This is our first session of Series Six—Empowered Decisions, where you will align with the ability to make fearless decisions. These are not reckless choices but rather inspired and guided ones.

This session delved deep into the transformative power of making courageous choices aligned with your soul’s truth.

Now more than ever, people are faced with having to make big decisions—life-changing ones—because what they believed was their reality may have changed so dramatically.

Possibly, it has broken down.

Do you relate?

You may have discovered truths about people, places, and situations that no longer align with your soul—yet how can you decide to let go and change direction?

You may believe that doing so has limits, that positive change is impossible, or that any change is unsafe.

Many of us are confronted with challenging feelings, circumstances, and experiences that seem to shake us to our core. But what if I told you that these moments are not obstacles but gateways to profound growth, evolution, and success?

In the session, we explored the significance of recent celestial events like the solar eclipse and how this has activated divine internal transformation. The reactivity, vivid dreams, and emotional triggers experienced by many are all signs of an organic shedding of old identities that no longer serve our highest good.

What and how can your ascended 5D self rise to the occasion?

What would your life be like making choices that were your fastest path to your Highest and best outcomes?

If you would like to find out, this is a must-watch session!


Video Transcript

I am super excited about series 6 of Shifts Happen called “Empowered Action”.

This series came through because many people feel powerful urges to change their lives but struggle to take action. Asking themselves questions such as, “Should I leave this person or family behind now?” “I can’t tolerate my job anymore; what can I do?” “Should I pack up and move town or even to another country?”

We are in one of humanity’s most pivotal changeover transformation events.

Many believe this full solar eclipse is a big deal in less than 24 hours. It is possibly the most important cosmic event for thousands of years, bringing a huge shift back to our divine blueprint. No matter where you are, you will soon face many decisions. These decisions are already pressing you and are going to intensify soon.

When this series was channeled through to me, and I was given the four workshops, I didn’t understand it until I started unpacking it—and now I totally do!

This first workshop, “How To Make Fearless Decisions,” is designed to help you understand how to follow your Soul-Source voice going forward, be in gratitude and wonder, trust, allow, and receive Source’s gifts and partnering—which are intensely magnified right now.

Then, that leads to the empowerment of “You Are Your Security,” which is next week’s workshop. After the shift this week, you will have already started to get feedback from The Field, as support from Source, to know you are no longer dependent on broken matrix systems that were keeping you small, dissatisfied, and stripping you of your life force.

This takes us to the third workshop, “All Things Are Possible,” which is the experience of manifesting your dreams, your truth, your authentic path, and the openings up to a new Self and Life that will truly fulfill you.

Then Series 6 concludes with Workshop 4, “Superior Moves,” which emphasizes having intentions and making decisions with a far higher frequency than the old self, generating more superior results than the ones you had access to previously.

Series 6 promises that within a month, you and life could be virtually unrecognizable because of the present frequencies, specific Quantum Freedom Healing shifts that we will do together, and this spectacular accelerated ascension opportunity in this eclipse season to catapult you forward into a completely new life.


The Build Up Leading To This

Most of you have reported that you have been feeling tension building for weeks.

You’re having vivid dreams and memories that reveal deep truths to you. You might suffer headaches, dizziness, exhaustion, body aches and pains. You may be feeling anxiety, getting triggered easily, and feeling frustration and even despair. Virtually everyone has been experiencing these ascension symptoms to some degree.

It’s because, at a deep molecular level, your Old Self is dissolving, and the new and True Human that you are is being re-activated back to your real blueprint.

You are organically shedding the old identity of Separation Consciousness—the programmed reality you once held for yourself, possibly defined by your family or society’s expectations or what other people thought of you. This requirement of outer approval isn’t resonating with you anymore.

What has become important is how you feel about yourself and how you can be truly fulfilled.

You are activating back to your true essence – Unity Consciousness. At One with yourself, unconditional of what other people think, because of knowing your connection with God/Source/Creation/All That Is, as your true identity.

Full solar eclipses mean a change of eras—the end of the old way of being and the beginning of the new. This eclipse’s new supermoon is in Aries—it’s about “self.” Combined with accentuated Schumann Resonance, spiking solar flares, and the heightened solar maximum cycle, you enter “the illuminating of your authentic self.”

Therefore, everything within and around you that is not congruent with your Authentic Self and the truth of your Soul/Source connection is coming up to the surface, showing you the truth for you to decide.

“Who Am I … really?”
Hanging on to toxic and non-congruent people and situations will weigh very heavily on your soul, whereas empowered decisions are the key to incredible success.

Making fearless decisions and taking the right action—you know, to be true to your soul—is highly rewarded.

You are literally being granted a portal to finally leave your past behind you and be reborn anew in the life you dream of, in fast and auspicious ways.

But it takes fearless decisions – which are aligned with your soul. This is what authentic living is.

Imagine being on a large, familiar boat that is burning and sinking. You have only a small row boat to jump on. The ocean is unknown, and you can’t see out into the night at all.

