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Shifts Happen – Freeing Yourself From Chronic Pain And Disease

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Written By   Melanie Tonia Evans


I am so happy to be back tapping into the MTE channels bringing you weekly inspiration and healing for 2017.

I hope that you have had a positive start to the New Year.

I want us all to know and start connecting to the cellular knowing that we are in truly exciting times.

Revolutionary times of being able to say “no” to the aspects of life that we may have been living, and “yes” to a whole new way of being able to transcend into up-levelled emotions and experiences.

This year and this month is all about “change”.

Positive, powerful steps towards the Self and Lives we are born to live.

And that’s what today’s Shifts Happen episode is ALL about.

It’s a special episode … because it is where Catherine, my lovely subject, and I work together with Quanta Freedom Healing to address BIG stuff.

In fact, this is one of the biggest and toughest Quanta Freedom Healing sessions I have ever done.

If you are new to the Community then this will be a wonderful first experience for you, because you will get to see exactly how we are able to shift ourselves from trauma and free ourselves from the suffering of narcissistic abuse, and any other assorted blocks and issues.

Every few weeks I share new Shifts Happen episodes with you, as I work with members of the Community who are struggling as a result of deeply routed trauma, which is hijacking certain areas of their life.

And by sharing it with you, you are able to take part in the Healing yourself for the same benefit.



Within this healing on many occasions I had to step in and do releases for Catherine on her behalf because the trauma load was so high for her.

Catherine has been stuck in chronic pain and aliments all of her life. She has known nothing but suffering, with Lyme disease, mold toxicity, high pathogen loads and autistic like issues.

How this plays out in Catherine’s everyday life is that suffers from cramps and spasms, digestive pain, extreme anxiety, difficulty sleeping, mental fogginess and uncontrollable crying spells.

And … Catherine has suffered narcissistic abuse.

To say that mere survival, let alone Thriving, has been a challenge for Catherine is a gross understatement.

And what is causing her struggles are exactly what is responsible for all of us being separated from our True Self … internal embedded trauma.

There were massive somatic physically felt traumatic memories and traumas in Catherine’s energy field responsible for the physical, emotional and mental conditions that she was trapped in.

Catherine has been trying to shift these deep issues and working SO hard with the NARP Program … and feeling like no matter how much she works on herself it is never enough.

And this is why I stepped in to help, to get to the bottom of the big subconscious programs that were underpinning and sabotaging her.

This healing was fascinating on so many levels and has the ability to help a lot of people who are stuck in deep physical and emotional suffering … and maybe that is you …

Both Catherine and I are passionate about how this healing may be able to help the people in the Community who are suffering from conditions that they can’t seem to find their way free from.

Past life trauma still operating in our Energy Field is responsible for so much – and if the trauma is significant and is not addressed it plays out in very impactful ways.

You will see during the healing how this energy was contacted and released and replaced – layer upon layer of very significant trauma.

Furthermore, this healing is a demonstration of the interlaced web of beliefs carrying high trauma content that need to be released to get true space and relief in our cells, for healing and well-being (up-levelling) to enter.

This is a healing for anyone stuck in chronic trauma and it is especially relevant to women who need to emerge as themselves, free of trauma and consequential suffering.

A great takeaway from this episode happened about an hour into this healing. What emerged was, what I believe in my humble opinion, the biggest fracture in the human experience.

Also what presented is a fascinating dichotomy and emerging wisdom (which happens organically with the Quanta Freedom Healing process) regarding “victimisation”, whch I know many people will be able to relate to.

Especially if you feel like they can’t shake the victimised feelings no matter how hard you work on yourself in order to heal.

The continued sequence of inner work Catherine was granted at the end of the healing, with the Goal Setting Module in NARP, will also interest those of you who can relate to this Shifts Happen episode and deeply want to clear up chronic pain and conditions.

This is exactly the healing path I took some years ago to emancipate myself permanently from chronic physical and mental conditions which I was told were incurable.

And it is my greatest desire today that this Shifts Happen episode can help you at the deepest core layers within your soul.

