This is our first session in Series 7, Dissolving Shame, called “How To Release the Shame of Your Past.”

Welcome to our new Shifts Happen Members. It’s lovely to have you live in our full workshop today. I know that you are looking forward to going free from shame, and of course, as always, I’m thrilled to have all of our members here from all over the world.

Today’s lesson is extremely important because our past has so much to do with the toxic shame we’re carrying that disables our highest and best life. I’ve been looking forward to doing this session with you, and I trust that it will make an enormous difference in your life because it will help you leave the past behind. The past that doesn’t serve you forever.

In this third-density world, our pasts are powerful because they are all we have ever known. Of course, we identify with our past, not just in the case of memories but also in our present, because of the emotional lens we see ourselves, life, and others shaped by our past.



Where Does Past Shame and Trauma Come From?

People may say to just forget the past, but as we all know, it’s certainly not that simple. Our past is enmeshed in our literal cellular being. When we understand the quantum truth that the brain follows the body, we become increasingly aware that it’s not possible to think our way out of a painful past.

We can’t just make that decision because the traumatic, shameful past didn’t even occur at the cognitive decision-making level as we know it. Our past is not just the experiences we’ve had at a cognitive level; there’s a much deeper aspect to them. They’re also the experiences that we’ve had pre-cognitive, which are, in fact, the most impactful.

At around 12 years of age, we moved into beta brainwave, where we could start to make logical, rational decisions about which messages and events in our lives we would accept as painful and which ones we wouldn’t.

The problem was that there was already programming that had taken place that had shaped us profoundly. Much of this was pre-verbal, certainly in this lifetime anyway—traumas that we took on in the womb from our environment, which, of course, was our mother. Then, as young children in theta brainwave, which means that we are awake and dreaming, everything passed straight into our inner identity without any filter to decipher what was healthy messages and what wasn’t.

We’ve also been deeply affected by our DNA makeup regarding our forebears’ past and our own past lives. The collective consciousness of humanity has been trapped on a karmic wheel of internal trauma and the regurgitating of lifetimes of trauma until our awakening to take back our power and ascend trauma-free. This is what our 5D ascension is about.

Many people believe that only their childhood and what they can remember are important, but yet it’s all a continuation of the same cycle: past lives, unresolved traumas, the family we’ve been brought up in, the conditions we experienced as children, and our future relationships. They have all been the same continuing pattern of unhealed stuff in the past.


You Are Not Your Shameful and Painful Past

The greatest reason you are not your past is the Being you are in the moment of now is all you are ever Being. Let me say this again: the Being you are in the moment of now is all you are ever Being.  The moment of now is exactly how the cogs of creation are harnessed and what every future moment of now will start to respond to.

You are only reliving your past if you choose to, vibrationally.

The old self in the moment of now may be stuck in the past, hanging on to old grudges of non-forgiveness of self and others with despair, resentment, disappointment, and loss. This will always and can only mean that your creation is identical to that of the past because that’s exactly where your focus and the dense energy are vibrating.

You may be holding on to your past so strongly because you don’t re-member the truth that no soul can ever go through any experience unless they have chosen to experience it at a soul level. Nothing is wrong, and there is no lost time. There is nothing you have done to another or yourself that wasn’t chosen on a soul level as an evolutionary and, therefore, healing opportunity.

Yet, if you hang on to the shame of this and don’t make that up-shift, you won’t forgive yourself, and there will be other people in your life who won’t forgive you and could even remain traumatized and victimized and scapegoat you because vibrationally you’re helping hold them there.

You can be anchored in the moment of now, shifting from the old self to the True Self by opening up to the truth; in quantum reality, there are no victims or villains. There’s only unconsciousness or growth. The amount of time we are here in this present incarnation is a speck of dust regarding our soul’s evolution and the unlimited nature of being an eternal, infinite being.

You can’t make a mistake. There’s only the truth of living consciously or unconsciously and being limited into a small mind, not having a universal soul evolution experience, and believing that anything at all can have any effect on you rather than you are the affect yourself.

The release and the relief of when you upshift into this, which we will be doing very shortly with specific Quantum Freedom Healing™, may be monumental for you.

Of course, you will discover that moving beyond your past takes a lot of courage because it means that you will not just be leaving behind the ways you handed over power feeling small and shameful. You’ll also be losing pastimes and people associated with your past. An aligned, evolving self no longer participates in and makes the choices that kept you entrenched in a third-density past.

So many of you have been doing this beautifully – saying “No more” to being scapegoated and stuck in toxic relationships and situations that were shame-inducing because of their toxicity.



The Biggest Fan Of Your Shame Attacks

The small egoic mind loves shame attacks and will give you stories such as – because you never had healthy love modeled to you, it’s going to be impossible for you to be able to love. The small egoic mind won’t acknowledge that you simply are love.

The small egoic mind will say, well, because your funds and property were stolen from you, and you’re a certain age, and you don’t have qualifications, there is no way you’ll be able to recover and build abundance. The small egoic mind convinces you that you are somehow separated from abundance, whereas the truth is you are abundance.

When your heart is open, and you operate on that frequency, you have unlimited permutations, opportunities, and experiences awaiting you in the field.

The egoic mind will tell you that you’ve lost too much, that you’ve been too damaged, too disrespected, and too mind-exploited. You’ve had too many betrayals, so this is exactly what you will be experiencing in the future.

Your egoic mind doesn’t know your capacity to let all of this go; step into the light with your heart open, knowing that you have all of the guidance and the tools to be able to navigate your future, attracting what is healthy for you and speaking up and laying boundaries and repelling that which isn’t.

The egoic mind wants you to stay in the stories of speaking about your past like a victim.

Yet, you DO have the potential to turn your life around on a dime.

Many of us are doing this more and more consciously now. It’s so exciting to live this way!


Freedom From The Past Is Possible For Us All Now

Your true Source Self loves the opportunity for growth and adores that you’re excited about awakening and taking back your soul, power, and future in this moment. As this Being, you can be excited about self-examination, self-partnering, and shifting to transform yourself anew into a now and future self that bears no resemblance to your past.

So many people spend a lifetime digging into their past to try to work it out, to free themselves from it, without realizing that the events of the past are irrelevant. The dense traumatic energy that accumulates in our internal frequency is what is all-important to release and replace with Source Light Codes.

It’s fantastic that we have the tools to no longer need to recall the past and self-partner with our body and the triggers that arise to meet, release, and heal those. We can enter a fifth-density timeline by opening up, breathing, loading up the dense energy, shifting it out, and replacing it with our Higher Self Light Body.

Fifth, density living means being free of a shameful, painful, limited life, which is our past in repeat.

This information has empowered you and helped you understand that it is possible to start dissolving your shame and go free.

This concludes our information for session 25, the first workshop on Dissolving Shame. We will then begin our two rounds of inner subconscious reprogramming with Quanta Freedom Healing™.

Three more workshops are coming up in Series 7 —

Freedom From Persecution, How Source Sees You, and Rising Into Self-Totality – all HUGE topics to break free and heal from!

Each session includes three parts: 1) a powerful lesson (like this), 2) six (6) powerful Quanta Freedom Healing™ shifts, and 3) a live Q & A segment where you can ask me your specific questions.

It’s beautiful being a part of this gorgeous community’s power, ascension, and rising, and I’d love to invite you to join in with the life-changing Quanta Freedom Healings, where the Mammoth shifts are!

You can do so here:

I look forward to answering your comments and questions below

Love Mel 🧡

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