Today’s session is about allowing the Higher Self to step in, quiet the mind, grant peace and calm, and illuminate your path.

In this transformation session, you can move beyond the “small” self who feels stuck in depression, non-action, and “same old” struggles into an activated Higher Self who feels better and does better to survive these challenging times and rise and Thrive within them.

If you feel frustrated with how life seems to be breaking down and apart and can’t see a way through, this session can help—especially if you want to move from 3D limited living to 5D success in all areas of your life.

The 3D Programming Trap

You may not like the word “take over,” but let’s think about this – the ego has reigned for thousands of years on Earth. The part of us that is small, needy, feels not good enough, and is in fear of not receiving enough love, acceptance, survival, or security.

We have been literally hijacked by lower-frequency energies, beliefs, and programming, keeping us trapped in the 3D world.

Now, it’s time to go free. It’s time to let go of who you are not and let in your true divinity. You want these Light Codes to take over. You want to remember that you are the God Spark and a part of the Godseed. You are ready to rise.


The Re-membering of Who You Are

Somewhere inside of you, remember when you used to be at One with The Light. As an eternal, infinite, immortal being, this is the truth of Who You Are. It’s just in the amnesia that you’ve been going through and reincarnations on planet Earth you have fallen into the egoic small self. But we’re now in the most exciting time of being alive. We are in the time to take back our organic, natural Source-Self position – taking your position back at the helm of your true self – in Oneness and Unity Consciousness with God/Source/Creation.

To make this shift, you step into radical personal responsibility. You’re no longer invested in staying small or being a victim – it wasn’t getting you anywhere anyway. You are waking up to the Quantum Game already anchored into Planet Earth as the true frequency now – as the evidence of Who You Really Are.

In these incredible Light Codes streaming down on planet Earth, you can quickly turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs in ways that will thrill you. But you can’t get that stuff happening and rolling in your life if you keep playing small.

You can’t have it both ways; stay feeling small and have a big life. You can’t wait for something or somebody else to come and convince you of Who You Are, for you to start experiencing the riches and the expansion of Who You Are.

This is a pivotal time in the history of all humanity, and this is exactly what we’ve been working on in the previous two sessions with the accompanying Quantum Freedom Healings™. It was all preparation to get to this point.

What is your decision regarding the question, “Who am I?” If you drop into your gut and ask, “Who Am I?” and feel this in your body, the answer is “You are Source Energy,” otherwise known as “All That Is.”

Make a stand for that truth. Stop researching, thinking, talking, and trying to get the answer outside of you or getting validation from somebody else to tell you who you are. This is between you and yourself. This is between you and your Inner Being. The only way to move into this is to anchor it into your Inner Being as an inner standing.

You need to decide it, claim it.



You Being One with God/Source/Creation is NOT Hubris

Hubris is narcissism. Narcissism is “I’ve completely cut myself off from God/Source/Creation and all Unity Consciousness, which means empathy, compassion, and effectiveness in the world to leave the world a better place than what it was before I came here.”

That’s what Unity Consciousness is, whereas narcissism is Separation Consciousness. “It’s me versus the world, and I will pretend I’m the God King Ruler of everything and anyone in my orbit.”

That’s hubris. It’s blasphemy for you to not reclaim the truth of Who You Are. Your truth not only sets you free, but it also sets everybody else in your frequency free.


Assimilating The Light is the Most Natural Thing For You To Do

The wonderful thing about this time is that there is nothing to do and everything to be. No amount of learning, thinking, talking, researching, or “willing it” will allow you to assimilate The Light.

Assimilating the Light means ascension. It’s not a cognitive thing. It’s a somatic, energetic thing. It’s the simplest thing you could ever do to rise into your True Self.

The old 3D ways to try to relieve, elevate, heal, and evolve ourselves simply did not work!

Yet, assimilating The Light means much more than releasing your trauma and allowing The Light in. What is also necessary is an understanding of what assimilating The Light actually does.

It’s not just giving you the comfort, healing, warmth, soothing, and healing reversal of where your trauma once was. It’s also igniting you, activating you, turning on your once dormant DNA strands to take you from a two-strand human to a twelve-strand human.

Then, you will start to unlock superpowers that were once considered “fringe” but are now becoming “normal.” The scientific assessment is that we use only a teeny percentage of our brain’s functioning. What they haven’t told you, unless they are quantum neuroscientists, is that it’s your Beingness that your brain is following.

Therefore, if you want activation, it’s very simple: You must do the inner work. We are fortunate in this community to have the Supertool Quantum Freedom Healing™ to let go of who we are not—the third density, painful, small, victimized, traumatized programming, to make space to allow The Light in.

That Light coming in is switching on those extra ten strands that were once known as junk DNA. This ignites your inherent previously switched-off crystalline technology, and your spiritual apparatus connected to God/Source/Creation starts up.

This is not to sit under a pyramid and chant all day. No, no, no—this activates you to connect with The Field (the outside world) and create Heaven on Earth (so above, so below).

Which is precisely what we will be working on next week.


What Can You Expect with Assimilating The Light?

What you can expect is a filling with God/Source/Creation. Because God/Source/Creation is The Light.

This reactivation makes you feel more safety, security, ease, relief, and less thinking. In short, it’s a feeling of coming home. You also start to experience an incredible connection to the field of All That Is in magical ways.

Because you’ve up-leveled and reactivated, you’re no longer living in the delusions and illusions of “I have to fear things out there to look after myself. That’s been a purposely programmed cycle to keep you small and keep manifesting exactly what you’ve been fearing rather than ever go free.

What else can you expect with assimilating The Light? You can expect feelings of peace accompanied by feelings of power. More self-belief, expanded vision, courage, and confidence. The ability to receive messages of guidance way beyond the ones that you used to before. You will become more telepathic and hugely intuitive.

