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Quanta Freedom Healing Live With Sandra From Switzerland

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Written By   Melanie Tonia Evans

Before I introduce this particular blog article and video, I apologise that there has been a delay. It is really unusual for me to not release a blog article and radio show weekly, and the reason why this has been delayed was due to breaking into some new ground technologically and having to iron out some issues.

Well … all good now … because here we are with a brand new format for this week’s topic.

Today I have a really special video to share with you – taking place with myself in Australia and Sandra in Switzerland.

Click here to go and watch the live demonstration of Quanta Freedom Healing with Sandra.

In today’s video Sandra and I talk about Quanta Freedom Healing (QFH) – the energetic shifting “super-tool” in the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) – and then we do three Quanta Freedom Healing shifts live on camera together.

I have done Quanta Freedom Healing shifts on camera before, live from Phuket, but this is the first time I am bringing QFH to YouTube.

And the reason is because I really want the world to know that no longer do we need to try to heal from abuse the hard way.

Meaning … no longer do we need to try to unravel our traumas logically (which actually doesn’t work because you can’t solve emotions logically) by doing decades of therapy, having to learn new skills, taking classes and reading copious amounts of books.

Or spending all our life in personal development; being a spiritual student trying to work our butts off in order to just have an emotionally pain free life.

It’s time to understand why in the past trying to be free of inner traumas was so difficult. The reason is: in the old paradigm of trauma healing all we are capable of is trying to manage our wounds, because we have never cleared them out of our Energy Field.


This May Be Completely New to You

As you watch the video have an open heart and open mind.

If you have never seen energy healing before you may be very sceptical.

I totally get that. Years ago, before I found energy healing and experienced its effectiveness, if anyone had talked to me about the subconscious, Inner Being and doing work in your body to release and shift energy, I would have thought they were quite frankly certifiable and speaking some “New Age Wooho.”

That was until I went through my extreme life and death recovery situation, and found myself coincidentally (not!) one day on a kinesiology table and realised that something pretty remarkable had happened.

Ironically this had happened just when I thought I was not going to be able to keep going on my gruelling recovery without anti-psychotics … I was just about to give up.

The truth was I was so desperate to try anything that I had the kinesiology session. There was no way before then I would have even considered it as an option.

I then became an advanced kinesiologist, and a theta healer.

For those of you who have experienced energy healing you also know what it is like to get work done on your subconscious and how effective it can be.

And, my journey certainly didn’t stop there, because I had persistent trauma symptoms that were not being healed (they were only being managed) and I was determined to find the answer. When Quanta Freedom Healing was humbly given birth through me in the hotel room in Koh Sumui, it was like I had stepped out of energetic Mini Minors and got behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

The energetic healing processes I had accessed previously had helped, absolutely …. however, QFH catapulted me into healing shifts and breakthroughs that I’d never even realised were possible.


Sandra’s Story

Sandra three months ago become a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery (NARP) Member, and she has become very active in this wonderful Community helping and supporting others.

Sandra was a Quanta Freedom Healing (QFH) client of mine some years ago, and in this interview she talks about the results of those sessions years ago – which had released her into a completely different life, love partner and country.

However, a few months or so ago, Sandra was going through another tough time. A health crisis with her partner, lots of stress and feeling depressed and overwhelmed led Sandra to contact me again, and she joined in one of my 3 Keys Groups and started to connect to Quanta Freedom Healing again.

Sandra then became a NARP Member (which is for any pain and disappointment in life as well as “abuse” – because the Program is working inside your body and your traumas to get the results in outer life powerfully), and Sandra over the last few weeks has again experienced profound breakthroughs and resolutions.

Sandra talks about what has occurred since in the video.

Then Sandra and I work together on an issue that we suspected was big, yet we both had no idea how big or what was to be revealed and resolved in this session.

You’ll see!


You Experiencing This Healing

During this video you may want to participate in Sandra’s healing yourself. And you can … because the truth is at the Quantum Level there is no division in time and space – everything is happening in the hologram of life as an “overlay” simultaneously … meaning that all you need to do is listen to this video at any time, grant permission for me to come into your space as Sandra does, sit quietly somewhere where you will not be disturbed and follow the instructions.

