Science is all about that – the realising that “something” is the consciousness behind all matter which when broken down to the smallest possible atomic particle reveals a “wave function” of pure intelligent consciousness, which is communicating Intelligence to the atoms in ways that can’t be physically or even scientifically measured

We may term this consciousness as “God” or “Life-force” or “Creation”.

And even though there may be scientific reasons for time speeding up, I believe that the spiritual cellular reasons are deeply entwined and there is an evolutionary “soul reason” for this to happen.

Technology has sped up, and the functions and tasks that we cram into our days has become more and more.

Life has become increasingly complex as opposed to our forebear’s roles and tasks even though we have innovations that improve our quality of life. We have all been thrown out of natural cycles to process and be multi-focused in so many more ways that we used to.

Most people have become severely time poor and highly stressed.

To even begin to accept a possibility that time is going faster means giving up experiencing Life from simply a logical linear perspective and opening up our inner knowing to other felt truths.

Which means accessing our own Inner Consciousness which can only be experienced as “knowing” because it can never be pinned down logically.

According to Quantum Science (as well as ancient spiritual traditions) we are “making all of this up” … meaning that we are literally shaping our world and our experiences from holographic realities that we are creating from the inside out.

From our consciousness.

If we believe we have less time and more is happening – then maybe this is the experience that the collective is generating.

If everything is “meant to be” as per a Higher Consciousness continually striving to awaken us to our highest actualised flourished and nourished form (which is a wonderful topic to explore another day!), what is this experience of time speeding up helping us to evolve toward?

I believe that at the Quantum Level we are being forced into no longer wasting time by battling logically in our egos in deep analysis, confusion and procrastination (“analysis paralysis”).

Instead we are learning that to be effective we can’t be weighed down with the emotional “junk” that we have known as the normal yet terribly unnatural and unhealthy human experience – the feelings of pain, loss, regret and any other associated traumas that are burning up our fuel in the past and generating a fear of the future that is never allowing us to be fully actualised human beings in the now.

So what is a fully actualised human being?

In my humble opinion, it is someone who is freeing themselves of trauma in order to be in alignment with the Universal Flow of Higher Consciousness, which is the wellbeing that we may call “God” or “Source” or even “Lifeforce”.

Meaning we are holistically “whole”; we are tapped into our inner knowing, our self-partnered support and love and the attraction and co-generation of being supported by Life and others organically as an “in-synch” state …

And we are “awake” enough to navigate, choose, grow and adjust ourselves from the inside out to continually evolve beyond patterns, choices and behaviours that are NOT supportive of our Highest and Best Self.

Which also means we have given up the fruitless battles of blame and shame and trying to criticise, prescribe or force people and things to change in order to try to become whole.

Because if we don’t take responsibility to raise our consciousness from the inside out – we are losing ground, wasting time, and dragging things out by staying stuck firmly in repeat patterns that don’t serve us, others or our world.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

To get the results we want when we are still asleep takes eons (if it ever comes), instead of simply being the change we wish to experience.

To make this dramatic shift into being a self-actualised person, we have to be living from within our own Being with a connection to our soul – which is expressed through our emotions.

It is only when we have let go of needing to know and needing to control outcomes with our logical mind that we can be in our synch with our organic inner holistic connection of Oneness to “all that is”, and moving towards our soul calling …

Which is our highest functioning.

When we make it our mission to free ourselves of the wounding that is causing the recycling of our trauma from the past and the never-ending fear of the future, we start to experience Life as our True Selves.

Because from this state of consciousness of “being” Who We Really Are without our wounding, we have access to a much Higher Consciousness then our logical mind can grasp or harness.

Then from our unlimited, infinite self we step into trajectories where the permutations to support us also become infinite and unlimited and we start to experience the truth – that all of Life supports our flourishing and nourishing if we just get ourselves out of the way.

Soooo …. how do we “get ourselves out of the way”?

The answer is simple. In fact, it is more simple than we could ever realise … we let go of all of the traumas – the pain, fear and judgements which have not allowed us to be-come our Higher Self in human form.

In order to do this, we need to give up the ONE thing we have all been trained to do … having an “outer in” egoic focus.

We have to let go of focusing on whatever it is that we judge and dislike as being in our experience that is not allowing us to feel “whole” and instead take full radical responsibility to attend to the Universe inside of us which has an incredibly powerful impact on the generation of the Universe outside of us.

We must be-come it. Be it and then it will come.

For all of us there has been so much to do on that score, because the human experience has been fraught with trauma – atrocities, barbaric acts and terrors that have plunged our entire humanity experience into darkness.

As a result of what we have suffered, it is very easy to look at “what is” and believe that we are in terrible times of no return.

Yet many of us don’t believe that – we sense something much more powerful is going on.

We sense, feel and even experience a resurgence of Light that is building in intensity.

Many of us (including myself) believe nothing short of a mass awakening is occurring.

Meaning this … people realising their power to connect to and BE their Higher Power in human form – namely authenticity and fierce yet tender love and truth … knowing that they have the power to generate their own lives from the inside out rather than be stuck in battles of unconsciousness with others also stuck in their traumatised egoic pain bodies.

Experiencing that they have the power to be-come the changes they want to see regardless of what others are or aren’t doing.

And knowing that this shift is to help bring heaven onto earth through them, which is freeing others from the “outer in” false trance as well.

I believe we are in incredible times … that are beyond exciting.

Times where we have to be-come at one with “time”. We have to be in the now as actualised beings flowing with Life and this Higher Consciousness … because if not we will literally be …

OUT of time.

And therefore out of The Flow.

Separated from the Lifeforce and Wellbeing which is our organic right to be tapped into.

These are the people who are ignoring the knowings, messages and callings deep within their gut and staying stuck in situations that they know are not serving their soul – out of obligation, fear or neediness.

These are people not connected to believing, going with and experiencing the Higher Consciousness wave of truth to let go of what is not their True Self and True Life, and heed the call into support, flow and Thriving.

The support, flow and Thriving that is never logically presented, but has to be deeply felt, trusted and connected to emotionally before it becomes physically real in your experience.

You are not handed this practically.

You are led to it by your consciousness, the same force that is responsible for your highly actualised, deeply desired and fulfilling True Life.