If you are new to the community and would like to learn how to apply Quanta Freedom Healing to your healing journey then I recommend you take a look at the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. 

This program specifically addresses the 10 most crucial hooks of narcissistic abuse and gives you a complete system to Thrive.

And as always I look forward to your comments and questions in regard to this healing!


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Melanie Tonia Evans is an international narcissistic abuse recovery expert. She is an author, radio host, and founder of Quanta Freedom Healing and The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program. Melanie's healing and teaching methods have liberated thousands of people from the effects of narcissistic abuse world-wide.

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51 Thoughts on Shifts Happen – Freeing Yourself From Chronic Pain And Disease
    February 3, 2017

    Salem witch trials. I felt as if I was persecuted for being authentic and really striving to help others when my world fell in around me. Holy cow powerful stuff. I totally gave birth to an elephant!! At least I got I can laugh about it now! Whew!! Great.. tyty

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 4, 2017

      Hi Alisha,

      I am so pleased you were able to connect in to this healing and release stuff!

      Well done!

      You are so welcome Alisha 🙂

      Mel xo

    February 3, 2017

    That was just astonishing.
    Thank you both
    And I listened on Brigids Day, with all the energy of that time, renewal , hope, the return of the Light.
    ( in the Northern Hemisphere ?)
    I am very moved when I think of the resonances and implications of the healing for all people who have had their light stolen and been victimized and punished by the thieves.
    And for the understanding that at one point we were the victim and at another we were the thief.
    Blown away ( again). So incredibly profound.
    And what a great beginning for 2017 .

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 4, 2017

      Hi Selkie,

      I am so pleased this resonated with you.

      And that you do understand the deeper layers of what is possible.

      Bless you!

      Mel xo

    February 4, 2017

    Hi Melanie!

    First of all thanks for sharing this enormously important and big episode of Shifts Happen! And all the the love in world to Catherine for her courage and strenght!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    I was very much affected by this and have had almost every one of these beliefs too!
    I found out that I was stoned to death in past life and also abandoned and cursed and left by my people.
    I have been working on these feelings and beliefs by myself for 2 months now and have come a long way I think – but there was a very big thing coming up for me the other day that scared me first but after asking for help in the NARP-forum felt much better. That is that “I don’t exist!” I am not even alive!”
    I havn’t been able to take that to a Module yet but I felt it so strong in my body today on the bus home that I wanted to get som release and help by watching this Shifts Happen.
    Then you suddenly nailed it again Mel!!! You said “I am bad, I am dark, I am evil and I deserve to be punished”! I felt like my heart stopped and then a huge relief that I now finally understand WHY my 1st Narc could make me believe I was BORN to be submissive and that my only purpuse to live was for him and other men to use me for pleasure!
    The enormous pain and shame I carry after what I have been through and how I could treat myself that way together with the battle every single day and hour to hide that big dark and dirty part of me almost killed me!
    Now, as I heard you say these beliefs and felt them inside me – I feel that I can get to work with them and hopefully shift and release them!!

    I hope I am not doing anything wrong now by asking this… but this is a question and a feeling in me that is so HARD to keep by myself and that I can not possibly seem to understand about me or how to get rid of the huge shame about:
    After being “brainwashed” for 7 years by my 1st Narc who made me his submissive “slave” and all the other Narc-things that left me without friends or contacts and almost got me to lose my three kids – I left him for the sake of my children and because I wanted to give them all my love and attention.
    But then I carried on the destructive living BY MYSELF (the weeks I did not have my children) and let other men, strangers, use me and humiliate me!!!!
    Please, please Melanie tell me WHY I did that to myself even “by choice” and not forced!!
    Whats wrong with me??!

    Thank you from my heart to you Melanie! ❤

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 4, 2017

      Hi Anki,

      you are very welcome 🙂

      Oh gosh – sooooo many people Anki have had the beliefs “I don’t exist” or “I don’t deserve to exist” or “I shouldn’t be here / alive / exist” … I was one of them – and this terrible dread and darkness was always present until I shifted those beliefs.

      This is very common for people who have been with narcissists … who ironically (not!) have had their very life-force (existence) sucked dry.