You’re stepping into a higher-frequency universe. Messages you used to get were providing you more of the same on the frequency where you were. Now, that you’re at a higher level, the people, situations, and places that match that higher frequency start coming in. You will draw to yourself people who are high-vibrational, ethical and genuine; people who also see a big vision for the world, and are called by Source to expand and fulfill their purposes.

These people will not degrade, demean, or try to keep you small. These people will exalt you and stand next to you, cheering you on. There is a huge difference between past and present frequencies. You know, after coming out of the narcissistic abuse frequency, how dark and low vibrational that was.


How Do You Navigate Assimilating The Light?

What’s your job in all of this?

To keep your small self out of the way. The small self is obsessing, double-guessing, and questioning. You know the trick of the ego … trying to disconnect you from The Light.
Whereas when you’re assimilating The Light, the higher-frequency self just gives you a clue. It’s a warm thought or a feeling—called an “inspirational clue.”

There is NO logic for it.

Such as “Ring this person. Ask them. They may know.” I cannot tell you how many experiences I’ve had lately of huge, higher-frequency connections and meetings, which is far beyond where I was operating in the past.

It all happened in the last couple of weeks because of these lessons. I’m not just creating them for you; I’m creating them for myself. The Quantum Freedom Healing™ shifts I’m doing in these lessons are not just for you; they’re for me.

It’s where my channel is leading us because we’re all in this together, ascending with the highest frequency that we can have to survive present challenges and Thrive by activating into the true human we are.


The Steps To Assimilate The Light

Let’s go through the steps to assimilating the light.

Number one – realize that you have a spirit experience in a flesh suit, having the experience to evolve yourself back to exactly this reference point that we’re talking about today.

Number two – claim that Who You Are is a fractal of Source made in the image and likeness of God/Source/Creation as a Grand Creator yourself.

Number three – start enjoying Creation—no matter what breakdown appears in your life, bless and accept it, release anything that it triggers within you, and replace it with The Light (QFH). Then, immediately start seeing incredible miracles and turnarounds happen in your life.

You can be proactive.

Number four – look after your physical being and mental thinking. Stop being negative, berating yourself, and falling into victim consciousness. Do the inner cleaning work needed to practice self-partnering – unconditionally, speak lovingly and encouragingly to yourself.

Number five – don’t try to work your life out, plan 10 steps ahead, or have absolutes. Your vibrational frequency inside of you is Gold. If it tells you that something is off, it’s not for you. If it feels good whenever you think about a possibility, then it’s the right action.

All you have to do is the first step towards it. That’s it. Trust and flow, follow your intuition, and the whole landscape of exactly what it is to take you from point A to point B will unfold before you in miraculous ways. Your job is not to work it out. You’re either in resistance and blocking the Higher Consciousness/Field flow or allowing it.


The Light Codes Taking Over

You will not know when you allow this to happen.

You will experience a Higher Intelligence than your small mind can. Your mind becomes BRILLANT when this Higher Consciousness starts feeding you information.

You’ve been conditioned and programmed to believe it’s all on you, but you do not remember that when you “come home” to Oneness and Unity, you are The Field at your disposal.

The Field has unlimited synchronicities, permutations, opportunities, and miracles to align with exactly what you’re in the frequency of. That is EXACTLY what fifth-dimensional living is.

There are so many powerful Light Codes now streaming down onto planet Earth that the old ways of operating don’t work anymore, hence why the whole 3D structure is crumbling right before our eyes.

You are ascending. You’re becoming a crystalline human at One with All That Is/God/Source/Creation. You are moving out of the dense carbon frequency of victimization and abuse – known as Separation Consciousness.

Your ascension and assimilating of The Light require letting go. Letting go is the most powerful thing that you can ever do. It’s called surrendering to the Old Self and allowing yourself to be filled with the New Self.

So many of you have been doing an amazing job of that!

Many people in the egoic constructions believe that surrendering is giving up. It’s not. It’s allowing in. In this community, we’ve been able to work with Quanta Freedom Healing™ to be able to let go of unimaginable traumas and resistances and defenses to let the Light In.

And that’s exactly what we’re about to do now. Get started with healing to release your resistance to assimilating The Light. Then, once we’ve done the Source Healing and Resolution healing, we will set a powerful goal to anchor your personal Light Assimilation powerfully.

Plus, use the QFH Quantum Jumping upgrade, which you enjoy so much!

And I’ll share with you the Energy Updates and what is happening in frequencies right now!

Because it’s time. Beautiful quantum creators and star seeds, it’s time for us to come home.

By becoming a Shifts Happen Member, you receive the full additions to this session, plus 18 other power-packed transformational sessions – eliminating decades of recovery and healing as you ascend into your Highest and Best Self – the Quantum Way.

✨✨Plus, you can start “Quantum Jumping,” collapsing the timeline of your 3D self and allowing your 5D evolved self – in your future – to enter you and start manifesting breakthroughs in your life immediately.✨✨

(These are the Highest upgrades to date that have channeled through me for QFH – that you can learn, then apply to ANY of your healings.)

You can see all the details here:

I look forward to answering all of your questions and comments below.

Love Mel xo

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  1. Hello Mel

    Your work is awe inspiring and very much what i need right now.
    Reality check can be depressing. Having a genuine conversation with someone can be difficult.

    After reading this i feel lighter and i feel light flooding that nooks and corners of me which i was afraid to accept and acknowledge.

    I am so used to struggling that and accepting that i need to struggle… but now i am learning to acknowledge that life has can actually be easy and i can relax. Without blocking the light and choosing dark spots because they are comfortable and by default.


    1. Hi Priya,

      I love that this has been enlightening and activating for you!

      Thank you for your affirming comment.

      Much Love

      Mel 🙏💞🦋

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