Today’s lesson is one of activation.

Being able to trust yourself and move forward into a superior move.

What does this mean?

It means making an empowered decision aligned with your true Source Force.

This means a decision that isn’t about walking around the block metaphorically 50 times to try to cross the road. You walk straight across. This means a decision that is congruent with your clear intention.

Superior moves are often organic when you have done the preparation work, with extra required teaching that is pivotal to unlocking them.

I am going to be sharing what this is and how to graduate in this lesson today.

But first, let’s recap what we have been working with this Series, Empowered Action.

Our first workshop, Fearless Decisions, was about trusting your inner voice and the healing shifts to come home to ourselves. We learned the difference between making decisions from a place of fear and from inner guidance.

Our second workshop, You Are Your Security, was about shifting into the understanding that it’s not your job, partner, or family outside of you that is your security. Rather, in a direct relationship with God/Source/Creation and The Field, you can access unlimited permutations to grant you survival and security.

Then, in All Things Are Possible, workshop number 3, you raised your interest in Unity Consciousness with The Field to access all unlimited permutations.

Now, we bring it all together in Superior Moves.

But there’s another thing about Superior Moves as the necessary add-on.

Let’s explore.


The Thing You Don’t Want To Do Is The Thing To Do The Most

This is one of the most profound statements you could ever understand regarding making superior moves.

Many wonder, “Is this a genuine warning or a resistance block that’s not letting me go forward?”

How do we know the difference?

Let me first put it this way: The thing you want to do the most is usually what you should do the least. And the thing you don’t want to do the most is what you usually need to do.

To innerstand this, let’s acknowledge that your Old Self is stuck on a trajectory you wish to break out of. It’s making the same decisions, keeping you in a limited capacity.

These are called “comfort zones”. Comfort zones are never comfortable because your soul and Source are calling you to break into a higher reality, and you’re fighting to hang onto your limitations if not moving through the glass ceiling.

In a comfort zone, your first impulse is to make the decisions you always make. These decisions result in temporary relief because you’re playing it safe, but nothing changes. In time, you feel even more confused, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

This aligns with your totality up to this point. The parts of you stuck in comfort zones have been locked into survival programs, fear, and trying to play it safe. Until you embrace and face these disowned parts and transmute them by releasing them and replacing them with Higher Frequency (The Light), the trapped energy in survival is not unleashing into Creation.

This is the alchemy of becoming the totality of Who You Really Are.

What I love about our soul in partnership with Source is that we always get the GPS signal to know where we are, not making a Superior Move.

How this shows up is the impulse, the idea, and the inspiration that something needs to happen. That is the CALL forward. It’s an idea, a message, a “next move.” It’s Source saying, “This is the path over here.” If this is new ground to break, we can immediately shut down, go into defenses, and not want to look at it.

The superior move is THE move you want to avoid making.

We may believe that we don’t have the capacity, that it’s going to be too hard and difficult, or that we’ll feel really stupid if we try to get help from other people.

You know you need to have that conversation, put yourself out there, overcome the fear of exposure, learn that skill, and face these things you haven’t wanted to face.

Staying stuck in this way is why you can’t access superior moves. Yet, as per this emotional discomfort, this is an incredibly powerful clue to help you get congruent and aligned with the superior move.


3rd Density Inferior Moves, Versus 5th Density Superior Moves

I’d love to give you this analogy to help you understand this further.

Imagine standing in a kitchen with every recipe, instruction, produce, and herb available.

There are the highest and best, the freshest and most life-filled ingredients and condiments, and the oldest, out-of-date ones.

(Please understand that this is exactly what “The Field” in your Quantum Hologram offers—All Of It.)

If you are on a third-density timeline with programmed beliefs from your forebears about limitation, lack, and fear, you will choose the produce and condiments that are past their use-by date or nearing it because you don’t want to be wasteful.

You may also be concerned about when the next delivery of abundant fresh produce will arrive, so it’s best to keep using “what is there.” That feels like the right thing to do now because it’s familiar. Yet you wake up the next day feeling lethargic because of the lifeless produce in your body.

This analogy relates to making familiar choices in life. These choices keep you in the same stale loop of mere survival instead of thriving—doing the same old, with no new fire activated in your belly and no new breakthroughs occurring.