      (Being the generation of the validity of the belief.)

      You will find enormous relief and return of your Life-force when you rid these from your Inner Being Anki.

      I am so pleased for you Anki that you feel validated and can now meet and heal that shame directly. There will be so much emancipation for you in that.

      Anki, sweetheart, you did that to live out the validity of the belief – its what every one of us humans have done when we are acting out in ways that hurt and harm us … and we know it, yet can’t seem to stop ourselves doing something … no matter how much it hurts.

      Entrenched inner belief systems are like heat seeking missiles that ensure we will keep “being” the belief.

      Such as “People I love hurt me” (we will connect to and cling to people who always do that) “I am not worth loving” (we treat ourselves in ways that demonstrate the) …. as well as “I am dirty, and men treat me like a slave” …

      What else were you going to do with that inner belief systems that was so powerful because it carried huge emotional trauma content?

      From the past life perspective that belief may heave been this: “If I don’t let men treat me this way – I can’t survive”.

      When our ancient programs are Survival Programs (as most of them are) they carry an even bigger charge and power … because your Inner Being believes if you don’t play it out you will be dead.

      (None of this is logical at all!)

      Truly Dear One, as soon as you go directly to the shame, track it and heal it … you will be free..

      I hope this helps Anki, and please keep posting and reaching out in the NARP Forum.

      Mel xo

    February 4, 2017

    this was amazing.I’d been feeling so trapped in victimhood by my narcs.This was timed perfectly for me to find today just when I needed to because of course there is no such thing as coincidence and I was meant to get this today as I had been praying for a God send ,literally.Thank you Mel.and thank you to the healing light that is helping us

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 4, 2017

      Hi Michelle,

      I am so glad you enjoyed it, and it has helped and was so timely for you!

      It is my absolute pleasure Michelle.

      Bless you 🙂

      Mel xo

    February 4, 2017

    I found this was very healing for Catherine except one thing. You told her not to give any power to her emotions. And not to get sucked in as she was holding her throat.
    I sense you are raking her power here. I’ve done much body work going through emotions and grieving and leveling up myself.
    Even though you spoke of wailing yourself. And told her to feel. You also told her not too. She was locked in her head and listening to you and couldn’t express any of the story. I think quantum healing is good but you should also implement some of the story. And get the person your helping to feel more besides choking. Thanks anyway

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 4, 2017

      Hi Carola,

      when we use Quiana Freedom Healing the most important thing is to be in our body with the emotion.

      It is actually the exact opposite regarding theta brainwave (where we need to be to get deep cellular DNA loading up and releasing occurring) .. as soon as we start recalling “what” happened (the story) then beta brainwave kicks in, and we get into our head and out of cellular Inner Being (subconscious) contact.

      When I used to coach / heal … and allowed people to get into the story I found shifting dramatically less effective and these clients were healing at less than 10% of the rate of people guided to somatic shifting.

      The same is exactly true for myself and all people I have ever worked with.

      Hence why I am very firm about staying with the e-motion (the Energetic Signature) which needs to be somatically felt in our body (self-partnered with) to be loaded, released and replaced, in order for QFH to work.

      Here is more about the Quanta Freedom Healing process for you to understand how it works …

      And of course Carola, we all have methods and ways of working which resonate with all of us – and we feel drawn to, and I totally respect that!

      Blessings to you.

      Mel xo

    February 4, 2017


    You are one tough cookie and so gifted. I am in awe. That is what I call shifting with surgical laser-like focus. Amazing.

    And Catherine, wow. You completely lit up and relaxed halfway through and near the end.

    It’s so relieving to see how this big load was shifted out of your system.

    I’m so happy for you! ♥

    Good job you two – wow! ☼

    February 4, 2017

    This was absolutely amazing! Thank you so very much❤️

    February 4, 2017

    Thanks Melanie and Catherine. I’ve been working NARP for almost a year now, it’s changed my life profoundly. I watched this video and it caught my off guard. I thought I’d take a little look and see what’s up….. and WOW…. it connected in with my stuff and I realized how much trauma and shame and victimization I have from past lives around how unsafe it was to simply be me.