Maybe you are still operating at that frequency of “stuckedness”, and if so, I understand totally… that was where I lived my entire Life that nearly destroyed me before my Thriver Recovery from narcissistic abuse.

The Quickening, I believe, is pushing us towards this necessary shift in consciousness at warp-speed.

And … as more and more people lose the dense energy of trauma from their bodies, the Light of Higher Consciousness (Love) is shining brighter.

Which is important because light is more powerful every time … we only need a small amount of light to take out the darkness of any area that it is brought to.

Identically every time we release any darkness from within ourselves, the light starts streaming in which loves and heals these places previously trapped in fear and pain back to wholeness.

For me this is the most important focus moving into 2017 …

Replacing the internal fear and pain with Love.


The Return of the Divine Female

The second thing I want to address, regrading the big shifts for humanity that I believe can take place in 2017, is the healing of collective female wounding.

It’s not just because I am a female that I think this is so important.

The Dalai Lama himself stated that the modern day woman would heal our world.

The shift that I believe that we are being called to make is the connection to our hearts and souls and the collective coming home to each other, our planet and nature in unity.

These energies are female.

I believe in relation to this topic, history can explain a lot in regard to why the Divine Feminine was so traumatised. From the 15th to 18th centuries there were numerous witch hunts and executions.

In parts throughout Europe and America any woman exhibiting the traits of connecting to her body (or others bodies such as in midwifery) her emotions (such as inner seeking / meditation / ritual) or natural medicine or nature was highly susceptible to being branded as a witch and murdered.

Women learnt and passed on to their daughters to disconnect form their Inner Beings, get into their heads and do whatever they were told to do.

From that time onwards women betrayed themselves … they had no choice.

They stopped listening to and acknowledging their feelings.

They stopped listening to and acting from their intuition.

They stopped reaching out with fierce loving devotion to hold and heal themselves and others.

But this wasn’t the only problem …

Men were taught to distrust women and minimalise them, and they stopped letting women into their hearts.

Women felt disconnected, shunned, distrusted and abused … and tried to get their way back into men’s hearts with the use of their heads and logic.

But it didn’t work …

Because these women had forgotten how to connect to their own hearts, just as their mothers and the women before them had forgotten.

And … love and unity with men was now a distant memory that had been firmly replaced with fear, suspicion and separation.

Women lost their organic given power – to love and heal All to wholeness.

They also lost their ability to lovingly ground men’s physical and mental prowess into heart directed action for the benefit of the collective.

Men and women knew they wanted each other’s love, but because they had been so terribly disconnected from each other, instead were at war.

They held each other responsible for the love they were not experiencing. They tore each other down whilst in the trauma of their own broken hearts.

Hurt people hurt people.

They gave birth to generations of boys and girls who would have no choice other then to walk the same path.

The wars that start within, terrorise the home and plague the world.

Those who had orchestrated all of this knew this would happen and it did.

Whilst females and males were mentally and emotionally separated from each other, then people would look outside rather than organically be the unity – inner male / female – that they sought.

They could be controlled and manipulated into action to try to seek the wholeness (Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine internally and externally) that was missing.

The ensuing separation and sickness funded huge unhealed monsters of war and illness.


The Necessity of the Shift to Heal the Divine Female

The Collective Feminine wounds right now time and time again are presenting.

How this manifests is – a deep feeling that a woman can’t be herself.

That if she tries to be authentic and in her power that she will be smashed.

Women instinctively are awakening to know that they need to connect into their bodies and that they need to be their own person.

Women hear the inner call to return inwards … to be intuitive, self-partnered and operating powerfully from an open heart.

Yet there can be this terrible terror and fear and even huge feelings of guilt when turning inside to do the work to free themselves.

For many women it goes like this … If I come out as myself I will be annihilated.

(I know a lot of women reading this will relate because you can feel these terrors coming up from within.)

Within these wounds, that are surfacing from deep within women’s programmed DNA, is often massive fears of the masculine … an intense fear or repulsion.

And even though there is a such a huge organic and natural urge to connect back to unity with another (because that is what women were always supposed to do with and to the masculine) there is absolutely no idea how to connect safely without the terror and rage of possibly getting her heart and life torn apart again.

Now … right now … it is time to heal this wound.

This (more than anything) is the shift our world needs … gravely.

Women need to be safe to be women again – in their powerful Feminine Essence to do what we came here to do.

Which is … heal pain and fear with Love.

To do so we need to come home into our own bodies – we need to love our own broken parts back to wholeness, and then be a force that shines that Love into the world.

I am one of these women who is continually personally uplevelling from that old trauma – and the relief and joy of becoming more and more of my radiant self is indescribable – truly.

So much so – that I want it for every woman.

Everything in the ascension and quickening of this planet is supporting our courageous leap from our minds into our hearts … to rid ourselves of control, fear and pain to tap into something so much more astounding … so that finally we can come home to ourselves.

The time is urgent, and really there is not the time left to not be-come Who We Really Are.

This is not just the healing for the Divine Feminine this is also the healing for the Divine Masculine.

Yes, good conscious men do the work – they are evolving in droves too … yet it is vital for our world to heal the Divine Feminine, to release the old inflicted brutal scars to become the loving, radiant force to heal this world.

Men enter a space in the consciousness where women are … totally.

Women who start behaving, feeling and radiating the loving power that they Really Are are Queens who inspire men to be Kings.

Women who are still trapped in their trauma, trying to live thorough their mind disconnected from their Inner Beings are in fear. They are in competition, scarcity consciousness, and they try to earn love instead of being it and they hand their power away whilst trying to be loved.

If I be everything I think you want me to be you will love me.

If you are only operating at the level of a Princess, you can only expect to receive a Prince – a man who is not going to be inspired to reach for and become more for you.

I know this as my own powerful and personal lesson. This was my previous experience with men constantly. Men reflecting back the treatment of me that completely matched my inner wounding.

For all of us it is the same, and we need to wake up to realise and own this if we wish to have different experiences with men.

As I stated “this” is coming up for individual women over and over again, in fact I would have to say this is the BIGGEST theme I am seeing in these last few weeks of 2016. It is literally everywhere with women in my Forum Groups, with personal clients, with my fellow female tribe … and within myself.

Right NOW the Collective Female Wound is bursting to the surface to be released and healed.

And I have had the absolute joy of working on this lately with women, in personal Quanta Freedom Healing sessions, to free them at a deep internal cellular DNA level.

