Series 5 is about working through present ascension symptoms on Planet Earth. Feeling exhausted, having aches and pains, and crazy dreams … plus much more.  This time is an accentuated time of shifting frequency. It’s intense; many people are reporting heightened anxiety,  old memories resurfacing, feelings of shame and self-doubt, as well as all sorts of challenges.

Where is this all leading everyone?

In today’s Shifts Happen session, we will examine what your soul is urging you to do.

In this crazy time, where many people feel like they are “losing it,” you probably have seen people around you being very triggered. That which does not match the “The Light” frequency is being pushed up to the surface to be released.

Series 5 has been perfect timing for what is happening and what is coming to learn how to navigate our lives now. Many believe the solar maximum, along with many other alignments and the total solar eclipse, is humanity’s most pivotal vibrational cosmic event in thousands of years.

It may even be the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

I really do believe nearly everyone feels that something big is happening.

How do we prepare for this?

I believe there are two parts: realizing that we are moving at full throttle now into Unity Consciousness, meaning there will no longer be a separation between intention and results, and also, there is no longer a separation between the spirit and the physical body.

To ascend means taking responsibility for both.

In our first two weeks in this series, we prepared our spirit for Higher Light Codes to enter, followed by working at detoxing the physical body. Last week, we talked about and shifted to understanding that The Light entering you is not just healing and releasing you from trauma; it’s activating you into the higher expression of human that you were always born to be.

This leads to exactly what we will address today in the last session of Series 5: Ascension & How To Step Into and Spread The Light.


The Only Life That Would Ever Truly Gratify You

What is the purpose of allowing Light in and to Be that Light?

It’s not only about breaking free from the glass ceilings that have kept you stunted in a limited capacity. Of course, you want to transcend your previous patterns, move through comfort zones, manifest and accelerate your desires into reality, and reap the benefits.

But even “getting” all you desire would never be enough; it’s not your nirvana. What is your soul’s goal is to experience the fullness of being an authentic human. Feeling and operating in Unity Consciousness with Life. This is where true love, security, satisfaction, and prosperity arise.

This level of Beingness transcends all gettingness because you have the entire Field and higher consciousness to make your mark. What is so delicious about this is that you feel inspired every step of the way, even before achieving the gettingness. Then, the gettingness simply comes in response to the Beingness.

The currency of riches in the 5D world is inspired action coming from your soul. The call of Source asks you to move forward into what is meaningful. Ironically, when you are on target to make the world a better place, from your place of inner fullness, without agenda and conditions attached to “gettings,” you will be unleashed into inner and outer riches beyond your wildest dreams.

This has to be from an authentic place. Authenticity comes from following your soul. Not making moves so that other people approve of you, but rather so that your soul and you are in Unity Consciousness. Your soul journey is not about meeting other people’s expectations; it’s about fulfilling those of your spirit—who you were always intended to be and what you came here to do.

The power now is in Divine Will, not Thy Will.


What Does Spreading The Light Mean?

Think of The Light as “illumination.” Spreading the Light is not just about realizing that narcissism exists in our personal and collective lives, doing the work to win our momentous battle of Light and Dark within, and inspiring others to come home. Ascension and spreading the Light is the inner understanding of our power in integrity and applying radical personal responsibility.

Humanity is waking up, vibrationally and literally. You are here to be that way-shower – helping people understand the magnificent Creators that they are, to come out of the dis-ease of the slumber, feeling powerless, dependent, and stuck, and accepting such a reality as “normal.”

This time calls you to something greater than staying entrenched in what now offends your soul. You were born for this time, and your soul chose to be here in this time. You are seeking; you feel that inner call and wish to be activated, as scary as that may seem. Your “normal” limited life isn’t feeling okay for you anymore; it’s out of resonance because The Light you have been integrating, especially lately, is taking you to a higher frequency.

It has been said that several thousand-star seeds on planet Earth are the crystalline technology being activated to lead the charge for humanity. Regardless of the number, it’s undoubtedly true that a small percentage of humanity can change the world.

And if not you, then who?

Your frequency and level of consciousness have an incredible impact on Oneness and All That Is. Your integrity and inspiration ripple out. As a part of the Light Revolution, returning home to the truth of higher consciousness, you can now assimilate and spread more Light than ever before. This is a time when people are hungry for answers. They’ve had enough of the dark ages and are ready to see The Light and follow it.


The Essence Of Spreading Your Light

It’s normal for us to have a terrible fear of coming out with integrity and authenticity. This pushes against the status quo. Planet Earth is steeped in unconsciousness, dishonesty, greed, control, and narcissism—much of which is exposed in your life if you are present enough to listen to your intuition, question what feels “off, ” and back the truth with the Right Action. That’s imperative now because nothing else works in this Age of Light.

The darkness is struggling to find dark corners to hide in anymore; there is too much Light now.

You are unlearning the false programming about yourself – that you are small, defective, and a sinner. Coming out of the trance is the realization that life is not meant to be the traumatic struggle it has been. It was never meant to be layered with handing your power away and being stuck in limits, sickness, and emotional pain.

You are ready to rise and know Who You Really Are. This isn’t of the mind; it’s of the Soul. Your Soul’s voice has never been stronger.



The Fear Of Spreading The Light

For many of you, stepping into your Light is one thing but another to spread it. As a starseed, as the black sheep, it’s usual that you’ve been ridiculed for most of your life.

