This is a BIG lesson today. It’s a REAL lesson about manifestation.

In this session, the third of series six, Empowered Decisions, things get really juicy and exciting. We’ve laid the groundwork in session one of this series so that you can move into listening to your inner guidance and making fearless decisions as a result of navigating your frequency, realizing at an inner level what feels expansive, and following that.

Then, in lesson two of this series, we anchored into realizing that outer forces aren’t your security, and you, in a co-generative relationship with Source, are your security because you become the Source Force.

Now, the inevitable next step is “Decision Making: You Are A Powerful Creator.” This is where you begin to understand your true potential.

Today, you will understand that manifestation is not about you trying to make exciting possibilities happen in your life but rather about learning how to allow them in as divine blessings.

This may completely change your thoughts about the law of attraction and manifesting.

Let’s start unpacking this.



All Things Are Possible – NOW!

I want to begin with the incredible news! What is so spectacular and fantastic about this time on Earth is the magnitude of light codes streaming in.

Everything you want is available in abundance: intuition, inner guidance, synchronicities, opportunities, the call forward, the new upshifts, the spectacular soul graduations, the ability to leave old patterns and traumas behind FOREVER, and the miracles that take you very quickly into another level of experience and of Being.

This can now come EASILY.

You may say, “Melanie, how can it come easily? It will take so much effort to get from where I am NOW to a great life. That’s a huge gap!”

I want you to know that 5D activation and reversal of your life is about flow and ease.

This isn’t about effort.

“What ARE you talking about, Mel!” you may say.

I know this is contrary to everything we have all been taught!

Creating your dream life is NOT about pushing and visualizing. It’s about opening up and allowing.

Right now, the increased frequency and amplification of Light Codes entering the planet are spectacularly trying to enter your Being and activate you into a Higher Self and Life.

It’s only your old programs and traumas blocking it. When Light enters, you reset back to the Divine Blueprint; well-being, wholeness, abundance, expansion, plenty, love, and joy.

This returning “home” is exactly what we will be addressing today.


All Things Are Only Possible in 5th Density Alignment.

This shift from third-density realities, which involve feeling small, disconnected, powerless, and battling outside forces to have a fulfilling life, is illuminated right now.

How many of us know people who have experienced catastrophic breakdowns? How many have personally seen things, people, and situations break apart?

I would go as far as to say that many people’s lives are unrecognizable because of the changes happening or are becoming unbearable because of the changes they haven’t chosen yet.

What has this all been about?

Why is it happening to so many people globally?

There is a greater divine purpose for this. This is a higher-frequency initiation happening for planet Earth and its inhabitants. It is a calling up into fifth-density reality, which is the understanding of Unity Consciousness and coming out of the trance and the false program of Separation Consciousness.

This is the shift from a life that doesn’t work, and even if it appeared to, would still be deeply unfulfilling, to accessing a much higher trajectory than previously, where all fulfilling things are possible.

This is a quantum leap from false programmed realities to the truth about Who You Are and what your frequency is connected to. This awakening and aligning is your fifth density activation; it’s the innerstanding that not only do you have access to The Field ( All That Is), but you are The Field.

Your true Source Self is unlimited expansion and is Creation itself. You are a powerful Creator. You may haven’t understood the true laws of life to create your life consciously.



The Upshift Required for Law of Attraction Principles

A quantum understanding of  Who You Are goes beyond the regular law of attraction principles. Learning this truth is a necessary shift to start accessing “all things are possible.”

The law of attraction encourages you to focus on something and believe that it will appear in your life if you keep doing that enough. It also encourages you to try to force and control things and believe that your mind is the creator of your reality.

The law of attraction limits you from creating from your personality rather than easily enlisting the unlimited mechanics, permutations, and possibilities of the entire field working in harmony with your Beingness.  For those of us who have been diligent doers, believing this is all up to us, unlimited possibilities require our expansion into embodying the interconnectedness of all things.

Your “life” is not an outer event happening “to” you. It’s a simulation, a holographic quantum field where everything is interconnected by frequency.

Your emotional frequency can only be two things on any topic. It can either be dark, which is anti-life, or light, which is life force. The overlying higher power of this entire simulation we call “Life” is The Light;  life force, well-being, creation, and expansion. This is the God particle. Where there is Light, darkness can’t exist.