I am also experiencing my own freedom from this wound in ways that are mind-blowing.

Everything within the energy of our quickening (ascension) right now supports the shift.

It’s time.

I’d love to know if you relate … and would love to hear from women and men about your thoughts on these two topics in your comments below.


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Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert. She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie's healing and teaching methods have liberated thousands of people from the effects of narcissistic abuse world-wide.

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56 Thoughts on Evolutionary Trends For 2017 And Why It’s Time!
    Suzanne Spiers
    December 9, 2016

    Well time seems to be moving faster than ever and I have noticed that in my own life, relationships are becoming much more fluid and by living in the present moment and trusting me in that present moment, I am in places that my head cannot relate to but my body and my heart are very comfortable with and I am going with that.

    I have noticed deep emotional shifts that have occurred as I have cleaned out deep emotional core wounds that were previously unconscious and a much stronger connection to the natural world and a realisation of the beingness of all living beings, that I had not noticed before; the sentience contained within trees, plants, animals and all earthly beings.

    Another thing that I have noticed is a change in my ability to eat certain foods. My diet is becoming a great deal more plant-based and based on natural foods that I am making myself and a lot less of them. I think that has also had an impact on my consciousness and clarity too.

    As 2016 is drawing to a close, I have been in the process of clearing out all things in my home that no longer have meaning and belong to earlier times that are now completed and am making room for the new, whatever that is.

    I have a sense that as the world appears to be going faster and faster, I am slowing down and creating every minute and not engaging with what appears to be a sense of people speeding up and everything happening at lightning speed. Not for me! Whereas once, I enjoyed engaging, I am enjoying being at home, being more in nature and simply being with no desire to go and do much. I am not turning into a vegetable either.

    So, not sure what it all means for me other than that it feels very important to live in the moment and to be open to what is coming into my world; people and situations and simply allowing what is without any judgement. When I stay in the moment all is well and time is doing what it does. It is when I step out of that frame of heart and mind, that everything speeds up and becomes unmanageable. So, prefer not to do that!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Suzanne,

      I think that is so true that we become “timeless” when we are in heart centred living … flowing and being in the consciousness with no need to know and only to allow the unfolding and “experience”.

      Certainly that is the place the “magic” appears in the most subtle and spectacular ways.

      I agree, getting caught up in hecticness can feel unmanageable now – especially if we are not aligned.

      Mel xo

    December 9, 2016

    Absolutely agree with you Mel, spot on! A wonderful article and one that I know many will relate to. <3

    December 9, 2016

    Hi Mel!
    Great blog and yes I totally agree. It sounds so easy to up level the trauma when you say it but I bought the Thriver program and I have a hard time following the shift process for an entire hour. I think I would do so much better with a shorter version. Is this something you offer? I thought of recording my own using the main shift steps. I also lost connect with the group when the FB group ended and it was an online website forum. Any suggestions to get back on track and be working the Thriver model? Thank you!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Ashley,

      thank you 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed it!

      Have you worked with the shortened version of Module 1, or the Goal Setting Module?

      Also please know you can shift beliefs that are making the process difficult for you … I can’t recommend enough being in the NARP Forum Ashley …. there is so much coaching and assistance there for you.

      That is your next step.

      Mel xo

    December 9, 2016

    Hi Melanie, I am new to your newsletters, blog, video programs and priceless information but I am certainly in awe of it. I relate so much to what you are saying and as I unfortunately end a 20 year marriage at age 48 I can overwhelming heart breakingly see what your saying here is so intricately correct and exactly what I am feeling right now. With a 53 year old husband who has had an incredible mid life crisis of sorts combined with his often narcissistic characters traits I have finally packed his bags and had the courage to stand on my own although a little shaky. Without going in to all the detail what I relate to most in what your saying is what I believe has happened to me. I take full responsibility for my part in my marriage breaking down and a lot of what you talked about here is definitely confirming to me. I lost myself, my identity and my fierce confidence and fire I had before I was married. I let life get so busy and so consumed with three beautiful children that I didn’t pay enough attention to myself and in doing so became incredibly resentful and lost without a clue how to rectify it. I let my connection with my husband deteriorate and he in turn became incredibly obsessed with himself and the fear of ageing to the point where he became unreachable. It was a forgone conclusion he was going to make the choice to find a 30 year old employee totally in awe of him hers. It was never easy living with him he is incredibly insular / selfish can be incredibly cruel but can also be incredibly loving. I don’t know if he could be labelled a narcissist completely but he certainly has many of the traits I have read about on your blogs. I am exploring this now more thanks to you. The very sad thing is as I went through this past horrific year my husband and I reconnected in a way that we never had before in our 18 years of marriage but it was unsustainable when trust, honesty secrecy and betrayal reared their ugly heads over and over. I finally found the courage to stand up to him and the girl inside me is beginning to shine again and from that day on three weeks ago my growth and the realisation that I can be the person I so desperately want to be able to give love and receive love, live in gratitude truth and kindness is finally emerging. While I miss my husband immensely and I fought like crazy to keep my family together I hold my head up high and I know I did my best. I also know that my life will begin now as I end the comfort zone and enter the new world of the unknown living authentic true to myself but finally free.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Heidi,

      I am so pleased my information resonates with you and is helping 🙂

      My heart goes out to you on this difficult transition time, and I am so pleased you are here with us to lean into the support of this incredible Community.

      Also Heidi, I would love you to connect to the Webinar I just did – yesterday – to access healing and information that will help you greatly.

      If you email and ask for the recording and state I recommended it to you on my blog, either Clarie or Harry will send you a copy.

      It was the last one I am doing for the year – and I just know it will help you a lot.

      Mel xo

      January 2, 2017

      Heidi, I am going through very similar- 19 years – 2 beautiful, healthy talented, intelligent girls. 15 & 9yrs old. I hold on to the many blessings though this difficult time. I’m seeing an attorney Wed and am ready for change. It will be tough but I am ready and looking forward to no longer bring surrounded and affected by His N traits! Things will be better- change in the girls lives and the financial stability will be the toughest. I, although, am ahead of the game- so thankful. I have been given the ability to grow through my marriage although it’s been an uphill climb- (I’m seeing I’m tougher than I can even imagine!). I love my Part time job and am looking forward to much more growth, independence and more happiness without the shadow over me!