You’ve been made to feel weird, defective, and wrong. In our previous Shifts Happen Series, you’ve worked hard to heal from this programmed shame and claim your Light and your authentic self.

Those of us who have been narcissistically abused, which is most, if not all, have, at some stage of our human experience, had to deal with incredible trauma regarding persecution.

In past lives, persecution was a very big deal. If you stepped outside the narrative and dared to speak the truth, there could have been shocking or fatal consequences for you and your family.

You may have literal terrors and traumas that have been holding you back from coming out as your authentic self. The fear of being exposed and seen, the fear of being persecuted.

As many of you have discovered, your attempts to spread The Light may not have always been received favorably. You may have lost families, friends, and communities. You may have incurred the wrath of others simply because they want to fight to hang on to a reality they’ve always known.


Discernment Whilst Spreading The Light

Discernment is one of your superpowers if you apply it to understand where your message can be received and disconnect from where it can’t. We’ve talked about the split in timelines, and some are entrenched on the third density timeline and don’t want to be led or wake up. They don’t want to be illuminated by an uncomfortable truth that shatters their identity and life.

It’s time to stop trying to fix, save, and wake people up so they will love you, or you can have a happy existence with them. This isn’t the mission you came to do, and it’s impossible.

Your mission is to set yourself free, be authentic, and inspire and activate other people with the capacity and desire to seek the truth, act on it, and participate in the Unity Consciousness uprising.

These are people with souls and personalities that are in Unity. They listen to their inner voice. That’s the determining factor!  It’s not for people whose personalities are still stuck in the separation consciousness concept of not listening to their inner voice of conscience and just living through their personality.

In this quickening now, you don’t have time to make an unworkable deal work and try to get people to wake up.

The time now is for you to activate and share The Light.


The Challenge Of Your Attachment to 3D

Stepping into and spreading the Light requires letting go of your 3D identity and personality. It doesn’t have to be done immediately, but it can be your intention as you enter your soul’s freedom. If you are in broken 3D systems that you can’t reform and are in there because you’re hanging on to security, then you’re not being honest with yourself.

That’s not the work you’re here as a starseed to do. As a starseed, you’re here to revolutionize. You’re here to create new systems—to spread The Light in a way that is Unity Consciousness and not caught up in bureaucracy or systems that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Our new earth is about now—conjoining with communities to create and manifest outside of these old systems, empowering others into well-being, taking their life force back for the good of all, and Thriving. These 3D structures are crumbling—they are falling anyway. Many individuals and groups are already doing this and experiencing huge success because they are following their soul and providing the services that new humans, more and more awakening every day, are screaming for.

Never before has the voice within you been louder to point you toward what you’re here to do, of how you are created to step into and spread The Light.

This means letting go of fear, sensibility, and all the programming you’ve received to stay stuck in your 3D world.


Your Abundance in Spreading The Light

The opportunities, the calls, and the messages are plentiful, and the path will become clearer and clearer when you step out of the mindset of “I have to stay this way unless I get absolute guarantees.”

Life as a 5D being has no guarantees; it simply has expansion, growth, and creation. Even in your 3D world of guarantees, there is no guarantee; in fact, what is guaranteed is the 3D world is dissolving and breaking.

You know this from your inner self: You can no longer tolerate this. The feeling precedes the reality. It’s not even because people like myself are trying to help you have the confidence to move forward; you just know it’s not resonating anymore. Just as certain people in your life no longer resonate with you, you must have them.

You weren’t put on this earth to comply with a slave system, live to work, simply maintain basic necessities, and never feel soul-fulfilled. You are here to break out of that matrix, generate and create well-being, life force, freedom, and higher consciousness, and call others into self-love, abundance, prosperity, and flourishing.

We can use specific Quanta Freedom Healing™ shifts to assist with this.

Please know that if you are listening to this episode, you must be a Shifts Happen member to access the healings and the rest of the session.

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Love Mel xo


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2 thoughts on “Ascension & How To Step Into and Spread The Light

  1. Thank you, every sentence is resonating so deeply with everything I am going through now. Especially the last 2 days I have felt major shifts in energy and a lot of old darkness come out from my heart centre. I am staying at home for the next few days so I can strengthen myself in this profound time. What you said about stop trying to make an unworkable deal work is spot on, I have invested nearly all my energy over the last few months trying to heal a relationship but no matter what avenue I try I just end up in an anguished heap, not able to achieve it. It’s been the hardest task of my life so far to let this situation go but it seems it is the only option left and I cannot remain on the brink of despair. Your words are spot on regarding the need to stop trying to fix or save others so they will love us. The calling is so strong now than ever before. The resistance has also never been as strong and hence being caught in this energetic tug is like the greatest battle I’ve ever experienced! Thank you so much for your enlightening words which provide so much insight and resonance. The next step is letting go of someone although it feels so crippling like the ground has been taken from under me and I need to learn how to walk again, having forgotten how to be strong and be myself. Please keep helping us to remember! And I don’t believe it needs to be a slow learning to walk again experience, I believe now that healing and return to fullness can happen quickly and even instantaneously. Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement

    1. Hi Lan,

      we truly can shift quickly – because healing is not a “time” thing – its is about “state”.

      I love that this deeply resonates with you.

      Sending you healing and breakthroughs

      Mel 🙏💞🦋

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