    Thanks to Catherine for her bravery and vulnerability. Thanks to both of you for sharing this.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 4, 2017

      Hi Daniel,

      I am so pleased this healing helped you!

      That is wonderful that you were able to go even deeper, and it will certainly help with your NARP shifting from here on – granting you a boost with them.

      You are very welcome 🙂

      Mel xo

    February 4, 2017

    Yay Mel : )
    Thanks Catherine : )
    For me…
    I was a mistake… unplanned, an… embarrassment.
    but now
    I am an explorer… a cheeky wriggler, who claims…
    I am not stuck in the doorway
    I have entered the present
    I am whole with the wholeness
    best I can

    bless you Mel
    you channel the deep, so well : )

    Mette Mulbjerg
    February 5, 2017

    Dear Christine and Melanie

    This healing came at precise timing – so thank you both!!

    Thank you Catherine for showing up and the bravery you have shown! I deeply relate and understand what you have been struggeling with. I had my eyes closed during as all of these beliefs brought up HUGE physical reactions. BUT when I opened my eyes after a while, you looked so different, it was amazing!

    Personally deep deep terror keeps surfacing right now. That ALL has to go, no more terror, shame or fear of being who we are <3

    In relation to this, thank you, Melaine also for (once again) reminding of not going into the human story of the wounds. Not to identify with it, but see it as only a wound that needs healing. Cause it can be so frightening to go into and "controle" these heavy, deep terror emotions on our own.

    So thank you once again both of you! If all of this past history junk is healed in all of us, the world will look a lot different – so lets do that with Love and Compassion for eachother in the process <3

    So much Love from Mette <3

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 6, 2017

      Hi Mette,

      it is so lovely to hear from you!

      You are so welcome dear lady … and it is so true – the energy of the trauma only takes us out when we succumb to the “story” of it. It is just so much more effective to spiral it up and out and replace it with Love and Healing!

      I ADORE your last paragraph Mette.

      Yes … let’s do that.

      What else is there to do?

      Mel xo

        Mette Mulbjerg
        February 8, 2017

        Thank you Melanie, so good to hear from you too <3

    mme cluseau
    February 5, 2017

    This was a big help!! The first episode i ever watched in full length as it caught me right in, and resonated so much with me, i had an instant emotional reaction. Although i was a bit sceptic that this can shift inside me too i feel definitely a change and i feel somewhat relieved. It was so interesting and helpful to see how all these beliefs are not a special “heavy case that is me” but so common for all of us, also i finally understood on a deeper level, where is the point where we go to victimhood and how this keeps us from feeling empowered enough to heal directly and in a beautifully simple way. I found myself so much in this in every single shift, huge thanks to you, Melanie for being so loving, humorous, focused, and “badass” and Katherine for being so brave, open and dedicated!

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 6, 2017

      Hi mme cluseau,

      I am so pleased you felt a shift.

      That is also wonderful that you resonated with deeper truths regarding victimhood.

      Oh I love being called “badass”!! (lol).

      Thank you gorgeous lady for your so generous and beautiful post!

      Mel xo

    February 5, 2017

    I have severe bio chemical distress as of lately due to tryin to treat hence I have not been on the forum or online much typing . Apologies .. I would like to update people that since I’ve had this healing about a month ago a so significant piece to the puzzle of my condition came to my attention.

    I have a gene mutation that makes it difficult to break down sulfates creating excess ammonia in the body when I’m already fighting off stuff that creates a lot of ammonia either way it’s like being poisoned and it’s gotten in the way of doing a lot of treatment and I had a test two years ago and because I’ve been so sick and dissociated unable to handle life I actually did not become aware of this until after I had his healing done and I worked more on My goal module of my overall health and connecting to me being able to overcome it to a higher number . I did have a conversation with a friend who is smart on health challenges such as mine where the results of the test were actually brought to my attention . Had I of showed up different in conversation this may not of happened .Sure it doesn’t change my overall situation because it’s still very complicated/ compounded and actually torturing but it’s the kind of thing that you really can’t move forward without knowing or understanding before you attempt to do anything to treat . What I’m saying is that really does work that you do on the inside really does shift you’re outside and it’s never like this like fairytale pretty story but it’s really hard to deny the interchange on the outside of your results with the work you’re doing with your trauma and wounds .