    December 9, 2016

    I have nothing to add, because it makes sense to me from top to bottom.

    Top notch article.

    Divine Scriptures? Hehehe ♥

    It is very, very inspirational and I love it.

    Melanie I am SO proud of you!

    It is funny how you mentioned that nowadays, our 24-hour day feels more like a 16-hour day. I was thinking the same a couple of days ago.

    Such synchronicity.

    [Life has become increasingly complex as opposed to our forebear’s roles and tasks even though we have innovations that improve our quality of life. We have all been thrown out of natural cycles to process and be multi-focused in so many more ways that we used to.

    Most people have become severely time poor and highly stressed.]

    There is most definitely a shift taking place in this regard (just to give you an example: the other day I read about a male CEO who introduced a 6 hour workday plan for his employees so as to make it possible for them to rejuvenate after a hard day of work – he felt it necessary due to the notion that our lives have become increasingly complex!).

    Amazing :). Cannot help but smile!

      December 9, 2016

      Oops I forgot to ask whether there was going to be a webinar organised for balancing the Divine Masculine & Feminine energies?

      If there ever is going to such an event, I’d love to attend.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Miba,

      I totally believe we have lost hours in the day!

      What a great plan from the CEO – he is definitely tapped into something there.

      Glad you enjoyed the article Dear One.

      Mel xo

    December 9, 2016

    Mel what a wonderful article!

    While reading, a question came up for me. If women and men have both healed and balanced their inner feminity and masculinity parts, would the human race at some point stop being ‘divided’ being born as woman OR man? But rather, as ‘female/masculine unity souls’ incarnating into an androgyne human form? As God and the Higher Consciousness is ‘not one specific gender type’, but feminine and masculine in unity, too?

    Because, having worked NARP for some time now and also the Transforming Family of Origin Wounds course (I highly recommend this to everyone who felt this article strongly resonating with them, because of the wonderful female and masculine healing QFHs in that course!) and continue my path of healing, strenghtening, balancing both feminine and masculine parts inside of me, I no longer feel the ‘need’ that many women feel as to find their perfect partner (man), because what you have developed inside of you, you no longer need to seek and find in the outside world…becoming independent and WHOLE, inside, by oneself.. You do not look for something outside when you are whole INside, right?

    So maybe the reason why in this time, souls are still incarnating in human bodies that are EITHER male OR female, is maybe an aging end-of-range model that simply reflects the old state of divided, not-(yet)whole souls, and we might be phasing-out of this model once we heal and rebalance ourselves to the point of fully being the integrated balance of female and male. (?)

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Hope,

      thank you and I am so pleased it resonated with you.

      Great question – ultimately at soul level I believe we are androgynous, yet we are choosing to express through a male or a female (or a combination of both) form.

      Maybe it could be argued that when we evolve beyond the requirement of “duality” and “separation” as an experience to evolve back to ‘Oneness” (Creation / God) that we will drop the need for a specific gender and just become “All Of It”.

      Will that eventually happen with ascension in the physical realm as “Heaven on Earth”?

      I don’t know …. or does Heaven on Earth also contain the wonderful experience of connection / mating / fusion and union that requires separate gender experiences to remain?

      “Time” will tell!

      Mel xo

      JESS M
      December 10, 2016

      I agree wholeheartedly with you Hope; this article resonates with the deep levels of Divine healing downloafs we get in the “TFOW” and not just with the feminine but Incredible changes from working and balancing the male too. My life has totally changed on many levels very quickly. It was all energetic imbalance but Im not finished it yet. After this article: Im going to work the “TFOW” Feminine more. Interesting I was more drawn to the male energy download to get my life moving forward. Now it does that- I do the Feminine. Thanks Mel. And “Yes” to you Hope. Great name btw. xx

    ConnectedToSource (forum member)
    December 9, 2016

    Hi Melanie..

    Some of the sentences that struck a chord with me ~

    o ” We must be-come it. Be it and then it will come.. ”

    That has been my number one priority ~ I have definitely heard & felt the Inner Call to go within & heal, in order to bring forth love, healing & beauty into the world somehow through what I do. Though I do not yet know what that is. As you mentioned, BE it & then it will COME. This is the very reason even though I am still in the process of healing myself, I am already 100% so trusting of my Inner Source.

    o ” with fierce loving devotion to hold and heal themselves and others.. ”

    I became aware of the return of the Divine Female about four years ago at the end of 2012, & it is the reason I have been on this journey. My first commitment is, & always will be firstly to myself & when you mentioned ” fierce loving devotion ” the tears rolled because that is exactly how I feel about all this. My devotion & commitment to my Inner journey is just that.. fiercely loving.

    o ” For many women it goes like this … If I come out as myself I will be annihilated. How this manifests is – a deep feeling that a woman can’t be herself. That if she tries to be authentic and in her power that she will be smashed.. ”

    I’ve experienced the shock & terror of this first hand. Enough times throughout my life to be wary.
    Expressing my feminine power / feminine confidence naturally around some men has resulted in them becoming extremely offended. I have been violently slammed down via angry, disapproving & competitive emotions. I’ve had to become strong on a mental level in order to hold my ground even though inside I was terrified. And I have also experienced this same smashing down of feminine power between women who have been conditioned to disapprove of the divine feminine as if it is wrong.

    And yes, I totally relate to this post.. It actually answers the questions I had been wondering over the last few months of this year about why I have been recently experiencing huge feelings of upheaval within me & sudden difficulties with males on a more Intense level & feeling that I need to up the number of modules I’m working on in a day. I’ve also noticed that situations & things have been going into disarray around me more so than usual & rather frantically, which I have been taking in stride as maybe just my external world reflecting back to me the massive realignments that are taking place within.. but I think your mention about The Quickening pretty much nails it !

    Thanks for a very timely article.. xx

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi CTS,

      I am so happy for you that you feel that fiercely loving connection to self …

      Many of us have experienced the terror of being ourselves … and I know for me (as well as other women I have worked with) that when this terror goes and we claim our inner Light and Truths (which I promise you I am still healing in regard to men) what happens is we are received completely differently.

      We no longer dim down and then come out and “expect” at our own deep cellular level to receive resistance, anger or punishment.

      And we “deal” we don’t back down and we are not fearful.

