In this second session of Series 6, Empowered Decisions, we explore how to feel empowered enough to make the right decisions in challenging times.

In a world that often feels uncertain and unpredictable, many seek security and stability from outside sources – people, places, and things we depend on to provide direction and protection.

However, what if I told you that true security comes from within? Now, more than ever, being your own security force, embodied, is vital. This anchor and self-definition are your paths to “home.”

It’s true–you can become your security by tapping into your connection with Source. This will heal your life in every painful area and allow you to receive the abundance of Source blessings.

This Shifts Happen workshop, titled “How To Know You Can Survive and Thrive  On Your Own,” delved deep into this concept, exploring how to unlock the power within you and unleash your true potential.

It is my greatest desire that you discover hope, power, relief, and clear understanding and guidance in this session so that you can rise into your own creative power, knowing you are blessed, protected, and provided for by Source.

I’m also thrilled to help you manifest real and true support from the almighty resources of Life!



Video Transcript

Darling Quantum Warriors, what an important topic we will be workshopping this week!

“You are your security” is everything regarding decisions.

There may be some belief that you will be an island, that it’s all up to me, that I have to do it all myself. Nothing could be further from the truth because the sponsoring frequency of “I am my own security” authentically is one of empowerment and having a relationship of co-generative power with Source. By becoming a power source in partnership with True Source, you will attract all matters of True Sources to add even more power, capacity, and expansion.

This is such an exciting journey that I can’t wait to get started with you!


The Programming Of Not Being Your Own Security

There are reasons why you may need to learn that you are your security. You could have been steeped in your forebears’ unconscious programming, which made them dependent.

For example, for us females, a lot of our mothers were incredibly dependent on a male to provide for security. This is embedded in the zeitgeist of females and has caused many females to not understand their co-generative Source power.

A woman may believe it’s a man’s world, and if I am a successful woman to provide for myself and my offspring, a man won’t want to be in my life. Or maybe I just cannot give up and defend myself.

In past lives, this was incredibly true. Few women could ascend beyond that indoctrination and susceptibility to harness their creative co-generative power with Source. There were classic female examples that, even in the conditioning and programming that existed back then, were able to break the mold and had good men supporting them, proving again that vibration, frequency, and belief are everything.

Many women, understandably, after going through the horrors of the trials and tribulations of not being safe as a woman, have wanted a man to be a protector Because, without him, she may have had to join an institution, such as a nunnery, to not be unsafe regarding other predatory men, or she wouldn’t be able to survive.

These core beliefs, which many of us have had on this healing journey, especially after dealing with narcissistic partners, “I need to be protected from bad men,” means that we continually need to be protected from evil men and the men that we choose to try to get protection from end up letting us down or being harmful to us.

It’s caused us to attract men who are hammers rather than rocks or weak men who will not stand and be counted when they need to be protected. This is all a manifestation of not yet rising into our power to protect ourselves.

And please know, men, of course, have had their own limits and indoctrination, not allowing the freedom to create and co-generate directly with Source.

The healing of all of this, for all of us, will be identical today,


The Shifts From Dependencies to Power

As adults, igniting our power requires freedom from false source dependencies and raising up to stand in our own capacity, confidence, and ability to look after ourselves.

If you want a life that works, this is not negotiable. There is much powerlessness and peril in not facing things and hoping somebody else will take care of these details for you.

You may know the expression, “God helps those who help themselves.” The bottom line is that if you feel powerless on the inside and have a belief, unconscious or conscious, that you are dependent on something or someone outside of you, it isn’t possible to manifest for yourself (which really means being in communion with Source in a divine relationship of Creation).

From here, you will always manifest a frequency of “I am dependent” and “someone else has to be my security.”

This really translates to, “It’s not safe to be in my body, and it’s not safe to be in life because I can’t, like myself, make my life work.”

When you become your own security, you suddenly have access to “the ways”—the resources and the connection to the field that allow you to access a higher version of reality than the fearful, limited, dependent self can generate.

Plus, you are not limited to False Source (one person or institution), which at best holds you stuck in limited beliefs about yourself and, at worst, abuses you with control, games, and mind-messing torture – always able to threaten you with “what if I took this away” causing you to hand away more freedoms, rights, and values for yourself,

Trying to play it safe, to have a dependency, whether it be an institution, the narcissist, a boss, or your family, means that you’re controlled, you’re owned.

Especially in the case of a narcissistic abuser whose very nature is not to support, not do the right thing, or make your life easier, but rather to create chaos, havoc, and destruction to get a narcissistic supply, to get a feed off your pain, your low emotional frequency, which is the food that the ego wants.

The narcissist is an entity taken over by an ego.

The narcissist, on purpose, will deny what they are supposed to do for you. They will let you down, mess with you, hide money, deny you, and throw you under the bus. Yet let’s go up to the 50,000-foot view on this. This is exactly as your soul intended, to no longer be codependent on something or somebody else for love, approval, security, and survival when you can connect to the entire Field for unlimited permutations and expansion.