As an interconnected part of the God-Head, made of the same stuff, your frequency operates 100% of the time in the Quantum Law of so within, so without.

Within is not your brain. Within are your core beliefs, intention, alignment, choices, and Beingness. The level of your frequency depends on whether you’ve done the shadow trauma work and freed yourself of past darkness.

The law of attraction principles operate in third-density Separation Consciousness. You use your brain to create things, and your ego gets involved without understanding Who You Really Are and what your connection to The Field really means.

It’s an attempt to bring the good stuff into your life rather than realizing that you already ARE the things that will bless you. If you surrender, allow it to arrive, and follow divine inner guidance within you, you are ALREADY interconnected with the entire field of possibility—surrounded and blessed by complete abundance.

You’ve just been on the wrong frequency that hasn’t manifested abundance yet.

It’s not your fault. You never received true programming about Who You Are.


Your Initiation from 3rd Density Living Into True Expansion

In these earth timelines of darkness and light, Who You Are is a Being going through lessons and initiations to come home to the illumination (Light/Truth). This simulation causes you to either enmesh with the darkness or find your way back to your true and real potential.

We’ve been in amnesia, tricked, dumbed, and numbed down with toxins and distractions to disconnection from the God Source Force within (our incredible intuition and frequency GPS) and therefore been stuck in the karmic cycles of battle, struggle, lack, loss, disease, and breakdown.

We’ve been trapped in the dark.

All things are not possible when we’re operating in this delusion, and there is no putting ice cream on top of poop. There’s no ability to think your way out of this without defaulting back to the core beliefs that you’re still stuck in.

The core beliefs of “There’s not enough,” “I’m not a powerful creator,” “Forces are against me,” “There is no benevolent force of wellbeing for me,” “I’m stuck in shame,” “I’m hanging on to my past,” “I’m riddled with previous traumas that I haven’t been able to let go of” and “Because I feel toxic in regards to emotions, I’ve been making toxic choices in my life. I don’t exercise or eat well; I don’t look after myself.”

This manifests MORE of being sick and stuck with no relief in sight.

This is a descension into darkness; it is third-density living. It is not ascension into The Light. It puts you on a breakdown timeline, not a breakthrough one.

This is precisely what victim consciousness is. In victim consciousness, we say things such as, “Why does this always happen to me?”, “It’s not fair. Other people get the good stuff, I don’t.” “My life is bad, people don’t support me.”

We even FIGHT to hand on to these toxic and limiting beliefs!

I empathize with you if this is your experience because it used to be mine. Hoping that things can change and that something might come along and rescue us is futile.

Just as a plant can only grow in healthy soil, your prosperous life can’t take place and sprout when your inner terrain is toxic. The plant can’t overcome the poor terrain regardless of water and fertilizer. Saying affirmations, journalling, making vision boards, praying, and declaring to the universe what we want don’t work if we don’t do the necessary inner trauma and shadow work.

Beingness is King (or Queen) in your life. No amount of thinking or doing can compensate for a lack of Beingness.

Frequency is the currency of the universe, especially with this upgrade of High-Density Light Codes of Well-Being bombarding Planet Earth and all of us. We ARE going into the 5th-density “Source, and I am ONE” consciousness.

We can go there with flow and ease or by experiencing big breakdowns, losses, and traumatic endings.

Let’s explore where you presently are in all of this.


The Three Levels of Initiation Into Infinite Possibilities

I’m seeing this in people’s lives right now, after the eclipse season, including what is happening with Shifts Happen Members.

Many people are breaking through and having incredible manifestation experiences because they are doing the inner trauma cleanup work to allow the Light Codes in. They are receiving higher intuitive guidance, opportunities, amazing manifestations, and the courage to move towards and capitalize on these aligned opportunities that are blessings from their Higher Self and Source.

These people, no matter “where they were at” (some previously very broken, broke, and lost), aligned with the Truth – “Source and I am One. I feel whole and grateful and follow my inner guidance NOW.”

They surrendered. This wasn’t giving up. It was handing over control from the small victimized obsessing self to a much Higher Self.