      Yet this is not about us combating in a masculine way (which is what we had taken on) … rather it is in a powerful yet loving feminine way.

      That no longer tolerates not being heard or held, and can move on with the full intention to generate real relationships rather than stay stuck in the ones where we can’t be ourselves fully.

      But our fears of being criticised, rejected, abandoned and punished by men must have been cleaned up first in order to show up at this level of presence.

      That is the work we are all taking on now as women.

      Mel xo

    December 9, 2016

    Hi Melanie

    Awesome article! I was beginning to feel a little crazy as so much is going on both personally and at work. All of my family members seem to be going through huge turmoil. I agree it is time to heal the collective wounds of abuse and move to a different level!

    In one of QH sessions that I combined with sounds that enhance past life recollection I had an amazing experience. I connected with the soul of a man that was a native American Indian who suffered terrible abuse by white people, scapegoating, lies and dishonesty, betrayal by his own tribe/family members who were corrupt by white men, alcohol and weapons . He was in terrible pain. He was very sad, embittered and traumatized and angry. The pain of loss of connection with the Great Spirit. Realization that there is no greater pain than this disconnection. This vision helped me to understand the wounding of my son who was a fragmented particle of this man’s tormented soul. My son is really struggling with the way how society operates, out of touch with nature and it is all very academic and bureaucratic and inauthentic. I was another particle of the Indian man’s soul and so is my brother. There are probably others that have “split” and are now wandering this world as well.

    So I am a woman in this lifetime, and I sensed in QH many times the history of abuse, slavery and misogyny. However above vision came about because I put the question about what is this karmic connection that I have with my son that is tormenting me? he is 18 and gets so very angry and disrespectful. This vision has helped me to understand what this deep wounding and connection between us, is. I agree also that women will be the ones to produce the momentum of change needed. It makes sense. We are the more downtrodden part of humanity so its got to come from us. To bring dignity to feminine principle. And be united with men who understand this.

    ….I think just recently the quickening is felt more keenly. Your article is interesting and the notion of having lost a third of a day certain feels real. I don’t feel like I can fit everything I need to fit into a day! But I agree with Suzanne on living more consciously , with nature and inside out will help with it.

    I have loved the session with Mette and also Elizavetta. So in tune with their specific learning lessons!

    Thank you Melanie for your brilliant insight and all the work you do and stuff! Love and big hug

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Jasmin,

      thank you and I am so pleased you enjoyed it, as well as the Shifts Happen episodes.

      Thank you for your insights and also the recognition that we do have work to heal this – our history and tears to the fabric of humanity’s souls have been deep.

      You are so welcome, and keep healing and paving Light forward Jasmin 🙂

      Mel xo

    Angela Bardoe
    December 9, 2016

    Thank you for your insightful article. As I am feeling time speed up I am also seeing myself put the brakes on. I am giving more energy to live life intentionally and am letting go of toxic people and circumstances that aren’t contributing to growth and wholiness. Having said that, I am also feeling unsafe and alone as I have no idea what the future holds- especially for women. I am concerned that in this age of right wing ideological views and Trumpism, woman are again being threatened, grabed, degraded and abused. Have you comments on that before or do you have comments not to share with that in mind?

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Angela,

      You are very welcome.

      My thoughts and comments on this Angela will always be the same …

      We have no power to control anything outside of our centre of influence (ourselves) in order to feel more safe.

      There is only ever one solution – attend to the fear inside our own being and up-level it.

      That is how we heal ourselves and bring a different frequency to the world in general.

      I relate – my entire Life before this journey was tormented by the fear of feeling unsafe. I was born with it, lived it and experienced it – profoundly.

      Since working on myself with Quanta Freedom Healing I no longer have fears. In fact I don’t fear anything – even the worst.

      That is our only solution to be free … replace our fear with Love cellularly – deep within our own Being, and then be ourselves regardless of the conditions.

      It is impossible to change the conditions in order to be safe.

      I hope this makes sense in regard to where our power truly lies.

      Mel xo

    Mette Mulbjerg
    December 9, 2016

    Dear Melanie

    This newsletter feels very overwhelming to read. I resonated completely and almost did not have to read the words, I just had the sense of the core.

    Just before openening my mailbox I had wrote down on a piece of paper something that keeps popping up every morning when I wake up. That I constantly feel that time is moving faster, like it is speeding up and feels like it is always just about to overtake me in every action that I do. I wrote it down to shift it to be able to return and be in the present now. I of cause feel this at my own personal level, but at the same time I have the deep sense that it is also for the good of more than myself. I have felt that the world needed a massive trigger and it is showing in many forms, I also sense this in my own surroundings that random people are expressing change.

    I have a deep sense of all of this, but as I said it feels deeply overwhelming as I truthfully am still facing my own recovery in breaking down the trauma wall – sometimes I mess up, old patterns reappear, feel that I don’t know what is up and down, feel like I am a lonely Island in this transformation and I do not always succeed at the level and speed that I want to. But Core in this journey is to Forgive, have Compassion, Love for ourselves and Embrace it all, we are human and we will keep slipping, that is living Life. When I myself finally learn the core lessons (…and I am givin many to learn) the Storms will be of less intensity and eventually I will break it (my old self) down.

    Right now I even more feel and am shown that I must work on rampling it up in this last month of 2016 and this is why I (and probably many others feels like this…) am bombed with triggers in my life. Maybe I will look back and se it differently, but this is my honest feeling in this writing moment – and the finest Art right now is to not feel it as an extra pressure but to use it as guidance from a higher source to surrender and let go.

    As you say the first step is to clear out our own inner trauma to be able to open up and let in all the Love there is and share that – then miracles will happen <3

    Much Love to you from Mette

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Mette,

      lovely to hear from you dear lady … and you are so right about “time”.

      It is very true that there are big triggers happening for people right now …

      The biggest key … as one of my dear girlfriends who works so wonderfully with QFH says:

      “I bless and accept every trigger as divine because it allows me to get to the next level.”

      It’s about Loving All Of It … because it is all about Love and all being Lovingly delivered.

      There is nothing punishing us and hurting us unless we believe that.

      That in itself is a big shift that helps in our person evolution beyond matter … (this goal) “Everything that happens in my life is gloriously and lovingly leading me to my Highest Joy, Love and Truth”.”

      Much love to you too darling lady.