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 6, 2017

      Hi Catherine,

      that is so great that you had that information come forth – and as we discussed this morning – so, so important gorgeous to focus on the continued work of unfolding those 4 Goals that were set out.

      That is what is going to keep the profound healing and relief going.

      There is still more work to do!

      Big hugs.

      Mel xo

      Violet Spectre
      February 10, 2017


      I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for displaying the enormous courage you did in sharing this deep deep shift with me and all the others out there battling chronic disease.

      I have been using the goal setting module to work on my health and healing and it is really reaping rewards for me. I’ve noticed that so much trauma just lives in my body, that when I do these big shifts like you did in the healing you shared, my body goes through up to weeks of detoxing. I find the goal setting module with the intention of “I will heal my body” has really helped me not just physically, but with making better food choices (nutrition is literally everything with my challenges-which is somewhat similar to yours but with oxalates), keeping my exercise going, showing up as the author of my heath-care at doctor’s appointments and being LISTENED TO by them, and by allowing me to sleep and rest myself without feeling guilty about it.

      Again, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to share. As Mel said-many in the community could come in on the healing and I was one of them who benefitted big-time from your heroic efforts.

    February 5, 2017

    Dear Catherine and Melanie

    You are very brave and have great strength to go through this healing session and I wish you the very best with your healing in the future.

    I’ve had the condition fibromyalgia and have being managing the condition for years and would love to be healed and cured permanently, it was a god send Melanie that you did this healing session with Catherine. Melanie you mentioned in your blog “Goal Setting Module in NARP, will also interest those of you who can relate to this Shifts Happen episode and deeply want to clear up chronic pain and conditions. This is exactly the healing path I took some years ago to emancipate myself permanently from chronic physical and mental conditions which I was told were incurable.” I’ve being working with the NARP program for nearly a year now and have experience loads of shifts and more awareness about self realisation of who you really are as a person and being an empath it would be great not to absorb outside negative energy to observe and let it go. Working with the NARP program the abandonment issue is very big in past life trauma Melanie when you are using the goal setting module would you also use the source healing and resolution of abandonment and source healing and resolution of absorbing negative outside energy.

    Thank you very much Melanie and Catherine for this healing session.
    Kind Regards

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 6, 2017

      Hi Healingpath,

      I am so pleased that this healing session with Catherine resonated with you.

      The SH & R, I believe, is one of the most powerful goals we can use .. to heal anything back to its Divine and True State.

      So if you are working on those traumas – absolutely.

      Are you in the NARP Forum of late HP?

      Because there you can receive really intricate coaching from NARP specialists to help you achieve your shifts.

      It may be just what you need right now to get that super-boost!

      I hope this helps

      Mel xo

    Lisa Stalnaker
    February 5, 2017

    Mel and Catherine –

    Catherine, thank you so much for your courage in sharing this with others, and Mel thank you so much for showing us how it works on your end of things, while I’m doing my modules. A really powerful healing session and video. So much of this resonated with me (as someone who suffers with fibromyalgia and chemical sensitivities) and the beliefs – whew! – “I don’t deserve to live,” and the “I’m bad, I’m evil” I had never identified before but I could really feel that in my body while watching the video. I did get a lot out of the ending, as well, where you were talking about “don’t go into the story.” That is something I’m repeatedly struggling with not only during modules but between them as well – I get a shift and then the next thing you know I’m concocting an entire story around what just happened. Do you think, Mel, you could do a short video or blog on what exactly you mean by “don’t create a story” and some tips and guidance for how we can avoid falling into that trap. I know I’m not at all clear on the lines between identifying the emotion, articulating the belief, and creating the story. I know I get visual images during module work which often help me identify my feelings and beliefs – but then they also seem to just spin out of control. It sounded like Catherine was struggling with that same thing as well.