If you have an open mind and heart you will get results.

Also please know, I realise that if you have never experienced energetic healing, and have never had any previous information about it, you may find it initially quite “freaky”.

As I stated before … this is normal, and to be expected. Very few of us were brought up to believe in the “unseen” world. And it’s not like we can go to a doctor, have an x-ray and he / she says, “You’ve got 30 years of unresolved grief trapped inside you.”

So, therefore, I really encourage you to be sceptical and do your research.  Look me up, google me, go through Information about Quanta Freedom Healing (QFH) and the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) and most importantly research the responses from people in this community on all of my forums … my Facebook Page, testimonies, blog replies, my YouTube channel – everywhere where you can find reviews and comments about the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (which is often referred to as “NARP” or simply “The Program”).

One of the things I know about Quanta Freedom Healing and my involvement with the Community is that QFH is the true reason why people get powerfully well in unprecedented ways that information alone simply can’t produce. Sandra and I mention in the video how we know when Community people respond in a Forum, as to whether they are in their logical mind trying to resolve the trauma, or if they are doing the work in their bodies with QFH.

Because the distinction is Universe’s apart. People are at completely different levels of consciousness.

If you do your research on my Forums and compare them with standard Abuse Forums, you will see the “day and night” difference between people who are in the Thriver Orientation working The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program QFH Modules, and those mired deep in victimisation who sadly have no logical way out.


The “Topic” The Healing Is Based On

During this video Sandra and I work on one of the most important aspects of all, that relates to absolutely everyone who has been abused … you will have to watch to find out … because I don’t want to give too much away.

What I would like to say though, is that Sandra and I had NO idea where it was going to go, and what we did find and release is a wound that has plagued Sandra in profound ways in nearly every area of her life.

But NOW this wound and the playout simply does not exist. Sandra has since reported the old pattern has changed now completely.

Sandra, has just reported to me that it feels organically natural for her to protect her energy and resources. There is not the fear of saying “No” anymore. Rather than people pushing for the “Yes”, Sandra’s “No” is now easily accepted, with her being able to remain lovingly supportive instead of needing to defend.

And this is exactly what happens when we profoundly shift our energy fields.  Life evolves to match our new inner programmed state. The truth is it wouldn’t matter if Sandra needed to stand up and say “No” … she’s willing to do it, and now “The Field” (Life) no longer needs to deliver the lesson (via people and situations) for Sandra to release her inner wounding that was generating this “gap” in her life.

Click here to watch the live demonstration of Quanta Freedom Healing with Sandra.

P.S. Oh and by the way since Sandra has been working with NARP – eliminating the traumas in her body that were causing her to self-medicate with food – her weigh-in at the doctors reveals she has lost 5kg effortlessly in 3 weeks!

I look forward to your comments and your questions, and please direct them at either Sandra or myself … as we are both happy to respond to you.

Also please know my next 3- hour free tele-class has now been released. During this event I teach you how you to become your own profound healer, by applying Quanta Freedom Healing in all areas of your life.

To not only free yourself from abuse, but also to up-level any disappointing life experience or emotional state that you want to evolve beyond.

You can join in this next tele-class here.


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Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert. She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie's healing and teaching methods have liberated thousands of people from the effects of narcissistic abuse world-wide.

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12 Thoughts on Quanta Freedom Healing Live With Sandra From Switzerland
    August 31, 2015

    Excellent video.

    I’ve not been able to afford to sign up for the narp program, but I’ve found a local healer, who has been giving me meditation and reiki, and I’ve found that really helpful. One session resulted in me finding myself in a past life. It was really very moving.

    I know I still have such a long way to go though. I have been feeling positive and strong. But recently have realized that my strength is only there when he is not. He contacted me. After months of not doing so. As soon as he did I became weak again. Two weeks of contact and my anxiety levels were soaring again. I have recently told him to f off and blocked him. Now I feel calm and at peace again, instantly.