      Mel xo

      December 28, 2016

      Yes I totally had that core sense too

    December 10, 2016

    This article and other comments brought tears to me because I’ve worked so hard to recover and have a conscious contact with my higher power and be my true self
    I’m trying to let go of inner trauma
    And grow spiritually
    I’ve left my narc husband of 35 yrs
    I had tried so hard to make it work
    I poured everything I had into him but he was still empty
    I need to build my self up This recovery from narc abuse is a big part of what was missing from my seeking peace and I am greatful for every word

      December 10, 2016

      Never give up, you can do it. Keep it up! You’ve gotten this far. You can achieve more! Just do it! ♥

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Julie,

      I am so pleased you found your way here.

      Big hugs and healing to you dear lady.

      Mel xo

    Marie Alexis
    December 10, 2016

    This is spot-on Mel!
    … and I love Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden.

    Siobhan M
    December 10, 2016

    Yes Yes Yes ! I agree. I knew this as a young girl – I didn’t know the name “the Divine Feminine” but I knew and felt the patterns. I knew and felt that my intuition existed even without the language to express it outwardly.

    Then life happened. Fear and sadness and betrayal and other emotions that made me learn how to protect myself from these life experiences. With no one to help me understand how to address my reactions in a healthy way I was left to my own immature survival.

    Here is video that reminds me of how I felt with I was younger and strive to be come again. Enjoy!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Siobhan,

      how AWESOME is this little girl in the mirror?

      This is where we are all evolving back to!!

      Mel xo

    Irene Madrid
    December 10, 2016

    Six years ago I signed up for your course Melanie. Since then, along with active meditation and good friends, I am stronger than ever before. I am in the midst of a law suit with the arrogant one. He is pathetic and I cannot hate him; he is a bully, a coward and attempting to use the same vengeful and manipulative antics as always.

    However, I have changed. At a deposition, he actually said he wanted the old me back! Sorry, but she is gone and this strong loving woman is in her place. I had a therapist who warned me that as I changed my co dependency I would not be popular with my family. It is true; they will have to sort it out and finally understand that I cant be used up by anyone, including my children. I love myself, I take good care of myself and I am a better person for it.

    For those of you who are just starting this journey, I say..You are worth it! Take it a minute, an hour, a day at a time but move forward to healing and self love, balance and self respect.

    December 10, 2016

    WOW! Excellent article Melanie. So well written and on point. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your love with us all.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 10, 2016

      Hi Christina,

      thank you and I am so pleased you enjoyed it.

      It’s my pleasure and you are very welcome.

      Mel xo

    JESS M
    December 10, 2016

    Boy-oh Boy!(ha,ha!): do I “get this”.
    I am struggling with this very issue and dealing with the Speed others can inflict on us; on courses and with work-related Communications. I brought up this very issue on my “Journey to Employment “(J2E) Course. Where is the listening now & considering another?
    Re-emerging back into the work-place from thd former life I took myself away from into cocoon of CPTSD; and now re-emerging; I feel on a very different time speed! I feel the world has recalibrated and Im left beind; especially with a Visual/Dyslexic undiagnosed condition; for which I’ve now created x2 helpful and much needed Disability incomes to help me. Im supported now to not need work as urgently but am slower on the computer as a result and, thus struggle with the new life.around me emerged into with a shock.
    Im now on my 3rd Job offer)- in rapid time frame: this time for a better company) but was sent a “Maths & English” test as part of the Next Speed stage as they Rush me through a process. All designed by new systems and governments; trying to make new non-English speakers Refugees be filtered out of new jobs(I feel)-hence the new tests. The book;”‘Brave New World”?! Comes to mind. Mad rushing ants…
    I said @ interview:”But I have Maths -I needed it to be an RGN” & i had English to get offered a place to study English @Uni as mature student. “Letz see your documents and Recent trainings. Can you administer Personal Care!”
    I sit in shock at the Volley of RECENT trainings they will only accept!
    I say :”But Im an RGN- of course; I can do such tasks!”
    The manager:”Yes- but nurses need to do continued updating! What have you done of late?”
    This job is for only 16 hrs of Supported Permitted work & with learning disabilities.
    It is a kind of job Id like- as Im just to buddy the people to their community interests. Laid back and at their Pace.

    I had to slow down the other two companies & ultimately walk away from a speed-care system; where I felt I could not be part of a system; throwing out speed care and rushing from house to house.
    I felt the new job; would be better. I then was told Id need to complete; the two tests in 48 hrs or not be considered.
    I told them I was moving house and it was not feasable. Being newly boundaried myself and dealing with a person from HR operating in Speed-time was so odd-unusual: that it happened all over again at Speed.
    I suggested on my course how hard it is dealing with people from HR Depts who operate and TALK so FAST- I noticed our tutor (who recovers from cancer was also too Fast for me!!
    These indivuduals; dont seem conscious of their speech and how directing a volley at someone; can throw another person sideways(Especially those with a learning disability like me….of a cognitive nature). And how about individuals with More Serious inpairments? They would hate and Really struggle with such speed -Worse than me and be more left behing and marginalised than they already are.

    I’ll really digest your article slowly…Im trying to slow down all that too! It was highly sychronistic too. Thanks Mel.
    When I asked for more time for the Maths; as Im moving house and the pressure to do it in 48 hrs or not be considered for the job; she said “Oh we just say that to ….”
    “Speed people into doing it @ their pace- I felt”; but didnt say. I have more time to do it now and move house. I have Co-created and manifested so much in such a short time frame; that Im now suffering from the amount to do to align with the new awesome Creations!!. I created it all so fast and now I struggle.
    The car speeds me up too ; where I once cycled and walked; the move out is also in a frenzied City of speed driving: where people push and shop in a frenzy of buying. I got a taxi home and crashed out after town and the course and being forced to do a test so quickly. I want to slow it all down. I want a new slower peaceful Planet. I dont like it one bit. Thought provoking and True Mel. Jess M (Jude) xx

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 12, 2016

      Hi Jude,

      I am so glad you found this thought provoking.

      Jude, what I so like to believe and think is tis … that anything we feel that is out of alignment, we can shift the associated trauma in us and come back into alignment.

      I think we can all get so focused on “what is happening around us” that it is easy (yet the long way around) to forget that.