Superior moves involve making decisions that you’ve never made before. They are the decisions that your Higher Self would make. They are the decisions that state to the Universe, “I deserve abundance, well-being, and nourishment. I know and understand I literally AM The Field with bountiful capacity, growth, plenty, and expansion, within and without, to prosper me now.

Making superior moves requires you to lean into what is causing you discomfort, break through it, and make a new choice that your Higher Self would make.



Your Superior Move Is Already Granted by Source

In earlier lessons, we learned how to surrender to the Source Force, known as Divine Will (my Soul/Source alignment), not My Will (personality programs).

This has been a very confusing teaching. Why would you want to surrender to Divine Will when you believe that God is a judgmental, conditional, and damning force that sees you as small, unworthy, and needing to repent to be acceptable?

This is a false premise. Divine Will is unconditionally accepting and loving and simply responds to all aspects of “creating” by your frequency—your intention, beliefs about yourself and life, and decisions and actions.

The overriding force of Creation is a lifeforce that is light-filled and teeming with well-being and abundant growth.

I keep reminding you over and over to observe the evidence right in front of you. One piece of fruit or vegetable holds the seeds to generate unlimited numbers of more of itself. Nature demonstrates the truth of God Godding – Prime Creator abundance and expansion.

You are this truth; you are Creation itself. You are here, as spirit in your physicality, to express Source Energy flowing through you AS you if you surrender to allowing it in. Then, “more” will flow naturally in abundance, more effortlessly than ever imagined.

You are letting go of the egoic mind that wants “guarantees” and “proof” and applying specific Quanta Freedom Healing™ shifts to achieve this. Your truth is unfolding from frequency—the currency of Creation—inside you. These are your new intentions, alignment, decisions, and actions—breakthrough choices onto a Higher trajectory you weren’t operating on previously.

Those are Superior Moves – called “growth.”

Be very, very clear that your Higher Evolution timeline is the frequency of a Highly Evolved Soul. It’s not lack, fear, or limits. It’s expansion and growth, and gratitude for the growth. It’s the excitement to break through comfort zones into new trajectories.

It’s a life of plenty, and you are assisting others to move up and into The Light of expansion.

The results in your life have nothing to do with what is or isn’t possible for you because everything’s possible.

No statistical limits or physical or locational impossibilities exist because the Source is All Of It, interconnected as the ONE God Spark. There is no lack of separation.

We have been working on this with your Quanta Freedom Healing™, instilling the knowledge that every single possible version of you and your results exists in your future timeline. The Quantum Jumping that we do in our healing together is about locking onto that version and collapsing the timelines into this moment of now.

This means you are upgrading to the version of yourself that is already making Superior Moves.  Very soon, in our Quanta Freedom Healing™ session today, we will integrate those parts of you that need transmuting to catch up.


In Conclusion

As a Quantum student, you know now that life is happening “for” you and not “to” you.

Everything is perfectly set up in this holographic reality to bring you home to your True Self and help you achieve your breakthrough to Heaven on Earth, which results in activating ascended 5th-density living.

Time is speeding up, and vibration is rising in frequency, where intention, authenticity, and congruency are becoming increasingly important. When out of frequency, there is nowhere to hide anymore.

When we innerstand this and move with it, the results are incredible; when we don’t, they become more pressurized.

If ignoring your call toward your superior move, that pesky niggle about stepping up to do what you don’t want to do, your Soul and Source will amplify the feelings of discomfort, anxiety, and depression to try to push you through that glass ceiling toward your magnificence.

Here is another huge problem.

Not understanding your magnificence. If you continue to play small and berate yourself, stay still and stuck, the pressure becomes unbearable, especially if you compromise yourself by handing power away, hoping somebody else will save you or decide for you. You won’t be saved or assisted; you will experience further self-sabotage and compromises.

A superior move is impossible unless you understand your divine organic right to be a magnificent being generating magnificent creations.

Not just for yourself but for all of humanity.

Isn’t that freeing when you feel into that?

Wait until you discover the phenomenal breakthroughs, results, confidence, power, and blessings when your superior moves are activated.

This concludes Series 6 of Shifts Happen, Empowered Action before we begin our two rounds of inner subconscious reprogramming with Quanta Freedom Healing™.

For those who are hearing about Quanta Freedom Healing™ for the first time or have been exploring how Quanta Freedom Healing might offer a much-needed shift from struggle to aligning with their Source Force, I want to encourage you to consider becoming a Shifts Happen member.

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