Do you have a choice but to enter the small boat?
In many ways, this period in your life is the same because there are people, situations, and things that your soul can no longer endure. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to go along to get along or stay hiding behind a mask, not allowing your true feelings and values to be visible and trying to play it safe to get your share of life and love.

The people and situations not aligned with your authentic self are becoming increasingly discordant. For many people, so many hard truths have erupted, and situations in their lives are cracking and crumbling apart.

This is on schedule; this is as it is meant to be.

Because your soul is moving—it’s upgrading. You are changing from a five-sensory dependent human being whose programming needed absolutes and sensibilities into the extra-sensory awakened human who is vibrationally aligned and unfolding reality in unison with Source and the Field, using frequency, not logic.

You may be experiencing relationships breaking apart, jobs ending, or feeling that you are at a dead-end in your life and that something drastic needs to change.

As discussed earlier, you may feel sick with headaches, body aches, and fatigue.
Lots of people are reporting all of the above.

If you’re in judgment at these breakdowns of your life and trying to hang on, things are getting worse because you are being called to move into the New Self. You know this deep down because you have been feeling this.

The Decisions of Moving from Old to New

We’re all being shaken up and out of a false matrix where we’ve handed our power away and felt unfulfilled, trying to exist rather than thrive. This is because our decisions have been based on the outer matrix instead of our inner truth.
Which you are now activated to hear and partner with.

Previously, you were programmed to believe you didn’t deserve to be sovereign or follow your inner path or that you shouldn’t shine too brightly.
Or maybe it seemed fanciful to believe you could connect to your highest missions and live a life that would truly fulfill you.
You didn’t believe it was natural to do so.

Yet, right now, it is.

The vibration is set, and you are partaking in this grand ascension, a shift from existing as ordinary to being exalted back to being an extraordinary human.



What Are These Fearless Decisions To Make?

Old orders need to fall before new ones form.

You can hang on grimly to the old order and be dragged through the stench, decay, and trauma, or you can fearlessly face the truth and let go of what is not working in your life to allow the new to arrive.

You’re being called, more than ever right now, to let go of who and what does not serve you—that is, who and what are not congruent with the authenticity of your soul.

Are you trying to get approval, revive, or reform something toxic in your life? Are you hanging on because of guilt, obligation, or even punishing yourself?

The following questions will assist you in making your fearless decisions: Who are you now? What is your integrity to yourself? How can you consciously choose your alignment?

And more than all of this … What does the small, still voice within say to you?

What happens when you surrender and open up to allow this Higher Upgrade to enter you?

When you Quantum Jump and bring your 5D self into your life, what does he or she call you to envisage and do?

Alignment means expressing your truth without sacrificing the value of your soul anymore. When you express your soul truth right now, does this person, situation, or vocation meet you at that higher vibration of humility, self-responsibility, authenticity, growth, and expansion? Or is this something that you will be playing a guessing game with for weeks, months, or years?

Why risk hanging on to your old world and digressing into lower broken vibrations and old painful patterns when you can slingshot into your divine blueprint right now?

Suppose you are determined to hang on to the lower powerless frequencies of outer approval, love, security, and safety with situations that assault your soul. In that case, this is the 3D reality you choose, which is breaking apart and taking you with it.

The space between decision and effect is becoming smaller—almost instant now. Decisions can emanate from a fearful, empty, wanting-guarantee inner place or the higher frequency of knowing that your guarantee is your authentic alignment with your soul.

These are the fearless decisions that will reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

The fearless decision is to tap into your manifestation power through the frequency of deciding who you are, aligning with this, and making decisions that match your inner truth.

Let’s examine how!


The Promise of Your Quantum Leap

Right now, you’re being taken to the edge of a quantum leap, liberated into your true creative manifestation potential that is aligned with the authenticity of your soul. Never before have you been this supported by Source, with fast synchronicities, opportunities, miracles, and permutations that will align and propel you forward.

You have an incredible portal that is opening up to a new timeline. In this new timeline, you are supported by Source. You’re nourished and flourished. You get the green light by letting go and enlisting the almighty power of your Source/Soul Self. Then, you will step forward into the call that you are receiving.

That step, in each moment of now, is the only step you ever need to do.

The fearless step forms the fearless intention. This is the decision to move toward the inner call.

Even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it goes against all of the programs you’ve had in the past, of “Be sensible,” “Do this, do that.” “Adhere to a system,” “Play by the rules.”

All the things that you’ve been programmed into, to accept your own bondage.

But no more.

Today, we will do the Quanta Freedom Healings to allow you to accept these Higher Light Codes, let go of your past, and step onto the timeline of fearless decisions and incredible cogenerated results.

So, let’s get these healings started to move you into your extraordinary divine blueprint of the True Human you are, creating your destiny with sovereign, empowered creation.


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Much Love Mel ❤

I look forward to your comments and questions below.

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