Which brings us to the following conversation.



Security Means Two Things

Security means manifesting prosperity and the resources to give you a functioning, fulfilling, and healthy life.

Security also means looking after the goodies within—your spirit, your frequency—and the goodies without—the resources you manifest in your life. This comes down to having a healthy boundary function. Again, you may believe, “I need someone to protect me, to speak up on my behalf. I don’t feel safe and powerful enough to look after myself.”

This is because you haven’t had True Source as your energy embodiment. You’re coming from the frequencies of past lifetimes and your childhood, wherein those dark ages of powerlessness and repeat trauma manifestation, you didn’t have enough light frequency to be decisive in your own right.

Now you do.

You cannot shy away from this, make deals, and hope that somehow The Light will protect you or look after you if you are not taking care of yourself.

The point is you ARE the light.

For you to have The Light in your life, you need to be it, stand in that inner light, and have faith that your authenticity and truth, your ability to confront and speak up, your ability to say it how it is and to say “no” when something doesn’t resonate with you and isn’t right for you is granting you safety.

This self-value manifests value in your life.

Now, you will repel the people who are bad for you and co-generate truth, harmony, respect, and collaboration with the right people. Then, you have nothing to fear. When you stand in your wholesome truth in authenticity, the darkness cannot infiltrate, mess with, or harm you.

Any attempts will fall apart because The Light, your inner force, has already won. That is your orientation in your 5D life going forward.

The ascending into a human-activated being is “my security is my responsibility. I’m not a victim, and it doesn’t matter where I’m starting from because my life is created from frequency. It has nothing to do with today’s manifestation; that was my frequency from yesterday. My frequency today starts a completely different manifestation tomorrow.”

Please know you manifest all matters in your life from your frequency, incredible Grand Creator that you are!


Now To Manifest “You Are Your Security”

This all gets back to the truth of becoming co-generative with Source and realizing your power, capacity, and ability to learn, grow, move, shake, follow your heart, be blessed and nourished, and be successful by following the call of your soul.

Becoming your own security, however, has a disclaimer attached to it.

You can’t heal into the embodiment of becoming your own security when you need to do that to have security because Quantum Law is very exact – so within, so without.

If you’re experiencing the trauma of “I don’t have security, and I’m trying to act and create a way to ease my trauma of not having security,” then everything you do will not work, and you’ll end up back in exactly the same place. You will make “less than” low-frequency decisions from fear, which will only co-generate more fearful experiences in your life. We don’t get saved in that way.

Fortunately, We have the tools to treat our vibrational frequency to upshift and then take positive action from an inspired place of expansion, openness, gratitude, and wonder!

So please be very, very clear that one of the hugest reasons why we got involved with narcissistic abusers is that we didn’t have the anchoring, programming, conditioning, inspiration, or modeling of being our own security.

We weren’t reactivated into the reawakening of the truth that we are limitless beings with an organic connection to the entire Field to be able to create a life far more expansive than anything we’ve ever experienced in our normal dependent logical programming.

With Source partnership in peace, gratitude, wonder, and adoration of your blessings, from small to large, you won’t be without, run out, or be limited. You will be gifted with more.

Our true nature is not lack. It is infinite. It’s plenty, yet we’ve been programmed to believe that getting our share of the crumbs has to be hard, painful, and arduous.

The knowing that “Source and I are one” is not just a spiritual concept that grants a feeling of well-being. It’s the key to the kingdom. It means you have the faith, comfort, and understanding you’re provided for.

What’s happening now in 5D ascension is that we are losing 3D traction. If our lives are inauthentically handing power away—turning away from the power of “Source and I are One,” nothing much works anymore. It’s all a part of the awakening to your Divine Blueprint – of Heaven on Earth.

Your expansive soul does not have statistical restrictions. There is no such thing as I’m too old, I don’t have the education, I don’t have the backing, I don’t have the opportunities, and I don’t have the money.

None of these things exist in the Quantum Field as restrictions. What does exist in the Quantum Field is your energetic frequency and what matches that energetic frequency. Where there was no way, there was a way. That’s why there are synchronicities and miracles. These are simply inevitable frequency shifts attracting the match of that shift.

“All of it” is available in ways your logical mind could never dream up or compute. Your job is to let go of your limited inner traumas, open up to the wonder and brilliance, start moving forward toward the signs and what feels good, and let go of the self-defeating restrictions, fear, or giving in and stepping back into your 3D world, hanging on to security.

You know it’s Wrongtown because it feels like rubbish!

I promise you this, and I’ve seen it in my life and with countless others: When you dedicate yourself to the power of becoming your own security, you will rise into the truth of your vibration of being a Creator, an absolute, incredible, spiritual, vibrational frequency technology that you haven’t even tapped into yet.

This is the freedom and power you may have sought for your entire life.

So how about we get these healings started to embody this?


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Much Love Mel ❤

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