    Thank you both for sharing, it was a blessing to me, I feel so privileged and grateful to know that my healing journey is shared by others and we have such a wise teacher-healer in you Mel.

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 6, 2017

      Hi Lisa,

      I am so pleased this clarified things for you!

      I love your idea about not going into the story … and you are right – that is vital information that could help people.

      You are so welcome Lisa, and it is wonderful that you are connected to this Community and reaching our, sharing and determined to heal.

      And so it will be.

      Are you in the NARP Forum Lisa getting assistance?

      It will really help you so much with your breakthroughs.

      Mel xo

    February 6, 2017

    Big thank to you both Mel and Catherine. I was right with you on the big powerful shifts. It helped to see how loading up different feelings and emotions in the tornado helped shift more stuff out.

    I have also added source healing and resolution of telling stories to my goal setting module.

    It would be good to hear how you are getting on Catherine. You did just great.

    Love and best wishes

    Tracy aka New Horizon xx

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 7, 2017

      Hi Tracy,

      you are so welcome and that is so wonderful that you are going to get into shifting out of the story!


      Mel xo

    Boudewien Bosma
    February 6, 2017

    Hello Catherine and Melanie,

    What a bravery Catherine , thank you much , !
    and I hope you’re doing much better now and believe me if I say what an incredible impact this shift you both have done for the benefit of you and all , had on me too , I bet on more as well ,
    it makes me a sort of humble and in silence ,
    and stunned
    but in peace to know our own strength is in us to do all this big things by the help of someone like Melanie,
    thank you both much xxx !
    here is much relief now.
    Yet Still much ‘work’ to do
    so this woman hops in to bed with hope
    , best wishes to you all
    thank you again, Catherine and Melanie,
    all the best and
    love from Holland



    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      February 7, 2017

      Hi Boudewien Bosma,

      I am so glad you enjoyed this and now have hope!

      Lots of love to you too BB!

      Mel xo

    February 6, 2017

    Hi Mel

    A topic idea
    unless you’ve covered it

    not wanting to be
    seen / heard / recognised


    February 9, 2017

    Thank you Catherine for having the courage to heal publicly so that we can benefit from your example. THank you Melanie for providing this experiential session.

    Catherine, you were speaking my words…. don’t exist, shame, everything I do is wrong, trapped (damned if I do, damned if I don’t).
    It was so powerful, I could not listen to it straight through. I will, in the immediate future.

    First 28 yrs of life with a narcissistic mother- I severed communication and went on a decade long “healing” binge… holistic/energetic. Last 18 years with narcissitc partner (gee, tells ya how well those years of healing worked, huh? LOL!)

    I’m a few scant years away from 60 and the walls are closing in… time is running out and I never lived. And, how to start at this late state? With absolutely no friends and no skills to support myself, and just damn exhausted… I’m at a crossroads. Ride it out and maybe next lifetime will be better? Heal it now and see what happens?

    Just like Catherine, I have the “I don’t exist”. This manifests in fighting for the simplest acknowledgement in my own home… but physically- osteoporosis- bones disappearing, hair falling out, teeth falling out. I haven’t looked at myself in a mirror in years- just never crossed my mind. The throat tightness- in reality, not allowed to have a choice or opinion… but physically- hypothyroidism. “Feeling attacked”- autoimmune disease- my body is attacking itself. And, I took the reigns from past lives and present life abusers, I stepped in and am killing myself- smoking, with a family history of lung issue. A few years back I realized it was “passive aggressive suicide”, “I didn’t kill myself, the cig’s did”. Add to it having TIA”s (mini strokes), starting 8 years ago. Recently I’ve had major stomach pains. And, like Catherine- can’t sleep, anxiety, digestive issues.

    And then the shame of what life has been up to this point. I am extremely intelligent, artistic, incredible wit, good with money (though haven’t had any for a very longtime-that comes under the category of being “allowed” choices), energy sensitive and intuitive.But I have a life of a blank slate. No kids, no career, no friends left, no holidays or vacations. But what is on the other side? I think Catherine was afraid to let go, because it was all she knew. I get that. I sooo get that. The big “then what?”