That eliminated fear and obsession, and the awesome stuff entered. The heart channel to Higher Consciousness flowed with Higher wisdom, guidance, and blessings.

Not only are these people doing the inner trauma cleaning up work, but they’re also making better choices with their food, water, and exercise and looking after the physical apparatus, making it a terrain that the Light Codes can enter. Their growth and harvest are magnified and accelerated.

We addressed this in Series 5. For the newbies here, I urge you to catch up on Series 5 to become a Quantum Manifester of “All Things Are Possible.” Then blessings will enter! You won’t be able to stop them rolling in. Bigger and better than you will have ever seen.

Then, some people have mixed results. They feel like they’re still on a roller coaster. They’re going through incredible breakthroughs in feelings and results in one minute and suffering breakdowns the next.

Where they have done the trauma cleanup work, let go, and allowed Light in, a wonderful transformation is taking place. The areas in their lives where they are stuck in the 3rd density timeline of not letting go are where they haven’t taken the soul initiation yet.

The following orientation hasn’t yet been aligned with, “This is happening FOR my ascension. What is the Higher Lesson in this for me?”

Lastly, we have the third group of people who are stuck because they are hanging on to the old patterns, the internal trauma, and the old toxic ways of thinking about their trauma without doing the inner work.

They judge themselves and their breakdowns and losses and hang on grimly. Their egos convince them that their anger, despair, and bad person or things are needed for protection and security or to stave off fear, lack, or loneliness.

This is all from the ego’s perspective of Separation Consciousness: “I am NOT The Field, and I don’t have access to anything better.”

These people believe they are their mind (a limited human) instead of their frequency (God/Source/Creation and I are interconnected. I am All That Is), and try to self-medicate the “bad” with the “bad.” Ingesting toxic food and substances, choosing low vibrational relationships, indulging in their addictions, and hanging on to people and habits that are bad for them.

It’s getting worse for them as these Light Codes bring and break up everything from within; without that, it is out of alignment with the Light.

Everything is being illuminated; there is nowhere to run and hide anymore.


In Conclusion

The manifestations in my and other people’s lives are mind-blowing now in 5th density frequency. I KNOW “all things are possible” now! I’m living it.

You may be surprised that 5th-density living is the most natural, easy way you can be. It is the path of the least challenge, confusion, and struggle. It’s our natural and organic way to live; we were never coded to struggle.

“All things are possible” is not possible if you don’t understand the true core beliefs of Who You Are. Your ego tells you it’s up to you, and it’s all on you. No, it’s not. Because your personality, your egoic mind is NOT you. You are your Higher Self. You are The Field. You are a Source. You already ARE all you seek.

This is about relinquishing control. It is about letting go of acting out lower frequencies that cause toxic inner terrain, like talking badly to yourself, eating and mistreating yourself, and hanging on to old traumas.

Those of us living a 5D life have the absolute intention and declaration to re-member, embody the TRUTH, and align with that. We do the inner trauma cleaning up work and put in the effort to clean up toxicity, let go, and detoxify that which is “dark,” within and without.

Then we come online.

It’s our divine right to live this way. We have been gifted with incredible intuition and a complete GPS system that guides us to our Highest and Best Thriving and success. We were filled with trauma and trained to disconnect from our internal Source and be in our heads, which is the symptom of our trauma and not the liberation from it.

Please know that no matter which of the three previous categories describes you, you are perfectly on schedule. Nothing is wrong, and you will not miss out on ascending. You ARE receiving these incredible High Frequency Upgrades.

You are either flowing with them or resisting them. The breakdowns are moving stuff out for the breakthrough into “all things are possible” to move in.

Everyone, without exception, is having breakdowns. They are either blessed and accepted or cursed and resisted.

Those who ascend rapidly are thrilled to bless and accept them and go with it because the 180-degree ascension turnarounds, many miraculously instant, are thrilling to behold.

It is my highest joy to help you align your frequency to take this Quantum Leap into True Human, manifesting “all things are possible.”

We will do the Quanta Freedom Healings to activate exactly that right now.


Becoming a Shifts Happen Member will allow you to receive the full additions to this session, plus 22 other transformational 4-part 90-minute workshop sessions.

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Much Love Mel ❤

I look forward to your comments and questions below.


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