      Bless you dear lady 🙂

      Mel xo

        JESS M
        December 13, 2016

        Thanks for the needy reminder-more and more work on overcoming Codependent traits. Spot On! Thanks. XX

    December 11, 2016

    Very thought provoking! I’m slowly digesting this material 😉 Thank you (as always) for sharing your insights. XO

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 12, 2016

      Hi Resilient,

      I am so pleased this resonated with you!

      My pleasure … as always! 🙂

      Mel xo

    December 11, 2016

    Thank you Mel for your heartfelt words and encouragement! I do believe it is time for females to find their divine power of love and healing all souls on this planet. You have inspired me so completely in your generosity of spirit in publishing all of your wisdom. I too ended a 25 year marriage to a narcissist this past summer. I plan to join NARP as soon as I can recover from the financial abuse that I am just finding out about that I and my 4 children have been subjected to. I thank God each day for finding you!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 12, 2016

      Hi Jan,

      you are very welcome 🙂

      I am so pleased I have helped inspire you, and you are doing well.

      Bless you darling lady.

      Mel xo

    December 12, 2016

    Yes!!! This is EXACTLY what has been coming up for me across the board — healing the feminine/masculine rift! I have had shocking misogyny show up with several men in my workplace, and have been forced to reckon with it. And this is at a highly professional environment. It came to me very strongly in the past weeks that I needed to heal it and not fight it with equal force, so I have placed my intention on this — and it is starting to work! Incredibly, their behaviors toward me and others has softened and shifted and opened up, and I can feel a warmth and connection beginning to dawn. When I looked inward to try to understand why this experience suddenly came up for me out of nowhere, with these particular people, the intuitive “download” I received was that NOW is the time to heal the masculine/feminine in our world, and we must do it through the people that are directly in our path. So I intend to continue this — simply sending love in place of retaliation, no matter how tempting. This is the core of all of the work of Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, and Jesus. Resist not, and love instead. Hey, it worked for them.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      December 12, 2016

      Hi Carole,

      I am glad this article was timely for you!

      It is powerful when we take the radical responsibility to make the changes at the only place we have the power to …. namely shifting our insides.

      Gorgeous work Carole!

      I love that you are devoted to healing this – because this is a force that is needed on this planet at this time.

      Bless you Dear One!

      Mel xo

    December 13, 2016

    Yes…excellent, totally resonate with you on this Mel… this is huge….excited to do the work on this to become it. Thank you.

    Chaya hzg
    December 21, 2016

    Hi melanie

    There is a jewish teaching that in the time of our “redemption” female energy will encompass male energy

    In some way i feel that is what you are describing as we manifest our personal redemptive states tgere is an unfolding of feminine energy in the world

    Yesterday i had a meeting in tge psych ward with my dauggters treatment team The ex ( narc) was meant to skype in Instead he showed up with his “kgb” file and glares trying to prove that our daughter was deteriorating under my care snd not agreeing to have her discharged to me

    For tge first time, after making my emotional healing a priority including doing a lot of your work to get the trauma out of my body, i felt no fear of him and his harm I did not get the ptsd reaction from seeing him
    I just looked at him and felt sad for a man who has the new girl, kept the family house, kept the business, has fifty percent custody of the little kids and still has the need to spend his energy trying to destroy me with harassment, smear campaigns, financial abuse etc
    Its just beyond sad And i wasnt afraid I know that my daughter will come home to me when she is meant to and that there is a Divine plan being played out
    Thank you
    Chaya hzg

    December 22, 2016

    Dear Malanie thank you for this article. I am an Africa woman from Ghana. And I have always said to myself and to others that if God were to give me a second chance in life and asks me to come to life again I will ask him to bring me back as a Caucasian Male person
    This ia because I see that all good opportunities are opened to men and the Caucasian men in particular esp here in Africa. In the light of what you have shared I really relate thank you very much.

    December 28, 2016

    This article resonated with me incredibly! And I’m sad to say that other people in my life that I’ve shared it with have been dismissive and (imo) cruel about it. But that’s ok! I am trusting myself more every day. I don’t need outside corroboration. I love love the way you speak. I’m sure because you speak my truth. I listened to this one probably 3 times now; I find it so profound.

    But I have a question, now that I’ve gone through Module 1 (and I snuck in a trip through Mod2 this morning even though it may have been a tad early – but it was great actually! -don’t worry I’ll be back on One tonight or tomorrow), because oh my oh my, I don’t want to scare anyone that hasn’t started yet, but it is CRUSHING, and I don’t know how you bring forth all this pure agony; it surprises me every time when I begin a full-body sobbing that hardly seemed to match up with the age/event that I was working on. And it exhausts me utterly. I come away cleansed and energized yet completely ancient and tired… It’s only been 2 weeks since I started.

    But I’m afraid. 🙁 Will this really work? Or is it just bringing things to the surface that are best left in my sealed vault? Will I just end up even more raw and freshly unprotected because now I don’t have as many of the walls and barriers that I’ve evidently worked so hard all my life building? Cerebrally I have been open and honest about all the traumas, and never even get sad about them – I thought that meant I was ‘over it’… I’ve tried to use the experience of being ‘detached’ as a strength — I thought it was?? Now that I see this massive outpouring of emotion during Module, I feel very concerned….

    I’m doing this work because the evidence is all around me that I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO ON MYSELF. My house is a mess, finances a mess, my daily life is a struggle to just get through a lot of the times. (Though i must admit I am endlessly thankful for what I do have, I’m even thankful for the trauma that caused me to finally kick out my narc! Very, in fact!) But I am not thriving, merely surviving.

    My fear of this program actually signals to me that it’s the right thing for me; especially since all the radio, tv, and writing of MTE that I consume lines up COMPLETELY with my heart and my mind. But I wonder, is this right for anyone? For me? Can it damage me? I think both Yes and No at the same time…. I may even be afraid that I won’t get the results I hope for? And that it won’t be worth it? (common theme for me, I achieve/complete but then no ‘real’ results)… Ugh, going in these circles no fun. So I just keep on doing the module in morning whether I like it or not, just like I used to do with exercise…

    Sorry if this post sounded icky! I have ZERO intention of negativity!! I absolutely do not want to spread a fear concept, but it is a part of my struggle; I would love to hear if others felt similarly and were able to overcome it. Meanwhile I will keep on working it until I’m sure one way or the other…

      December 30, 2016

      Jovie, perhaps Melanie has not yet seen your post or had time to be able to respond to it, so let me help guide you for now if I may, having been through this myself.