    So, I’m going to take the plunge. I’m going to sign up for your program…. and I’m terrified. I see it playing out- I shift, he can’t stand it, leaves, utilities get turned off, and I’m found here dead from starvation. Hate him and the slow painful emotional death, but hate a slow painful physical death without him.

    Maybe that projection will shift with working the program…..

    2:30 am in USA….. the only time I am not in “survival mode” because he’s sleeping… but time for me to sleep. Thanks for this video, and thanks for the outlet to use my voice, speak my mind… and possibly be validated for existing. And thank you Catherine for having the courage to be the catalyst for change in others.

      February 15, 2017

      Omg Trish, your story sounds so much like mine. I’m brand new here & have read but one article (a friend who has gone NC w/her narc ex recommended this site to me–I’m so thankful!). But seriously, after reading the comments to this particular healing process or “shift”, I can’t wait to watch it, & I also am going to be taking that scary jump with you into exploring further healing for myself.

      Just reading your words alone gave me the courage to do so. No joke!

      You are not alone. I am not either. We may feel like it (all the time, ha!), but the truth is, my energy & your energy & the energy that I feel jumping thru my phone screen from your words are surrounded by others’ who have been or are in our shoes—& are receiving healing. Finally. Dammit, if other people can get that, I want it too.

      Although I haven’t done nearly the work that has been described here, allow me to share the news that, once I was kicked out by my narc this past year (we are still married; living separately; he still controls almost everything, although I am now seeking to divorce him), I began to experience massive healing just by the mere fact I was no longer living in such a toxic environment. I know that I hold a lot of toxicity within myself for various reasons (growing up in a home w/ a narc parent; showing signs of multiple chronic autoimmune diseases by age 3; and most recently, a 24/7 daily fever of unknown origin which my doctors have yet to diagnose, but who are so convinced to tell me that I likely have cancer…they just haven’t found WHERE yet(!). Of course, I know otherwise, & have been proving multiple doctors wrong for years now (I’m a trifle stubborn!) who have claimed that I would never be able to walk. And for the last 3 years, I couldn’t walk. I used either a rollater or a wheelchair, but was mostly bedbound!

      Well guess what? This past Sunday, I went on a 2.5 mile hike, without any sort of assistance, after leaving my narc husband (although it wasn’t my choice immediately, I am so thankful that I did)!!! Holy moly, if that’s not somatic, then I don’t know what the heck is, lol!

      Friend, I will be sending light & love & prayers your way tonight & any time that the Spirit brings you to my mind. As an empath, this happens frequently, so feel free to ask Him to call on me, as well, if you need to have a little light sent your way. He will tell me & I will ask that you be inundated with it! Get in this program with me & let’s loosen these bonds which have held us captive for far too long. You have my prayers.

        February 22, 2017

        CeeRee Tee…. your post has brought tears streaming down my cheeks. Wow. I’m so sorry for your journey. And I am deeply appreciative of your kind words, support, and prayers. I have yet to sign up for Melanie’s course, but after reading your post, I am going to take the plunge. I tell myself that “I’m so powerful, I created this… so I will use that same power to CHOOSE to create something else”.
        Thank you for your reply. Sending light to you and your journey…

    February 9, 2017

    God just spoke to me through an email I just received. It is for a viewing of an online video “You are stronger than you think”, about miracles. (Yes, God, I am paying attention and heard you loud and clear!)

    February 10, 2017

    Thank you Melanie and Catherine for the powerful healing video. I felt a lot of charges while listening to you ancient false beliefs and as s result, I feel lighter and calmer since doing the healing session. I have suffered from chronic Lyme disease for 9 years and have tried many different things. After leaving my ex narc 2 years ago, I have worked more on myself and feel stronger as a single woman/mom than I ever have before. I still have a ways to go and I still have some fatigue/pain issues that I will continue to work on. Thank you both for sharing and helping us heal along with you. Much love.