    I still have work to do, so my healing will continue. I can’t wait for Tuesdays session with my healer, and I look forward to what comes to light!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      September 1, 2015

      Hi Buttercup,

      that is wonderful that you have created No Contact, and are determined to hold it and heal you.

      That is the truly the path …

      Bless and wishing you much healing.

      Mel xo

    August 31, 2015

    Very touching Video Mel and Sandra, Sandra you are really brave !
    Thank you both so much for sharing this !
    Mel, when will you offer the education in QFH ? I would love to offer my clients this method beside the shamanic healing I teach, in German. Often people get interested, but they dont want the english version of QFH, because they have difficulties with different language.

    Lots of Love

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      September 1, 2015

      Hi Ina,

      I am so glad this video touched you.

      There is a process to go before I can train teachers in QFH, and it will definitely happen, and MTE will allow the expansion to bring the process to different languages.

      The Community will be notified when this happens Ina.

      Mel xo

    August 31, 2015

    This NARP approach and Melanie’s truths have provided me with grounding and a deep consolation and joy that I could not fully find elsewhere. She made sense of what I had been through and I realised that what had happened to me was not just because I was just unlucky or unfortunate or foolish. There were clear patterns and even more importantly she offers a way out of those patterns so that they do not continue to repeat in our life. Each repeat of the pattern brings a deeper level of pain to us and a further loss of hope. She really understands the way the narcissism plays out in our lives and can almost repeat word for word conversations and incidents that have caused nothing but shame, bewilderment and endless pain. To be understood helps more than words can say. It breaks the spell of shame and isolation. If a person has not gone through narcissistic abuse they have no real understanding and their efforts at helping or explaining or solving just cause us more pain and sense of inadequacy and a sense of being cut off and different from others as we know that the divide between us and even our dearest friends and family is too wide to bridge. Melanie restores us to ourselves and I truly thank her for what she has done. She gives so deeply of herself and the cost of NARP is negligible.

    My life is so different, as different as night is from day. My life has improved in every area. I am so much happier being myself and getting my needs met and having a sense of real freedom that I have not had before. I am happy every day now.

    Thanks very much Melanie, I wish you every success and I hope that even more people find their way out of their pain by exploring your work.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      September 1, 2015

      Hi Setarah,

      I am so thrilled you have broken through and are living the freedom of the Thriver Process.

      You are so very welcome.

      Bless you and thank you for your wonderful post.

      Mel xo

    August 31, 2015

    Thank you both for this.
    And of course non coincidentally it covers exactly the issues coming up for me with this supermoon

    September 1, 2015

    I listened to this video and experienced major insights and releases. At first, I was tense and now I am calm and relaxed. Melonie’s program works; just like yoga and positive visualization. At this moment: I AM ME!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      September 1, 2015

      Hi Katie,

      so pleased you had a lovely shift as per Sandra’a and my video!

      Mel xo

    Shawn Montazemi
    September 3, 2015

    OK…I finally “get it”. This video really helped…thanks.

    I have been watching a lot of Abraham Hick’s videos and for some reason, her information really made sense to me.

    Coming back to the Quanta Freedom Healing model, I can really see your method of removing resistance (pain body) and allowing Source to flow to us…thus permanently changing our vibrational selves. Once done, everything must match our new vibration.

    For example, when Sandra made the shift to no longer have cigarettes in her “world” or vibration, it helped her husband quit smoking because Sandra was now resonating with this new vibration of “No Smoking, please”. It helped her husband come ashore, if you will, with Sandra being the lighthouse. Her husband has now “caught up” to the “No Smoking, please” vibration and it is now his vibration as well.

    Very cool.

    Time to revisit my modules again.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      September 4, 2015

      Hi Shawn,

      that is great that it has “clicked” for you …

      Many L of A advocates can get stressed about “going back” to the emotion … however with QFH we are not going there to regurgitate it, we are cleaning it out of our Energy Field once and for all, so that it just doesn’t exist.

      Then the more spacious we become inside, the easier it is to have Source (Our True Self) flow through us as us …

      Mel xo

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