      Others have said that Quanta Freedom Healing is not for the faint of heart. You are not alone, Jovie. If you do this at a level that feels excruciatingly painful you are experiencing it in the way that will be most beneficial and life-changing for you.

      No, it’s not a pretty picture at all. As you have said, it’s exhausting, crushing and agonizing. Other people have described it as horrifying. That’s exactly how we felt when we first experienced the trauma and it’s how we feel when we are re-experiencing it in order to shift it out of ourselves forever and forever, and yes, to me and to so many of us it is so undeniably worth every minute of the excruciating agony of re-experiencing the pain, or else it will forever be inside of us ruining our entire life. The shifts are quick, and then it’s up and out of you. And yes you do feel cleansed and energized, and it’s a lasting change.

      You are spot on with wondering if it can damage you because it can feel like that while you’re going through it, but the truth is keeping the trauma inside of us is what is doing the most horrific damage. Sobbing hysterically is common. I’ve experienced scary physical convulsions when horrors too horrific to even speak about have passed up and out of me. But, Jovie, They Are Up and OUT of me!!!

      In answer to your questions: 1) Yes, this does actually work phenomenally well. It has changed my life for the 100% better as well as the lives of so many, many others; 2) I can only speak for myself, but it seems to me that at first we are only surviving… house a mess, finances a mess, a struggle just to get through the day. But over a short period of months to a year one’s entire life begins to change for the 100% better.

      So, in answer to your question, I have experienced horrors beyond my worst imaginings going through this and have overcome it. I’m laughing again and living again, and I’m regaining — as one previous poster said — myself, my identity, my fierce confidence and the fire I used to have.

      If you need some additional support, email The support team is amazing beyond belief!

      Best wishes to you on your healing journey.

    Angie Parsons
    January 18, 2017

    Hi Melanie

    I have just listened to your radio show about Time and found it so interesting. What made me laugh is that I have just posted in the forum from the UK where it is still Jan 17th but the post came out as being posted on January 18th! That’s proof enough isn’t it!
    I hear so much these days of narcissistic relationships that I was beginning to wonder if there was any hope but so much has been brought to light through what I have just listened to.
    I am working on the healing meditations and finding them painful but effective. Onwards and upwards!

    Thank you for your tireless work for women like myself.

    Much love

    Angie P.

    wendy Mosher
    January 23, 2017

    I am very happy for you. You went through hell and are now living a prosperous life and passing your life lessons and healing onto others. Go girl!
    Thank you for all of your hard work and the love you are contributing to the world.

    I also have been through very hard times and are trying to heal and be my best self. I was with a N and was destroying my joy, security and self esteem.

    You have been crucified and are living proof you have resurrected from the dead. Many Christians focus much on the crucifixion of Jesus which is important to understand. He was condemned, hated, abused, and nailed to a cross. People wanted to destroy his goodness, light and power. But even while he is being crucified he asks God to forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Forgiveness is powerful. Letting go of the situation and poison. If you are a Christian or not we can look at the outcome of his story and see his resurrection was the “true highlight” in the story. His shinning moment was when he rose from murderous death, condemnation, hate, and envy to be the example for us all. Jesus did not lie down in his tomb and continue to be dead. He chose life. He rose up and came back alive to give light to the world. His story should be our example, not keep being attached to the pain but let it go and be alive again!

    Turning our lives around is not easy because having our hearts broken or being crucified can actually feel l like we are dying. But being resurrected is in reality the only and best option we have. We do create our realities. When we let go of the bad things that happened to us and let God, light or source come into your hearts we can be made more whole and true to who we really are. We allow ourselves to be transformed into blessings and joy. To be free to allow the good to come into our lives and be the best we are made to be.
    I pray for many healing to come to those who are connected with this site. Its nice to know that we are loved and not alone being subjected to this N disorder and that there is a life on the other side.

    June 16, 2017

    Hi Melanie,
    The speeding of time in my country is plain to see. In the seventies and eighties we used to have a long list of things to do in a single day. But the shift of millions of people to the cities in search for jobs has congested our African city which is now creaking with the weight of traffick jams where everyone on the road is praying to manage to get there in time to complete just one errand before they start worrying about beating the jam back home i see this as one of the contributing factor that people seem to do less errands in a month than we used to do in a week.
    Due to my character I geuss,I became a light worker in the ninetees as I tried to avoid the congestion that I witnessed happening,I started working from home. After this traumatic experience with my x,now 8 months since the break up and 16 days with The quantum healing,I have on my calm days started understanding things in my life that I never thought I was capable of. Recently i have noticed that i can Intuitively tell now that am sure who my daughter and my nephew are reincarnated from,Of course I dont say it but it is a disturbing realisation that I can be so sure of this. Another strange intuition i have had is that the mole on my forehead, another on my leg just below my right knee and a smaller one on my nose as though I had pierced my nose are indications that,I had in my previous life a pierced nose like the Asian women do and that the head mole and the leg mole were a reminder of the fatal injuries that I suffered then. Am I being delutional or is my mind clearing for a new way of seeing and could this kind of self generated analysis an indication of my ability to start understaning things diferently?
    I hope I am not strayed out of topic.

    peace and love.

    from Jane.

    November 8, 2017

    Hi Mel

    With regards to the trauma you say we are working through I was thinking about where that originally comes from if our creator is wholly good and only created goodness, there was the original evil and that is what perpetuates our trauma but it is part of a plan to prove the ultimate truth of following good and not evil, the trauma exists because there is evil and yes we have to work through it but the trauma doesn’t exist because there is ab absence of evil. Evil will soon be cast out and all people with it. I truly want to believe that the evil can be reabsorbed back to goodness but it doesn’t make sense that way. Please see if you can help me with this. I do think evil is used for goodness and part of a plan to bring about more love but that evil is not going to get another chance in fact that evil needs to turn to the light if it wants to be reconnected with all that is good. I just worry if a heart is hardened and cast out and can’t do this. Thank you Melanie xo

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      November 8, 2017

      Hi Sally,

      I truly believe that there is no greater way that “evil” is cast out than to be taken out in the light.

      Where there is light – there is no darkness.

      How else could it be “cast out”?

      Just my thoughts.

      Mel xo

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