    February 13, 2017

    WOW. First, I just want to say thank you for doing this episode and thank you to Catherine. It is no accident that I stumbled across this episode. I had stopped working the modules months ago and have been back into analysis paralysis over my narcissist ex in full force. I realized today while watching the episode (and also participating in the healing) that one of my beliefs is: “I am incapable of change; I will quit everything I try to do; it’s not for me, it’s only for other people.”

    A lot of Catherine’s beliefs resonated with me. I’m 42 and half of that was spent living in the closet so I carry the belief that “I cannot be myself; it’s dangerous to be me.” And, sadly, I have played that out several times in my life with relationships with people who weren’t gay or who couldn’t or wouldn’t live authentically (enter narcissist). So, in essence, I think I have been reinforcing beliefs such as, “I am a mistake. No one wants to love a mistake.” Obviously a ton of victimhood messages I carry over from childhood sexual abuse, to being gay and most recently, narcissistic abuse.

    I still have much work to do but today, after releasing energy around “I am incapable of change”, I think I am ready to work the NARP program again. Terrified to keep failing on myself but the fear of not trying and losing myself completely is greater. I have hope today.

    THANK YOU, Melanie.

    Theresa Andrade
    February 17, 2017

    This was the most powerful thing that I have experienced with your work. Thanks a million Melanie, and God Bless you for doing this work. I experienced relief from my chronic pain, and felt mentally healthy for the first time in months. I still did too much though as I typically do sometimes when I feel much better. Can I just listen over and over and continue to benefit? Theresa.

    March 8, 2017

    I knew within seconds she was a witch. I have not read much of the website and none of the material. I am an intuitive healer that needs a return to Source. At about 55minutes my arms and hands automatically moved in patterns to release and connection to higher self. Like yoga. It felt completely natural. Do you include body movement in your work?

    March 8, 2017

    What about meeting that ancient lover again now? He hurt me again when I thought for sure he would remember me and do it right this time. Him coming and leaving my life is what is pushing me to finally deal with the trauma of my past lives, childhood, and current life. Although the worst kind of narcissist; He did come into my life for a reason. Right? I just wish he was here and willing to hear you and me and heal with us. I’ve been trying to convince him for three months since the break up that his spirit needs help. I miss his and my ancient connection I felt so clearly the first few months we were together. I ended up staying with him six years hoping his true self would return while I lost me. Please help. I’m so sick. I am abusing myself. My children are suffering because of this too. Please respond. I think I may be above the curve after practicing and realizing some of my past lives. This session let me glimpse three more I hadn’t seen before including the throat chakra block from being a slave captive in Puerto Rico by the Spanish. I remember. Please help.

    June 26, 2017

    Wow, this was incredible.

    Melanie you are truly inspired and a gifted transformer! Thanks for modelling the power of feminine divine power and light.

    Catherine, so brave, well done. I really relate to this journey and the problems with the throat- feeling a sense of not being able to breathe, when physically you can…it is horrible. I have struggled to express myself, allow myself to share my voice and gifts with others and be visible.

    So interesting to see the colour of Catherine’s complection change from red to light as the healing went on.

    I would love to do this process, as this has made me realise I am carrying past life stuff that I haven’t been able to release with other methods.

    Thank you so much Melanie!

    September 18, 2017

    Hi Mel,

    I have two questions; what should we do when something comes up in the middle of a shift (like in this case)? Should we start over like you did with Catherine here?

    Second, how do we set the intent for you to release the pain for us, like you’ve released it for Catherine? Do we need to set it as a goal in a goal setting module, or we can just make a wish anytime during any module?

    Thank you xoxoxo

    • Melanie Tonia Evans
      September 18, 2017

      Hi Sandra,

      If what comes up is persistent and strong – yes – drop what you are doing and go directly to it.

      Generally, me releasing the pain for you is when I am working personally with clients. You certainly can set the intention that the QFH process is clearing for you – however, I would still strongly suggest that you participate in the healing to the best of your capacity. Also please know if you are not getting information as such – just “be” with the dense energy in your body – open your body and breathe and do the visualisations and you can shift as powerfully as if you did have information.

      I hope that this helps.

      Mel xo

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